[MEGA THREAD] OP5T Battery/Heating Issues and Tips: Share Your Stats & How To Improve Battery Life !

  1. LUKITO Eclair Jan 8, 2018

    LUKITO, Jan 8, 2018 :
    On mine it takes about 3-4% in 7 hours sleep. Latest software, 4 days old phone, total 25 apps installed with Google account synchronization and a bunch of Google preinstalled apps and other downloaded by myself like Docs, Keep, Games, Facebook and Messenger, eBay, ********** all push on. Try AccuBattery.

  2. G_Nikos_Margaritis_KagW Gingerbread Jan 8, 2018

    G_Nikos_Margaritis_KagW, Jan 8, 2018 :
    It can be normal, it all depends on what it is running apart from the apps you say you close. Do you have WIFI, mobile data or bluetooth open? What's your signal's quality at the place your phone is placed while you sleep?

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  3. cmeditz Cupcake Jan 8, 2018

    cmeditz, Jan 8, 2018 :
    I'm using an app called max clean and boost by the makers of textra. I think that may help.

  4. rajsnvs98 Donut Jan 8, 2018

  5. Lukegarf87 Donut Jan 8, 2018

    Lukegarf87, Jan 8, 2018 :
    Since upgrading my OnePlus 5T to Oreo Beta update - Google's play services is draining the battery on the phone. This wasn't causing an issue before the upgrade. I've rebooted the phone and it's still the same. Drains when idle / sleeping also.

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  6. pablofg1978 Spanish POC Assistant Head Moderator Jan 8, 2018

  7. Shadow.moon Froyo Jan 8, 2018

    Shadow.moon, Jan 8, 2018 :
    Disable the background activity of play services which can be done in Oreo update. settings>application list>Google play services>Battery>Background activity (turn it off) . I did it in my op5 and didn't face any problem

  8. ethansuleman Honeycomb Jan 8, 2018

    ethansuleman, Jan 8, 2018 :
    13 hours is still a lot. Ive been experiencing a good 6-7 hours at 98% with my screen at 1/5 brightness and barely any apps running in the background

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  9. pablofg1978 Spanish POC Assistant Head Moderator Jan 8, 2018

    pablofg1978, Jan 8, 2018 :

  10. Keeru@oneplus5t Gingerbread Jan 8, 2018

    Keeru@oneplus5t, Jan 8, 2018 :
    Usually my 5t will be reduce 2% to 5% only.. U should make sure if these are not necessary WiFi,internet connection location are turned off. & mobile should be under the table or under books.

  11. Bluecat08 Eclair Jan 8, 2018

    Bluecat08, Jan 8, 2018 :
    For all those Southern California (USA) OP5T users, this device definitely survives Disneyland visits! Battery is around 70-60% after an 8 hour day. I'm still running 4.7.4. However, I don't think it's the latest update though (Camera and December security patch). OP5T has achieved better standards than my Pixel XL. I'm super content!

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  12. oneplus_lover1988 Froyo Jan 8, 2018

    oneplus_lover1988, Jan 8, 2018 :


    Brand new, not even 24 hours, not yet updated to 4.7.6 (skeptical about it), with heavy games played for about an hour a lot of YouTube and tinder and stuff.. the stats as of now.

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  13. d_hussan786 Froyo Jan 8, 2018

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  14. d_hussan786 Froyo Jan 8, 2018

    d_hussan786, Jan 8, 2018 :

    How are these performances of battery like for the oneplus 5T? Just had a single dash charge, and has lasted a full day and a bit.

  15. Naveenkumar BS Honeycomb Jan 8, 2018

  16. F_Stanley_KC_Utoh_ccpX Gingerbread Jan 8, 2018

    F_Stanley_KC_Utoh_ccpX, Jan 8, 2018 :
    Haha! 0 bugs here and 10hrs+ screen time. Haha again! :)

  17. oneplus_lover1988 Froyo Jan 8, 2018

    oneplus_lover1988, Jan 8, 2018 :
    4.7.6 worth it?

  18. F_Wai_Leong_XMSP Cupcake Jan 8, 2018

  19. G_Will_Merrifield_MRGn Cupcake Jan 8, 2018

  20. XSNPX Cupcake Jan 8, 2018

    XSNPX, Jan 8, 2018 :
    Hi all,

    I just upgraded reluctantly to 4.7.6 with so many negative comments here on this forum, I took the plunge a couple of days ago (when it came available to me in Spain) and decided to keep track of a full day of battery drainage - here are my results which in my opinion are EXCELLENT!

    Usage - Plex media, remote for my amp, screen always on, emails, wifi always on, many youtube videos, Spotify music, played a couple of games quickly - all via Chromecast all day

    Every time I upgrade, I turn phone off, boot to delete wipe cache partition and when booted delete cache always.

    Here are all my dumps throughout the day...

    I hope this helps anyone looking to update to 4.7.6

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