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    keithnyc , Jun 13, 2019 :
    BA Intro Header.png

    Hi Everyone. I'm Keithnyc and I'd like to introduce myself and all the OnePlus USA Brand Ambassadors to you.

    The OnePlus Brand Ambassador Program kicked off last year to help introduce OnePlus to a greater US audience. However the roots of this program started years earlier, with OnePlus and members of the community discussing ideas to help get more of these fantastic phones into the hands of folks who were more comfortable walking into a local phone carrier (i.e., those that had a brick and mortar presence) than going online to purchase a phone or to obtain customer support.

    Well, you can imagine folks’ excitement (and yes, a little trepidation) when we learned about the upcoming partnership between OnePlus and T-Mobile……getting one of the fastest phones onto one of the most popular and fastest networks in the US seemed like a match made in heaven. But managing the logistics were mind-boggling. Things like: how will the phone be sold, which technical modifications would be acceptable for both companies while still maintaining the integrity and vision of the OnePlus brand, and how best to manage and maintain the relationship between OnePlus, T-Mobile and our growing user community were just a few potential obstacles.

    So while OnePlus was busy working on the legal, technical and marketing side of things, our good friend @Kyle K. (General Manager of N. America and our favorite presenter at nearly all of the OnePlus launches in the States) contacted me and my buddy Wissam to brainstorm ideas about how to best engage this brand new market with the current OnePlus user community. Wissam and I have always felt strongly about the OnePlus brand, its products and the user community. So we figured, who better to help introduce this brand to new users (and retailers) than folks just like us? Hence the OnePlus Brand Ambassador program was born. Reaching out directly to our community, we began searching for folks that shared our same drive and passion about OnePlus and wanted to share that passion with others. And while we received tons of applicants, these are the folks who stood out. So here’s a brief introduction from each of them. I hope you enjoy meeting our OnePlus Brand Ambassadors as much as we enjoy working with each other.

    Hello everyone! My name is Abhishek - @AbhishekS287 on the community, and I am a computer science graduate staying in the Bay Area. I am 25 years old and have been a tech enthusiast since I was in school.

    My first OnePlus was the OnePlus One. Being passionate about tech and gadgets, I heard about OnePlus in June 2014. I was in India back then, and OnePlus One was not launched in India - but I was so madly in love with the flagship killer for its sandstone back, beastly specs, and awesome price that I simply could not miss out on having one. I managed to get an invite from a fellow community member, ordered the phone and got it delivered to a friend’s apartment in the USA, and asked him to ship it to India for me. Most friends who saw my OnePlus One were blown away by its feel and speed, and wanted to know more about it. I loved showing off the phone to people and explaining how amazing it is for the price. A few months later, the OnePlus 2 was launched on July 28, which also happens to be my birthday. I went to the Mumbai launch event and met an amazing bunch of people from the community. The relationship grew stronger, and I started socializing with the community by attending more events and pop-ups. The next event was the OnePlus X pop-up in Mumbai which was an amazing experience too. The ceramic back of it was a ‘love at first sight’.

    I can write so much more about my OnePlus journey, but I will end it here for now. I would like to conclude by saying that I have used multiple smartphone brands, and never bought two consecutive phones from the same manufacturer. However, since switching to OnePlus in 2014, I have not switched to any other brand for the past 5 years. That’s how satisfied I have been with OnePlus and I’m sure there is no looking back from here.

    Alex P.
    Hey everyone! I'm Alex, @alexhpeterson on the forum! I'm a recent college graduate and majored in Mechanical Engineering. I love tech and travel, and both brought me into the OnePlus community! I had known about OnePlus since my roommate told me about the 5, but because I was low on funds my first device was the 5T. I bought it because of the quality, specs, and hardware. The Dual SIM came in handy when traveling abroad, and the speed was better than any phone I had had before. I got more involved with the forum shortly after buying the 5t and was lucky enough to go to the Stockholm Open Ears Forum and two launch events, meeting amazing people! Since then I've had the 6t and now the 7Pro. I look forward to helping the community grow more and meet more incredible people!

