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    Bulendam , Aug 29, 2014 :
    Warning – That could be a pretty long text – trust me.

    Hello, I'm the Bulendam from Europe, southern Germany. Actually I registered several days earlier, but I unfortunately forgot to present myself, due to other activities here. However, I'll try to write some spontaneous sentences about me. There may be many spelling mistakes, sorry.
    Besides – You can also contact me in Français , Deutsch or Polski.


    As I already mentioned in several threads before, I spend my essential time for photography. My philosophy, that's capturing the world from another perspective. To share my results to others, that's my intention. Furthermore, I'm active as videomaker. - I prefer to capture nature, landscapes and its unique character.

    Writing, writing, writing..

    Furthermore, I'm currently writing a paper about the history of my village. My everyday work, that's to recherche, write and discuss about historical facts and themes. To create something new, that's what fascinating me. But no, I'm currently not studying - I visit a high school and plan to study mathematics.

    What about smartphones?


    My smartphone career started in 2008, when I bought an older Nokia 1200 (left corner). That's the moment when I got my first experiences with a cellphone.

    As a fan of good music, I'd liked to buy a phone with nice walkman functions. Consequently, the second phone I got was a Sony Ericsson W585 (middle). It contained of a 2 MP camera – However, I used it for dozen of shots and videos, regardless of it's low resolution.

    In late 2011, I owned a Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo (right corner), my first touch smartphone. For these, who'd like to know, which Android version it was - The famous Gingerbread, Android 2.3.3. Fortunately, it had a 8 MP shooter, which I already used for more than 10k times. Using 720P for video, was a certainly new experience for me – At this point, I also made more than thousand of films – At minimum.

    Sony delivered the delicious Ice Cream Sandwich, sorry, I meant Andoid 4.0, in late 2012. It was, as many will expect, the last update I've received. However, the system gets more and more laggy and lame. Crashes became reality, I had do uninstall many apps due to the internal storage.

    Siam, Siam, Siam – What do you mean?
    Well, I'm a really fanatic of cats – Photographing cats while their life, stories, but also actions, became a passion of myself. That could sound a bit droll, but that's my story.

    Siam, that's the German expression for Siamese cat, a cat breed which became pretty popular during the 20st and 21st century. As you expect from my profile picture, a friend owns a Siam, sorry, Siamese cat. She's pretty photogenic, but also cuddly – That's the story behind her, the mysterious Siam!

    Why OPO?

    That might be another interesting question; as you take from the above-written themes, I'm writing and photographing nearly every day, excepting these days which a spend for my endless internet tours.

    My actual smartphone, the Xperia Neo, has a 3.7-inch display. As you might expect, that's in usual to little for reading and recherche. The OPO offers, in contrast to that, a 5.5-inch display, which should be big enough to find a compromise between size and comfort.

    Another reason I'd like to mention is it's 4K camera – One month ago, when I planned to buy one of these HTC Desire, I though only expensive smartphones would support 4K – in low quality. Basically that's wrong, even under 300$ devices own 4K features – in superior quality!

    If you're looking at all these purely technical facts, you might mean that I only want the OPO due to it's specs. Indeed, they are looking incredible nice – But there's another, the most important argument, which I have. - It is the aspect of Sympathy

    There's a forum, which seems to pulsate – It is as vivid and lively as anything I've seen before. I entered several days before, started to discuss in common themes. My first impressions I got after intensive hours of writing were full of satisfaction. Maybe I didn't got dozen of lovely invitations, but that shouldn't not be your only motivation you have to be here.

    There is the endless level of humor on a forum of a serious smartphone company. There are also any conservative moderators and admins, which I know from a few other forums – That's easily what makes this community sympathetic and unique!

    Yeah, that's a lot of text, quite a lot. You could read all the text, be out of energy, impressed or disappointed – You're allowed to be it. I'm expecting you should know now more, a bit more. If you've got some questions, go ahead!

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