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    Updated ON: 7th Dec, 2020
    Hey Guys,
    @Todd W. and @Steven X. have already made an elaborate Q&A and How to threads for guiding the users. If you have not checked those posts, I would suggest to have a look at them first and come back. With time, there have been other new queries raised and issues reported so I tried my level best to consolidate all of them here to make it easier for the users to quickly find solutions or check the status of the issue they have been facing instead of having to create new threads.

    I will keep updating this post timely.I would also request the active users to advise new users in reading these posts before posting any thread.

    I hope this would post will help in finding new information, guides and solutions regarding OnePlus TV :)

    In case, If you have any OnePlus TV-related issue in India please email to onepluscare@oneplus.com or call on 1800 102 8411 (9 am - 9 pm, Mon to Sun)

    Please share the below information to enable quick support.

    Subject Line of Email: OnePlus TV Support
    Contact Number:
    Email ID:
    PIN Code:
    Purchase from :
    Amazon or Reliance
    Purchase Date:
    Purchase Order Number:
    TV Serial Number:
    TV Model:
    TV55Q1 or TV55Q1Pro

    Updates History
    Launch Version - TV55Q1IN_2.A.01_GLO _007_1908221559 - September
    1st Update Version - TV55Q1IN_2.A.01_GLO_016_1910111117 - October (OTA1)
    Major Improvements:
    • Over Exposure Issues Resolved in Amazon Prime HDR Videos.
    • Light Effect for Soundbar Added for Bluetooth Stereo Mode (Only for Q1 Pro)
    2nd Update Version - TV55Q1IN_2.A.01_GLO_020_1911211115 - December (OTA2)
    Major Improvements:
    • Netflix Official Support with Dolby Vision.
    • Input Source Memory Option to start TV in the last used Input source.
    • Pink Highlights issue Resolved.
    • Shortcut for Mute - pressing Vol down and up simultaneously.
    • Remote Charging Notification.
    3rd Update Version - TV55Q1IN_2.A.01_GLO_023_2001090305 - February (OTA3)
    Major Improvements:
    • Advanced Picture Settings Provided for Dolby Vision.
    • Advanced Picture Settings opened. PQ Optimization
    • Lag in embedded Subtitle Playback Resolved.
    • TV can be controlled from more than 1 OnePlus device at a time using Connect App.
    4th Update Version - TV55Q1IN_2.A.01_GLO_026_2005072205 - June (OTA4)
    Major Improvements:
    • Few Apps rolling back to previous updates- Resolved.
    • Reset and bugs in Picture Settings - Resolved
    • Support for 3rd Party AirPlay Service Apps.
    5th Update Version - TV55Q1IN_2.A.01_GLO_031_2006210016 - July (OTA5)
    Major Improvements:
    • Data Saver Plus feature added in Settings < Network & Internet. Helpful to monitor data, control bandwidth and have alerts for data usage.
    • Modified Audio Output Settings Page - Now you have more options to select as per the sound output you are using.
    • 2 New Added picture modes
      - AI PQ mode automatically adjusts the picture setting, so except for Backlight control, everything else is Auto controlled.
      - Eyes Protection Mode - Has a low Backlight value set with some tuning done by the team w.r.t gamma, sharpness and color for a lesser strain on the eyes.
    • Modified Log/Feedback Section - The log upload is now renamed as "Bug Report" and you can find this at Settings<More Settings<Bug Report. It has options to select the reason for uploading log and gives the device info.
    • Improved Oxygen Play Experience
      - More content partners added and now you can long-press any image for reading some info about the title before watching it.
      - Modified Watch History interface.
      - Removed App drawer for a more media-centric experience.
      - Upcoming tab added for setting reminders for to be released content.
    • Kids Mode - A separate profile can be created for kids with a selection of Apps to be displayed, timer and security pin.
    • Prime Video App now stays in memory when you click home.
    • TV Shared Album - If you have OnePlus 7/7pro, you can sync your photos and videos to cloud and view them directly on TV.
    • IOS Connect App Support.
    • Improved Video Player
      - While playing any video in the Default Video Player, clicking down button will show the other videos in the folder as a playlist.
      - The videos resume from previous time stamp and if you want to play from the beginning, click OK.
      - The Subtitles selection now shows language of the subs available.
      - Improved performance in the playback of mkv and mp4 HDR files.
    • Format Storage option is back. Now you can expand the storage with external USB/HDD.
    6th Update Version - TV55Q1IN_2.A.01_GLO_044_2011261650 - Dec 20 (OTA6)
    Major Improvements:
    • Now you can add Movies and Series to your personal watchlist on Oxygen Play. Long press the Movie/Series Thumbnail and you get the option to add them to "Watchlist"
    • Oxygen Play has a new Tab called "My Video" where you can access your watch history, watchlist and reminders from Oxygen Play.
    • The new Connect App supports Multi Cast (Upto 2 devices only, support upto 4 may be provided in next OTAs).
    • User Metrics such as Screen Usage Time and Data Usage can be accessed from Connect App.
    • Sleep Timer can be accessed from Connect App.
    • You can now "Clear Background Apps" of the TV just by a click on the Connect App.
    • You can now upload TV Logs directly from the phone and submit the reports. It's named as "TV Issue Feedback".
    • Connect App now links with your OnePlus Account and shows your forums username and avatar too.
    • Security patch Level of September 2020.
    7th Update Version - TV55Q1IN_2.A.01_GLO_060_2104090507 - Apr 21 (OTA7)