    Hey OnePlus Community! I'm Alex, @AZaiarnyi on the forums. It's an incredible honor to be part of such an amazing community and be a Brand Ambassador! I'm 28 years old and hail from sunny Miami, FL, although originally Ukraine. I'm a musician and a major tech nerd and have been around computers ever since I could get at them. I've been doing everything from modding games to rooting phones for years, and now I do it for a living with my computer business. I followed OnePlus since the OnePlus One, but wasn't lucky enough to get the invite. My first OnePlus device was the OnePlus 6 and boy did it change the game for me. OxygenOS was the first stock ROM that I did not want to change for a custom ROM, and so I've been rocking every OnePlus device since and will continue to do so! Since before I became a Brand Ambassador I've been preaching the gospel of OnePlus to all my technologically-challenged friends and have started a small revolution in switching to Android, and more specifically, OnePlus! I am proud to be part of such an amazing team and such an amazing company, and I know great things are ahead for all of us!

    David W.
    Hi everyone. I'm David Washington ( @KnightofScorpio ), resident of Detroit, MI, born and raised. I'm 29 years old, and I'm the oldest of 11 siblings, lol. My worlds are pretty expansive: music, anime, video games, tech, fashion, sociology, psychology, and communication, food/health/fitness/nutrition, and drama. My first loves are music and technology. You can always find me testing out the latest technology (hardware and software), talking about the latest tech innovations, or making conceptual playlist across platforms like Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music, finding dope talented and innovative artist, and supporting those gifted individuals.

    My first OnePlus device was the OnePlus 3, and I got into OnePlus from the first OnePlus smartphone. I remember at the time, it was big across the tech blogosphere that I frequent daily. I made my way onto the OnePlus forums, and really enjoyed the excitement of everyone being so hype about this flagship killer that was going to turn the industry on its head. This was back when the invite system was a thing. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get my invite in time before I decided to move on to other smartphones. It wasn't just the device that caught my attention, but the community as well. From there on, I followed OnePlus every year until the invite system was no longer a thing, and I got the OnePlus 3, one of the best smartphones I've ever owned. The rest is history.

    Hey there OnePlus community! I'm Eunes Harun (@Eunes on the forum) and I'm a senior at Wesleyan University in Connecticut.

    I have been a fan of OnePlus ever since the announcement of the OnePlus One. Because I wasn't able to get a referral for the OP1, my first OP device was the OnePlus 3T. I then upgraded at the OP 5, 6T and now the 7 Pro!

    I first learned about OP in high school when they were running the contests to earn an invitation code to purchase - it was ever since the inception of "Never Settle" that I became a fervent fan! I love everything that the company stands for and so proud to share my excitement for the innovation OnePlus brings to the world with others!

    Hi, my name is Jack Little. I am currently a student at Indiana State University and will be a sophomore in the fall. I am currently studying marketing with a concentration in sales. My first OnePlus device was the OnePlus 3. Right away I was hooked on OnePlus. After my op3 I have had the op5, op5T, op6, op6T and I'm currently using the OnePlus 7 Pro. I've been a OnePlus brand ambassador since the fall of 2018 and have loved every minute of it. It's giving me amazing insight to the workings of my favorite brand. I love that OnePlus sets themselves apart of the rest of smart phone companies by their true dedication to their fans and users. They truly want to know how they can improve their phones. Not many brands can say that. I've never had issues with any of my OnePlus devises, this gives me trust in the products OnePlus creates. I see my self being brand loyal for a long time to come. My username is: @G_Jack_LIttle_GoVx

    Hello everyone! My name is John and I am the Chicago Brand Ambassador for OnePlus. You can catch me on the forums under the username @jayanyway.

    My first OnePlus phone was the OnePlus One. Sadly, I was not lucky enough to receive an invite code for one (though I did stalk to forums day and night for a chance). I was able to purchase the OnePlus One as soon as it became available without an invite.

    I have always been a tech enthusiast and always desired a phone that was high in specs, low at cost and freely allowed me to customize its software. That's when I found out about OnePlus One, the Flagship Killer. Ever since the OnePlus One I have owned nothing but OnePlus devices and will continue to do so because this is one of the only companies out there that listens to their community.

    Hi everyone! I’m Juliet Miller aka @JerseyPirates on the forums. I’m currently a manager of a pet store from Central NJ and working on starting a rescue group soon. When I’m not with the little critters, I can usually be found playing various augmented reality games on my OP7 Pro.

    In fact, it was a couple of teammates from a popular AR game that first introduced me to OnePlus. Over dinner, they told us about a new company they had discovered, explained the invite program, and mentioned how they were anxiously awaiting their new phones. Not long after, they were posting pics of the OP1 and word started to spread through our gaming community. Even though there was nothing wrong with my daily driver at the time, hearing user feedback made me realize that I wanted more from my phone so, when the opportunity presented itself, I snagged an invite and picked up the OP2. Years later, I’m proud to be a OnePlus ambassador, I still love chatting with other users (or recruiting new ones), and I know that I Never Settle!

