Making my own Wood Cover/Case

  1. mrfochs
    Froyo Sep 28, 2014

    mrfochs , Sep 28, 2014 :
    With the recent news that the style swap covers will not be made, I decided to see if I could make my own version. While I know I do not have the ability to make a cover that is as thin and that pops on with tabs like the original design, I did notice a possible alternative - the official OPO flip cover case (despite the reviews that say it cracks, I want to give it a try). Unlike the other hard shell cases on the market, the flip cover case fully covers the phone on both sides and includes "new buttons" instead of having cutouts. Additionally the hard plastic backing looks to have a slight reveal for the leather to be glued to (similar to the bamboo cover backing seen in the promotional video - screen grabs below).


    All the back images and video I have seen show the leather back being glued flush with the plastic backing.



    I ordered a case yesterday and hand picked form high quality, paper-backed wood veneers (bamboo vertical grain and walnut). I am hoping that that leather flip cover can be pealed off of the plastic case without noticeable damage, and would have enough of a recess to allow me to steam, bend and adhere a wood veneer to the case (I am leaning towards a natural oil finished Walnut since the plastic case portion appears to be frosted clear and I have the 64GB Sandstone Black).


    I have also thought about possibly keeping the flip cover portion and cutting a small slit into the plastic case part to allow for the "binding" portion of the flip cover to then be anchored under the veneer. This, of course, will depend on how well the leather pulls off the case. I would then consider also laminating a walnut piece to the front of the flip cover (I ordered the black leather version for that sole possibility). This idea also may be a problem since reports are that the plastic portion of the case is fragile and prone to cracking.

    I am starting this post now to get any feedback or ideas from you all as well as gather any pictures/information from current owners of the official flip case. Am I correct in my visual assumptions about the leather being flush with the plastic edges, and have you noticed any peeling or separation between the leather and the case? This idea is not as good as the original style covers, but might be a fairly cost effective method of getting the basic look for around $20.

    Updates will be posted here as I start the project (hoping case will ship on Monday since I purchased it Thursday).


  2. Aaahh
    Marshmallow Sep 28, 2014

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  3. Dushie
    Jelly Bean Sep 28, 2014

    Dushie , Sep 28, 2014 :
    Impressive, i would be watching this space for more. Looks a good DIY.

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  4. Zachsaxe
    Lollipop Sep 28, 2014

  5. rajkumar
    Jelly Bean Sep 28, 2014

    rajkumar , Sep 28, 2014 :
    Nice. Would be a great effort. Don't forget to update us after you make the cover :)

    All the best for your project :)

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  6. BellaAvu
    Gingerbread Sep 28, 2014

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  7. Aaahh
    Marshmallow Sep 28, 2014

    Aaahh , Sep 28, 2014 :

    The antenna... Just remember that

  8. monkeyJ
    Gingerbread Sep 28, 2014

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  9. et3rna4
    Froyo Sep 28, 2014

    et3rna4 , Sep 28, 2014 :
    good luck!

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  10. Zachsaxe
    Lollipop Sep 28, 2014

    Zachsaxe , Sep 28, 2014 :
    Do you wanna build a snow man

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  11. Aaahh
    Marshmallow Sep 28, 2014

    Aaahh , Sep 28, 2014 :
    Or .... My self all day!
    I don't watch Disney's stuff often

  12. Zachsaxe
    Lollipop Sep 28, 2014

    Zachsaxe , Sep 28, 2014 :
    Well if you had a little sister you would

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  13. Linanc7
    Lollipop Sep 28, 2014

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  14. twacrs
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 28, 2014

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  15. Aaahh
    Marshmallow Sep 28, 2014

    Aaahh , Sep 28, 2014 :
    I in fact do, much much young then me...

  16. rass314
    Honeycomb Sep 28, 2014

    rass314 , Sep 28, 2014 :
    i will be amazed if this happens..anyone to help with links for customizeable back covers

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  17. Gudinoman
    Eclair Sep 28, 2014

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  18. mydroid
    KitKat Sep 28, 2014

    mydroid , Sep 28, 2014 :
    Good diy ! That's why we need more doers than whinners in forums. Just do it like Nike says!

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  19. chrisrook
    Gingerbread Sep 29, 2014

    chrisrook , Sep 29, 2014 :
    Or if you were a Disneyphile like me.

    I actually thought about something similar, but try to glue a wood veneer to the inside of a Ringke case. This idea seems a hell of a lot better than mine.

  20. Unbent
    Gingerbread Sep 29, 2014

    Unbent , Sep 29, 2014 :
    I have my OPO on the way. I also want to make a wood back. I haven't seen the back cover yet so I'm not sure how to proceed. Depending on what the tabs look like it may need either an injection molded piece of plastic, or metal clips that attach to the inside of the wood.