    Major Improvements:
    • A dedicated App for Camera has been added in the TV. You can connect any USB Webcam and capture photos/videos with the help of this App. These photos/videos can be shared to your phone by scanning a QR code from the TV. The Camera App offers a Timer for capture, Couple of Frames for adding fun and Video recording up to 3mins/video. The picture and videos captured by the WebCam can also be quickly accessed from a dedicated Camera Folder in File Manager.
    • Support for Controlling TV from Watch has been added. Open TV Connect App on watch and start controlling the TV. You can control Volume and Turn TV On/Off.
    • A dedicated Sports Section has been added to Oxygen Play. It has sports content majorly from SonyLiv. Has information about Results from completed matches and details about upcoming matches. You can even set Reminders for your fav matches.
    • User can now Rate the Movies/Series on Oxygen Play and all the rated movies will be listed in the MyVideos Section of Oxygen Play. Long Press the Title and along with Title Details/Watchlist option, you now get the Rate feature.
    • Republic TV Live has been added to Oxygen Play. Open Oxygen Play and in Home Section scroll down to find the LiveTV Row.
    • Resolved Android TV Data Saver App not Updating in the Playstore.
    • Added option to correct Bluetooth Delay. Settings<Sound<Bluetooth Delay. When there is a delay in the Output from BT Devices, user can set the value to 4 to get the Audio in Sync. From my personal experience, having the value set to -5 reduced the Crackling and Audio Sync issue too. Some users reported that this setting did not solve the issue though.
    • Security Patch updated to February 2021.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to access USB drive that’s connected?

    Select the Inputs Icon on the Top right of Home Screen and choose USB. It will open the default file manager with the option to browse through USB. Alternatively, you can use any 3rd party file browser to do the same.

    How do I know if the remote is charging?

    There is no LED indication of the remote charging but there will be a notification pop up on the TV screen when you connect the remote for charging like the screenshot shown below.

    WhatsApp Image 2019-12-18 at 22.04.19.jpeg

    How to check battery % of remote?

    If you have connected the Remote for charging, the notification popped up on TV shows the current charging level as shown in the screenshot above.
    When the remote is not connected for charging there is no direct indication of battery % on the Home screen. You can find the % at Settings< Accessories&Remote< Remote< 1+TV Remote<Battery Level
    WhatsApp Image 2020-05-04 at 10.52.12.jpeg

    How to control TV from the Phone?

    You can download the OnePlus Connect App on phone to control the TV for the following functions
    Navigate, Switch Between Apps, Cast Videos from Phone, Switch Inputs, Voice Assistant, Take Screenshots, Control Volume.

    How to Mute the TV?

    As the Physical remote does not have a dedicated mute button, right now you can mute the TV by these methods,
    A. Press Volume up and down button together.
    B. Press Google Assistant button and say “Mute/Unmute TV”.
    C. Use Alexa on phone or Echo Devices and say “Mute/Unmute TV’.
    D. Use the volume buttons on the phone with the Connect App open and click on vol icon
    WhatsApp Image 2020-05-04 at 10.52.1212.jpeg
    Alternatively one can use the Netflix Remote that has a Dedicated Mute Button. The remote is free to claim.