    Hiya folks. I'm David W. (aka @keithnyc on the forum) and I'm really happy to be part of such an amazing team of folks (I mean seriously, these folks are really smart, technically driven and super friendly). Although Wissam, my Brand Ambassador buddy and I are NYC neighbors, we only met for the first time at the OnePlus Open Ears event in San Francisco, but became fast friends.

    I became a huge fan of OnePlus years ago when I received my invite for the incredible OnePlusOne (I loved the sandstone back and refused to cover it) and soon became very active in the forum. One of my good friends at that time was thepanttherlady (if anyone remembers her....she had the OnePlus logo painted on each of her ruby red nails) and she got me thinking seriously about joining the forum moderation team.

    After helping with the launch of the OP2 in Times Sqr.,..... well I was hooked. I finally met many of the folks that worked at OnePlus and a lot of folks on the forum that I had previously only chatted with online. It was just an amazing day and I realized that this was only the start of something that was going to be really big.

    I've had every OnePlus phone since then (well, almost...not the X) and have been happy with each and every one. And although I will always be partial to the OP international model, I am so pleased with the successful partnership between OnePlus and T-Mobile, both leaders in their respective fields. It's specifically this kind of partnership that will put OnePlus into the hands of many folks that typically might not have buy a phone online or one without support from a traditional neighborhood brick and mortar store.

    Hey everyone!

    My name is Kenny Ngo! My forum name is @KeBlam ! Which is actually the first few letters of my first name and the second part is actually part of my girlfriend’s name scrambled up! (I know, creative right?!)

    I am currently in San Francisco studying design, but I’m learning marketing and coding every class! My major is Visual Communication Design: so anything from Interaction Design to Graphic Design and even Game Design, I’m learning it all!

    My first OnePlus device is the OnePlus 5T! I decided to make the shift from a Samsung, which I used a lot in my earlier days, but decided to make that one leap of faith after learning and reading a lot about this revolutionary phone! (I’m quite vulnerable to ads! I’m human too!) And I received my beautiful phone shortly after before Black Friday and MAN (or woman)… I will NOT look back!

    The 5T was sleek, fast, and darn smooth! It was everything I wanted and I was extremely glad that I invested a portion of my paycheck to check it out! Ever since I bought the phone, I’ve been noticing and conversing to other people who also possess a OnePlus phone! (It’s like when you buy a certain brand car and all of a sudden, you notice that everyone has it? Yeah… this was exactly that!)

    Ever since, I’ve converted a few other Samsung users and even a few iPhone users to a OnePlus phone! You cannot believe their faces when I painted a scenario in which you can have both fast, smooth, AND at a great price point! (Well, that’s three things.)

    After tons and tons of interaction, I’m definitely proud to be a OnePlus brand ambassador and I hope you all continue to enjoy your phones and be proud about it!

    And that’s a wrap! Have a great rest of your week!

    Never Settle,

    What's up, OnePlus Community? I'm Nikolaus aka @nmatheis on the forums. Like my fellow BA Wissam, I'm a scientist. More specifically, I work in agricultural biotechnology. Currently I'm helping with build-out and scale-up at a micropropagation startup. Think of it as taking cuttings from plants like a regular nursery does but in a production lab, so we can do it year-round and with much higher density and throughput. I'm super proud of the team and the work, and I tend to nerd-out about it so don't get me going...

    I'm also a family man with two generations of kids. My older kids are around the same age as the younger BA's. Man, that makes me feel old, lol The younger ones are in elementary school. They also make me feel old but for a different reason - because they've got so much energy :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:.

    So how did I become a OnePlus fan? Well... I used to be a hardcore iPhone fanboy. I had iPhone 3G, 4S, and 5S. iOS always felt so containing, though. So I learned how to jailbreak my iPhones pretty early-on so I could customize the user experience. At first, that was fun. Felt kinda rebellious and cool. Then my workplace put the smackdown on jailbreaking and my phone wasn't allowed on their network. So, I went back to stock iOS and all the constraints that came with that. After a short time, I got fed up and started looking at Android and found that it had really matured since I'd last looked into it. My mind was made up, I was going to be a "switcher" but not in the way Apple likes to portray it :smiling_imp:. The only question was what phone...

    My first Android phone was a Motorola something or other. It was their flagship. It was so much bigger and heavier than my old iPhones, and the battery life was simply atrocious. Somebody stole it while I was at a children's museum of all places :astonished:. That forced me to go back to my iPhone temporarily while looking for a new phone. Man, did the iPhone feel small and iOS felt soooo outdated.

