memory storage is showing full

  1. moiyusuf
    Cupcake Sep 7, 2018

    moiyusuf , Sep 7, 2018 :
    Thanks this solved the issue. Apparantly i had 90 gb in this recycle bin. Can't oneplus delete these files ??

  2. Wombo2016
    Donut Sep 14, 2018

    Wombo2016 , Sep 14, 2018 :
    Just for future reference you can also go to the Gallery app and clear data as long as you have backed up.

  3. lucans7
    Cupcake Oct 30, 2018

    lucans7 , Oct 30, 2018 :
    Worked for me. Doing that cleared about 30GB on my disk! Kudos!

  4. Katie_Rourke_Dowding
    Cupcake Nov 9, 2018

    Katie_Rourke_Dowding , Nov 9, 2018 :

    Nope, still have identical issue after following these steps.

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  5. G_Sarah_Khalid_skmq
    Donut Nov 10, 2018

    G_Sarah_Khalid_skmq , Nov 10, 2018 :
    Hi, so I found something weird on my phone. I was trying to figure out why Others was taking up so much space, I opened DCIM and it says 10GB but when I open the folder and select all the files it says they're only 700MB or so. :/ I tried all the steps above to clear the memory but to no avail. Please help.


  6. naresh4561
    Cupcake Dec 29, 2018

    naresh4561 , Dec 29, 2018 :
    This helped solve the issue for me. Thanks

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  7. andreidre77
    Cupcake Jan 6, 2019

    andreidre77 , Jan 6, 2019 :
    Thanks a lot I just had a similar issue and I fixed it thanks to you.

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  8. Neezum
    Eclair Jan 23, 2019

    Neezum , Jan 23, 2019 :
    Hi guys!

    Found a fix for me. Seems like the folder in my pictures gallery for the "Deleted Files" were taking up so much of my internal memory. Try deleting all the files in your "Deleted Files" in photos and videos gallery to free up some huge amount of space.


  9. G_Matej_Arnold_sOqw
    Cupcake Jan 25, 2019

  10. ckdeena
    Cupcake Feb 16, 2019

    ckdeena , Feb 16, 2019 :
    If you have recently deleted you media, camera photos/ video, social media photos or videos. Then you have to go to gallery and clear the recently deleted folders. That was the issue in my case.

  11. A_Sai_Ganesh_7989
    Eclair Feb 18, 2019

    A_Sai_Ganesh_7989 , Feb 18, 2019 :
    now a days it's common we see it in all Android phones .. clear the logs bcoz the unwanted dumps stores in smartphone... being using Whatsapp the status logs stores more data that would be invisible in phone but.. when you connect to PC you would probably see that.. might this information help you

  12. vijeeshthayyil
    Cupcake Mar 26, 2019

    vijeeshthayyil , Mar 26, 2019 :
    This helps me, i found telegram using more space and its not even traced anywhere , as all files where hidden.

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  13. vikramavinash
    Cupcake Apr 23, 2019

    vikramavinash , Apr 23, 2019 :
    Thanks for your suggestion. It resolved memory issue in my 1+3T. Now Memory usage is showing 17% from 99%.
    Thanks a lot [e]1f44d[/e]

  14. Ghostyy
    Cupcake May 5, 2019

    Ghostyy , May 5, 2019 :
    Another suggestion to those using Face Unlock.

    Every time you unlock your phone using your face it stores a 400kb file, these files all build up and within 3 days the folder that stores these showed as 2GB on my 1+5

    In File manager > Internal Storage find FaceUnlockDebug and delete all the files in the folder. (Do not delete the folder, may cause unseen issues)

  15. FeroOAS
    Cupcake Aug 1, 2019

    FeroOAS , Aug 1, 2019 :
    thanks a ton buddy! i kept deleting images and was still sitting at 1% and with deleting from the recycle bin i have 11% free, wow..amazing! what i dont understand is that when i go to the memory option it shos the gallery under images and also under others and files, how does gallery occupy space in all the 3 categories, i am sure that the same images are not accoupying 3 times the space. pls advise.

  16. Arpr
    Cupcake Aug 31, 2019

  17. ChrisNeo
    Eclair Nov 14, 2019

    ChrisNeo , Nov 14, 2019 :
    My problem was the OnePlus switch app.
    I forgot that i made a 32Gb backup but under the storage it was showing 32Gb of images. Screenshot_20191114-214525.jpg Screenshot_20191114-214537.jpg

  18. Rocking_Yash
    Donut Nov 21, 2019

    Rocking_Yash , Nov 21, 2019 :
    I have issue with my storage from last 2 week, i was cleaning cach file everyday and uninstall many apps, but everyday it shows storage is running out of space. Can anyone help me with this. In my OP3T. Before 2 weeks i had 20 GB free space.

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  19. M1540185655958
    Cupcake Dec 5, 2019

  20. V1576035923453
    Cupcake Dec 11, 2019