    How to claim the Free Netflix Remote?
    OnePlus is no longer providing the free Netflix remote due to stock issues. I Will update here if this situation is changed.

    How to use the Screen Mirroring feature?

    The screen mirroring can be activated by three different ways.
    A. Search for Screen Cast/Mirroring in your Phone Settings and select 1+ TV in the available devices.
    B. Inside Connect App, open profile and select Screen Mirroring.
    C. Install google Home App and connect 1+TV in devices. Go to profile in Home App and select casting and chose 1+ TV in the devices.

    Screen Mirroring is not being detected by the TV.

    A. Cross Check if your device supports Chromecast. Devices that support Miracast (like Desktops/laptops/few mobiles) wont’ be able to use this feature with the 1+ TV.
    B. First Check if the both the TV and the device are on same Wi-Fi Network.
    C. Check if the Screen Mirroring is detected on any other Phone.
    D. If answer for B is No, start a mobile hotspot on one of the mobile and connect both TV and the 2nd mobile to that Hospot and check the screen mirroring.
    E. If C works then the issue is with the Router.

    How to make the TV start in the last used Input Source HDMI?

    Settings< Personalize < Input Source Memory <Toggle ON
    WhatsApp Image 2020-05-04 at 11.32.037.jpeg

    How to make the TV start always with a selected HDMI input?
    There is no option to select a default Input Source for TV. It can either start with the last used Input Source or the Android TV Home Screen.

    What is the Difference Between Q1 and Q1 Pro?

    Check this thread for understanding the differences in detail

    Why am I not able to find many apps in the Playstore?
    The limitation is from the App Developer to be exact. Majority of the apps are designed for Phones. Android TV OS is specifically designed for Large Screens/TVs, thus the app has to be re-configured to match this platform. That is the reason there's a different Playstore. It is suggested to ask/request the individual app developer for the support.

    Is there any default browser with the TV?
    There is no default browser installed. You can install 3rd party browser like Puffin TV. Even Google Chrome and Firefox are not officially supported. Though these browsers can be side loaded if required but the performance might not be optimized for the TV usage.

    Where can I get the soft copy of the User Manual?
    Please download it from here

    What all Apps support Dolby Audio.
    Dolby Audio output will be available only if the App supports or has content that’s Dolby Audio. Right now in the OTT apps available, only Sun Nxt has content with Dolby Audio that works with Internal Speakers. Other than that, one has to either download media files from web or use a DTH service that supports Dolby Audio to experience it on the Internal Speakers.

    If you have external speaker setup like Soundbars or Home Theater Systems that support Dolby Audio, then as of now Prime Video and Netflix will also give Dolby Audio output.

    What all Apps support Dolby Vision?
    Netflix and Default Video Player are the only apps at present that support Dolby Vision playback.

    Does Youtube App support HDR?
    Yes, the Youtube App supports HDR but there is no way to turn it ON/OFF.

    Can I charge the remote with dash/warp charger?

    Yes.. You can use any wall adapter to charge the remote.

    When connected PS4 it shows that the TV does not support HDR.
    Change the HDMI Signal Format to Enhanced. Settings < Inputs< HDMI Signal Format

    How to Overcome stuttering during 4K video playback on Youtube.
    The major cause can be the internet speeds other than the software anomalies.
    A. Check the Buffer Health on the youtube video. It should be at least above 5s for uninterrupted streaming. If it's below that, the network speeds are not sufficient for the smooth playback of 4K videos. So upgrade your connection for Faster speeds.
    B. If you have a 5Ghz bandwidth Router, connect the TV to 5Ghz preferably as the traffic on that bandwidth would be low.
    C. Restart the TV.
    Even with very high speeds, users have faced issues with 4K video playback. The team is yet to resolve the issue.

    How to Check the Buffer Health on Youtube?
    Once you open the Video on Youtube, go to Settings, the last option would be Stats for Nerd. Select that to see the buffer health.

    How to access settings with the new Netflix Remote?

    As the remote lacks a dedicated settings button, one has to use Google Assistant Button to access settings by saying "Open Settings".
    Do keep in mind that the Google Assistant works only when the TV is connected to the Internet.