    So I was back on the hunt for a new Android phone. Checking out reviews, I saw one for the OnePlus 3. It looked really good (especially for the price!), and I remembered how one of my former co-workers raved about her OnePlus One. Nothing else looked like it would give me such tremendous bang for my buck, so I pulled the trigger and purchased the OnePlus 3, my first OnePlus phone. I loved it. It felt so, so, so much better than using my old, cramped, outdated iPhone and much, much better than the Motorola I'd tried when first converting from iOS to Android.

    Since then, I've had OP5, OP6, OP6T, and now I'm settled on OP7 Pro. Each generation keeps getting better and better, competitive with other brands' flagship from a performance perspective but with much better price to performance ratio. I keep my eye on the competition, checking out phone reviews but haven't seen anything that's tempted me to try something else.

    It took awhile, but I finally converted my wife, so we're a OnePlus household now. She's moved from iPhone 5S to OP3 and is now rocking the OP6T. Woot woot! I've also converted co-workers to OnePlus and always seem to get questions about what phone I'm using, so I get a chance to show off how great OnePlus phones are with increasing regularity as OnePlus is starting to get a bit more name recognition here in the US.

    That's it from me. Keep rocking OnePlus and Never Settle!

    Hi y'all! My name is Randy and I am so excited to be a OnePlus brand ambassador. I'm @Texasaggie1 on the forums. I live in a smallish town just outside of Austin, Texas. I'm a husband and a dad.

    My first OnePlus was a used 5T and shortly after a silk white OnePlus 6. I currently have a 6T and a 7 pro. Even though the 5T was my first OP, I've been a huge fan of OnePlus from even before the first OnePlus One was launched. I was lucky enough to get an invite for it but wasn't in a place to get one at the time. I continued following OnePlus and converted friends and family to the brand even before I owned one. When I bought the 5t I finally felt like I was home. I love the speed, the fast charging, and awesome cameras of the OnePlus phones. They are exactly what I want and need.

    I've been a tech nerd all of my life. Back in the day, I had my own internet streamed tech TV show for a while. Currently I have my own fledgling YouTube channel (OnePlus Fans) and I own a tech company too (https://mytekrescue.com).

    I love being a OnePlus brand ambassador. It's been so much fun getting to meet so many like minded people at the launch events and here in the forums.

    Hello, my name is Schafer Cunningham (forum username: @Schafer) and I am currently a junior at Texas Tech University studying Computer Science. I am an avid OnePlus user and have been with them since the very beginning. I've had the OP1, OP2, OP5, OP6T, and I am now currently rocking the OP7 Pro. I discovered OnePlus way back when I was trying to move on from the iPhone world and I discovered MKBHD's review over the OP1. I regularly checked every forum in search for an invite code. Once I found one, without hesitating, I bought the OP1 and I immediately fell in love with the phone as well as what OnePlus represents. They truly care for their community which is something you don't see too often in the technology world. I have also been a Brand Ambassador since fall of 2018 and it truly has been amazing! I absolutely love being involved with the OnePlus community!

    Hey hey hey! I'm Jason or @scotty137 on the forums (if you must know, it's from my email address and if you still must know, it's my middle name). I was born and raised in good old Houston, TX but have lived in a few different places in my time. I'm 31, and got married last September! My wife and I have known each other for over 10 years and dated for a while, broke up then got back together and finally tied the knot. Although it took me a while to finally ask her to marry me, we didn't waste any time starting a family as we have a baby due in December. We didn't exactly plan it that way but we are excited!!

    I also have a YouTube channel called JCSTek and I've been a tech-nerd for about as long as I can remember. I have owned quite a lot of smartphones and gadgets over the years starting with the iPhone 3G and going up from there. I've been a T-Mobile customer for years so I had to jail brake my phones to get them to work and loved tinkering with them.

    When the G-1 came out a few years after the iPhone, I jumped on board. I still have it btw! I dabbled in both the Apple and Android worlds and eventually ended up carrying 2 phones around so I could have the best of both worlds. I loved rooting and messing around with Android and iOS respectively and followed all the tech blogs.

    I have been an avid follower of the tech world since I was a kid and knew about OnePlus from day one and have followed their story from the beginning. I didn't actually end up owning one until the 3T, then I had the 5, 5T, 6T and now the 7 Pro. What sold me on it was the commitment to the user experience on the phone. I had owned Samsungs, HTCs, LGs, Motorolas, and all sorts of other phones and had bad experiences with just simply using them. I've always been impressed with how speedy and how intuitive OxygenOS is.

