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Problem with sound notification

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  1. Me201
    Cupcake Feb 6, 2018

    Me201 , Feb 6, 2018 :
    Facing below issues after new OXYGEN OS 5.0.2 UPDATE :

    1. Phone does not ring every time on ring mode, only vibrates.
    2. Phone does not ring on message notifications on ring mode only vibrates.
    3. Notifications disappear from notification panel.
    4. Unable to receive notifications from apps like gmail, inshorts, truecaller.

    Moderator Update - 28/02/2018

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  2. idkwhoiam322
    Nougat Feb 14, 2018

    Stickied Post
    idkwhoiam322 , Feb 14, 2018 :
    @(Everyone involved and facing the issue)
    The ringtone issue has been acknowledged and forwarded to the development team, kindly wait patiently for the dev team to test and roll out the fix.
    Potential fixes:
    1) Use default ringtones until it is fixed.
    2) For now turn off the advance battery optimisation option. it will solve the problem. working for me. Thanks @Shhariprasath
    3) Clear cache from recovery(steps under spoiler, please view using a browser):
    5.Clearing Cache
    1. Power down the phone.
    2.Wait until the device is completely off.
    3.Then press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time.
    4.Continue holding these two buttons during the initial OnePlus splash screen.
    5.When the OnePlus logo goes away, you can let go of these two buttons.
    6.And then wait until the phone boots into Recovery Mode.
    7.If you have a password set, you will have to enter the pin to decrypt(basically unlock access to storage) here.
    8.Tap on the language of your choice.
    9.Tap on the Wipe Data and Cache option.
    10.Tap on the Wipe Cache option.
    11.Tap the Yes option when asked to confirm.
    12.Wait for the phone to clear the cache partition.
    13.Then tap on the Reboot option to restart the phone.

    Edit 1: Thanks for all the merges @OALEXANDER

    Edit 2(27/2/2018): Bug fixed. https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/oxygenos-5-0-4-ota-for-the-oneplus-5.793158/
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  3. Callmevish
    Honeycomb Feb 7, 2018

    Callmevish , Feb 7, 2018 :
    After upgrading to 5.0.2 I am not hearing any notification sound whatsoever. Anyone else facing the same?

  4. X1516614264998
    Cupcake Feb 7, 2018

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  5. mytej
    Cupcake Feb 7, 2018

    mytej , Feb 7, 2018 :
    Same for me. Notification sounds are missing for invoicing text messages.

  6. Callmevish
    Honeycomb Feb 7, 2018

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  7. akshayvaji
    Froyo Feb 7, 2018

  8. RamMohan7
    Cupcake Feb 7, 2018

    RamMohan7 , Feb 7, 2018 :
    frequently on my phone sound dose not responding and ringtone's and notify tones not coming

  9. L1515724286470
    Cupcake Feb 7, 2018

  10. wileyc
    Jelly Bean Feb 7, 2018

    wileyc , Feb 7, 2018 :
    1. Ensure your slider is not on silent
    2. Do a system cache clear in recovery mode (see videos on youtube for how to's)

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  11. mytej
    Cupcake Feb 7, 2018

    mytej , Feb 7, 2018 :
    Restarting the phone did the trick. thanks for suggesting.

  12. G_archisman_mishra_QTDh
    Cupcake Feb 7, 2018

    G_archisman_mishra_QTDh , Feb 7, 2018 :
    my phone has stopped ringing...after the Oreo update....it only vibrates...and if I restart the e phone it works for 2 hrs or 3 hrs...then the same issue continues....plzzzz any suggestions wht to do...???

  13. Jaywiseman
    Honeycomb Feb 7, 2018

    Jaywiseman , Feb 7, 2018 :
    known issue. happens on end call and earphone removal. only fix right now is to reboot phone or make a call and put it on speakerphone and hangup. please make a bug report as OnePlus is trying to fix the issue.

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  14. Kakembo
    Cupcake Feb 7, 2018

    Kakembo , Feb 7, 2018 :
    So i noticed that the sound got low? is it just my ears or? stable version of 8.0- 5.0.3

  15. Waveform Modifier
    Marshmallow Feb 7, 2018

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  16. slpkn
    Jelly Bean Feb 7, 2018

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  17. sivakumarun
    Eclair Feb 8, 2018

    sivakumarun , Feb 8, 2018 :
    My OnePlus 5T has stopped ringing after oreo update. It only vibrates on incoming calls. Slider is in ring position. The speakers are fine. Music etc. works great.

    If I connect any Bluetooth Accessory (SAMSUNG Level U) Ringtone is working fine for all incoming calls but at the same time if I disconnect My BT Headset (SAMSUNG Level U) no ringtone for incoming calls. Only vibration.

    How do I resolve this?

  18. Waveform Modifier
    Marshmallow Feb 8, 2018

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  19. cbd
    Eclair Feb 8, 2018

    cbd , Feb 8, 2018 :
    it's been happening to me also. when I restart the phone it works for a little while and stops ringing and also stop notification. only vibrate.

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  20. K1515146564684
    Cupcake Feb 8, 2018

    K1515146564684 , Feb 8, 2018 :
    after updating the phone to latest version , the ringtone set in my phone is getting disabled automatically and turning it to vibrate mode , it's working fine once I reboot the phone.. but that's not the permanent solution ...
    can anyone help me for the same

  21. JasieQu
    Cupcake Feb 8, 2018

    JasieQu , Feb 8, 2018 :
    I had same issue, it was changing itself to silent mode and back even when I was working on screen, after 5.0.2 everything is working fine. Full wipe/cache didn't help

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