    How to switch between Apps on the OnePlus TV?
    Unfortunately there is no Recent Apps Tab on the TV. But you can use the Connect App for that function as it has quick app launch drawer.

    How to check if there's an Update for the TV?
    Settings< More Settings< About < System Update
    WhatsApp Image 2020-05-04 at 11.32.026.jpeg

    How to upload a Log for reporting any bug?
    Settings< More Settings< Bug Report
    It will ask "Do you want to upload TV System log?" Click Yes
    You can access TV Issue Feedback from Profile Tab of Connect App and upload the log from the phone.

    How to Turn ON Developer Options?
    It is similar to any Android Device.
    Settings<More Settings< About< Build< Click 7 times

    Can we rename any HDMI Input Source?
    Yes. You can change the name of the HDMI inputs from HDMI1/2/3/4 to pre-selected names like Bluray, Cable, DVD etc or use any custom name.
    Settings< More Settings< Inputs< Select the HDMI input to change name and select Custom name option.
    WhatsApp Image 2020-05-04 at 11.32.021.jpeg

    How to access recovery settings of the TV?
    Power OFF the TV and then Turn ON by pressing 1+ key and Volume Up Key together.
    Pic Credits: @Catherine W.

    Few videos on OTT Apps have low dialogue volume and high background volume.
    Few titles on the various OTT Apps have audio tracks with high dynamic range/ more number of channels. The TV converts this audio to stereo for playing on the internal speaker which in turn results in this kind of experience. This is common to all TV speakers as the Audio output for those particular videos are made for External Speakers.
    So either once can use external speaker setup or use custom Audio settings with frequencies between 500Hz to 5kHz boosted up for clear dialogues.

    How to Access User Metrics?
    Select the TV Icon on the top of the Connect App beside the search Icon. Click on "Connected" below the Device listed.

    How to Acess MultiCast?
    You can access the Multi Cast from Profile Tab of Connect App.

    How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones/Speakers?
    Keep the Headphone/Speakers in Pairing Mode.
    Go to Settings<Accessories & Remote < Accessories<Add Accessory.
    TV will pair to the device and gives a confirmation. Once paired, make sure the status on the device shows Connected and you are done.

    What are the costs of spare parts?
    The spare parts cost if not covered under warranty are as follows,
    Along with it, there will be an extra service charge of ₹1180 and ₹2360 for panel/
    ₹354 for other parts logistics.

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    Venky61 , Dec 18, 2019 :
    Issues/Bugs Reported by the Users on Forum

    Updated ON: 22nd Jan, 2021
    PS: The following information is just a consolidation as per the posts/conversations that happened around the forums and it cannot be taken as official information.

    Reported Issues:

    Audio lag while using Bluetooth Speakers/Headphones.
    Temporary Solution: Tweak Audio delay option in Settings<Sound<Audio Delay. May or may not work.
    Status: Majorly observed in specific apps like Prime Video and Hotstar. The team is looking into it.

    Crackling/Buzz sound while using Bluetooth Speakers/Headphones.
    Temporary Solution: None
    Status: Team is looking into it.

    Crackling/Buzz sound while using External Speakers.
    Temporary Solution: None
    Status: Team is looking into it.

    Grey bars instead of black, while playing 18:9 videos on Youtube (Happens very rarely)
    Temporary Solution: Clear the Data of the Youtube App. Go to Settings<Apps<Youtube<Data
    Status: Unknown. Most probably an issue from Youtube itself.

    TV goes automatically into Screen Test Mode.. "Un-ending loop of Blue, Red and Green Colors"
    Temporary Solution: Turn off the TV and remove the Power cable and keep it idle for at least 30 min and try turning ON again. This might or might not work.
    Status: The team suggests consulting OnePlus Customer care for a technician visit. No news about avoiding this.

    Cropping of Youtube or other Videos due to aspect ratio issue. Generally happens when using Set Top Box via RCA cable.
    Temporary Solution: Switch from RCA cable to HDMI.
    Status: None

    Brightness fluctuation while watching videos with Subtitles.
    Temporary Solution: Turn OFF Local dimming in the picture settings.
    Status: Unknown.