    I have since been able to convince my brother and several friends to jump over to OnePlus with no regrets (I'm still working on my wife!).

    Being a part of the Brand Ambassador program has been an incredible experience as it has really given me a place to be a part of things I'm passionate about: people and technology. I'm so incredibly thankful to be a part of such an amazing group!

    Hello, OnePlus community! It's your fellow North American brand ambassador here. My name is Taylor (@Taylor.Mah on the forums), I'm a recent graduate from the University of Kansas with a degree in communications/minor in business and currently live in Lawrence, Kansas working for a finance agency.

    I've been a OnePlus owner from the very beginning owning the Sandstone Black version OnePlus One! I waited a long time to get that OnePlus One invite and was very excited to see it awaiting me in my mailbox.

    I heard about OnePlus through various YouTubers and was super interested in the "Flagship Killer" at the time which lead me to my first purchase of the OnePlus One. I've been in love with OnePlus ever since with it's simplistic and minimalistic design from the looks to the operating system. Low bloatware, easy of navigation though the UI, and top of the line specs is what I was looking for and OnePlus knows how to deliver. The awesome community to back it up is a plus too. :)

    My name is Titus AKA @S4A on the forum. I run a tech enthusiast YouTube channel called The Search For Awesome and I've been a fan of OnePlus for a long time. I got started with OnePlus with the original OnePlus One. I heard about OnePlus from a friend and when I looked into it there was just nothing like it at the price point. And then after getting my hands on it - let's just say I've been in love ever since.

    Hi, my name is Tony (@TonyTechBytes on the forums). I'm a high school student and a small technology content creator on YouTube based in California. I've been a OnePlus user for a shorter time than most other fans, since the launch of the OnePlus 5T, and I had been using that phone prior to the OnePlus 7 Pro. I was first introduced to OnePlus around the launch of the OnePlus 3T in 2016 by my friend Ken, who's also a huge OnePlus enthusiast. He talked all day about how revolutionary their products were and eventually switched me from an iPhone (in which I'm glad he did).

    My name is Wesley Wood (forum username @wesleywood2412), I am from Fort Myers, FL. I'm 29 years old and I'm married with 4 kids. I currently work in the Public Safety field for my local government. I have had literally every single OnePlus phone starting with the OnePlus One. I first heard about OnePlus while searching for new phones and was intrigued by the invite system. My first thought was the originality behind it because it's the cheapest yet best form of marketing (word of mouth). From that moment on I've been hooked on using OnePlus devices exclusively.

    Hi OnePlus community, I'm Wissam aka @wissou on the forum. I'm a scientist working in Genetics. I was born in France and move to NYC to finish my studies.

    My first oneplus device was the oneplus one, with bamboo back (took me 3 months to get an invite just for the back!) since then I had every single op phone except op2 (you know why). I have been converting my friends left and right, but my wife is still holding strong to her iPhone (I'm not giving up). A year ago David aka Keithnyc and I thought that bringing actual fans to talk about OnePlus (the good and the bad) could be great and pitched the idea to OP. And here we are one year after with a great group of OnePlus fans engaged with the community and the t-mobile reps. We look forward to help this great community grow and bring great people in it!

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    Excellent introductions! Met some of you recently, you guys are the best ones to represent our US community, I had fun chit chatting for few minutes we got :-D

    Unfortunately didn't get to know you all as you guys were a little too busy thanks to the launch event, this introduction thread helps [e]1f601[/e]
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019

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    That's a great step forward. Welcome to all the Ambassadors of such a great company and product. I am glad to see OnePlus ambassador in Indiana also.

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    Welcome ambassadors, you all seem like you come with a nice variety of strengths. Congrats on being chosen to represent this wonderful product!

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    Welcome aboard to all the Brand Ambassadors.

    I wonder where you learned to utilize the use of spoilers Keith ? :p:D;)

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    Lol ..I still mess them up to this day....

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    David Y. , Jun 14, 2019 :
    Appreciate for the intro David, what a team!

    It was fun to work closely with some of you guys at the NYC launch event. This team is capable of delivering something truly amazing. Keep up the good work!

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    nice to see our ambassadors and members here in the OnePlus community.. CHEERS! NEVER SETTLE

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    I'm also waiting to work for oneplus and I recommend people to buy oneplus mobile phone coz of pure android and regular security and software updates [e]1f60a[/e]

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    Congratulations [e]1f389[/e] all. Greetings from Nepal.
    How about bringing these programs in Nepal too.

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