Marshmallow upgrade schedule for OnePlus devices

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  1. Nougatcookie
    Cupcake Nov 18, 2015

  2. cheese112
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 18, 2015

  3. Nougatcookie
    Cupcake Nov 18, 2015

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  4. Dunnow
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Nov 18, 2015

    Dunnow , Nov 18, 2015 :
    it is actually fast charging.
    type C is officially supported in lollipop.

    v1.0 specs contain fast charging up to 3amp and backwards compatibility down to USB 2.0. Proper phones and cables and power bricks, such as the ones provided by Google are fast charge compilant.

  5. Dunnow
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Nov 18, 2015

    Dunnow , Nov 18, 2015 :
    it looks just like android 5... no UI changes except the launcher scrolls vertically now...

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  6. Nikhilaggala
    Cupcake Nov 18, 2015

    Nikhilaggala , Nov 18, 2015 :

  7. frinvs
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 18, 2015

    frinvs , Nov 18, 2015 :
    Nice cant wait to get it..

  8. dkutagulla
    Donut Nov 18, 2015

    dkutagulla , Nov 18, 2015 :
    OPT is future proof ... USC C is still make headway into de vices... Keep up the good work!!
    Wish I got the invite for the OPX
    (I bought 2 OPT already)


  9. Deactivated User
    Nov 18, 2015

  10. allolli
    Cupcake Nov 18, 2015

  11. armmani2001
    KitKat Nov 18, 2015

  12. mos2566
    Froyo Nov 18, 2015

  13. MaximGoh
    Gingerbread Nov 19, 2015

    MaximGoh , Nov 19, 2015 :
    How about assign one of the finger print for guests mode? ...when a friend want to try my phone, i can instantly unlock my phone with the assign finger...ta-da it's a guest mode with very clean menu. It's useful, effective and very fast of hiding something privacy away from friends... @Carl

  14. pianistaalex1990
    Gingerbread Nov 19, 2015

    pianistaalex1990 , Nov 19, 2015 :
    Then flash it!!! Already used Sultan's version of Android M and was really pleased, improved battery life of my phone and everything was really smooth, did a retarded thing and had to wipe/install whole thing again, now I'm using ColorOS 2.1, my gf and sister liked it because of so many themes so I will stick with it for a while :)

  15. ratification
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 19, 2015

    ratification , Nov 19, 2015 :
    OPO's development makes OP2 owners (like me) sad

  16. blopez5
    Cupcake Nov 19, 2015

    blopez5 , Nov 19, 2015 :
    Seems to me that Android is updating too quick (not that I don't want the new update) but by the time companies release the update to the time they finally release it without any bugs... We will be almost on the next letter update.

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  17. You237
    Honeycomb Nov 19, 2015

    You237 , Nov 19, 2015 :
    There is no Sultan build of M on the OP2.

  18. joaogio
    Donut Nov 19, 2015

    joaogio , Nov 19, 2015 :
    The truth has been spoken

  19. pianistaalex1990
    Gingerbread Nov 19, 2015

    pianistaalex1990 , Nov 19, 2015 :
    Damn...:( that is a shame indeed, I couldn't buy a 1+2 so I sticked with my 1; are you certain there is no other option on your phone? Haven't researched for it since I dont have it :p

    P.D.: Guess you'll have to wait for it then, found this article, pretty sure you've read some of them, but what surprised me was the fact that indeed 1+ IS owned by OPPO

  20. pianistaalex1990
    Gingerbread Nov 19, 2015

    pianistaalex1990 , Nov 19, 2015 :
    Actually I've wondered the same for some time...I know this is a "light weight" mobile device, but the rate of OS changes is insane compared to the ones for desktop computers...it is not possible to make an awsome OS and keep it supported for at least two years? Gotta admit it's kinda lame to switch OS's every time, updated my OPO to Android 5.1 and 3 weeks later found early builds for 6.0 o_O