    Brightness fluctuation in the dark scene (Dark Field Noise).
    Temporary Solution: Keep Adaptive Contrast to High in picture settings.
    Status: Unknown.

    Subtitle Sync Issues while Playing Videos with In-Built Video Player.
    Temporary Solution:
    Use 3rd party players like Kodi, Nova Player, VLC.
    Status: Team is looking into it.

    Yellow/Greenish tint in skin color in Rec 709/sRGB Color Space.
    Temporary Solution: One can switch to Adobe RGB color space or manually tune the skin color in Advanced Picture Settings
    Status: Unknown.
    Solved Issues:

    Dolby Vision and Dolby Audio Automatically gets activated while using Fire Stick 4K
    Temporary Solution:
    Change the Settings in Firestick 4K for Video from Always HDR to Adaptive HDR, Colors to 12 bit.
    Credits: @Q1571473619021
    It’s the restriction from Firestick 4K settings.

    Over Exposure during HDR titles playback in Amazon Prime Video.

    Resolved in OTA1.

    Pink color highlights/backdrops in the video while watching Youtube or any Other App.
    Resolved in OTA2.

    No option to Turn off Motion Smoothing for Dolby Vision Videos
    Resolved in OTA3.

    External Subtitle not being supported by In-Built Video Player.
    Resolved in OTA3.

    Video Playback at high FPS even with Ultra Smooth Motion Turned OFF.
    Resolved in OTA4.

    MXPlayer TV App update fails.
    Resolved in OTA4.

    Connectivity error while playing videos on Netflix, Prime Video and Hotstar.
    Resolved in OTA4.

    The Picture Mode sets back to Standard/Unusual Brightness occasionally.
    Resolved in OTA4.

    Hotstar, SonyLiv and Spotify apps are always available for update in Playstore. Not updating to the newest version.
    Resolved in OTA4.

    4K/HDR/Dolby Vision (DV)/Dolby Audio (DA) media playback issues with In-Built Video Player.
    Except for BluRay videos (.m2TS) format, all other formats play on the In-Built player. Performance is very much improved in OTA5 except for slight stuttering when seeking.

    4K video playback/stuttering issue on Youtube, Prime Video and Netflix even with high Internet Speeds (> 20 MBPS).

    Resolved in OTA 5.

    "Format/ Format as Internal Storage" option missing for External Storage Devices. So, technically one cannot expand their Storage Space
    The option is back in OTA5.

    Video Playback on Netflix, PrimeVideo, Hotstar, Youtube showing blank screen or keeps loading.

    Solved in OTA5.

    Alexa not responding after the update.
    Resolved in OTA5.
    Even though it's resolved, sometimes due to the server error from amazon the service could be down.

    TV restarting while connected to Mobile Hotspot.
    No such reports after OTA5.

    Remote keeps un-pairing or responding slow.
    Status: Resolved in OTA6.

    Features added after User Requests:
    • Data Saver Plus for Data management and Monitoring.
    • Input Memory for booting up the TV in previously used TV Input.
    • Clear Background Apps for clearing the RAM memory
    • Shortcut for Mute on remote
    • Connect App for IOS devices
    • Kids Mode for parental Control
    • Airplay support for IOS devices via AirScreen
    • Option to Control Advance Picture Settings in Dolby vision Picture Mode
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    Need an update for offline access of menu Button in new Netflix remote

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    Hey... To be very frank, the Netflix remote is like a consolation item for the users who bought the TV before Netflix Inclusion. As it's a short release item and would be not available once the original remote with Netflix Button is released, I highly doubt the team would be putting any effort to rectify this for the remote you are talking about. I will ask the team still, if they have any plans to implement the same.

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    Not for atleast 2 years. These TVs are yet to debut in the foreign market and they're afraid of many bugs coming in way. Only if they stabilise this version, they'll release same worldwide (maybe with 65" too) and think of next product or variant.

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    He did a right thing by adding that in beginning itself. He can just edit it whenever he got new tips and still it would be on top! @Venky61 Amazing Idea

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    Yea... coming soon TM

    Thank you :)

    No word on TV for sure, but as per the team there would be Accessories that are expected to release in the next year for the Type C port. Have to wait and see what they have under the sleeve. But I would not have any expectations on those products as the there's a lot to resolve in the main TV software itself which I am more interested in.

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