Mic Quality Still bad on third party apps...

  1. ishred11
    Cupcake May 18, 2019

    ishred11 , May 18, 2019 :
    I had this issue with the OnePlus 6, while using Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. The phone would use noise cancellation mic instead of the main mic. I was hesitant to get the OnePlus 7 pro because the issue was never fixed. I was disappointed but not surprised when I found that the OnePlus 7 pro has the same issue..

    It really sucks that this phone does everything else so great and I can't use it for what I need to use it for.

    Now that OnePlus is parented with company's like TMobile, this issues should be addressed. Social Media experience is a big selling point for Smart phones now days, and the mic quality on Third party social media party kills it..

    Please let us know anything on this issue OnePlus...

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  2. Steps Parku (DJ STEPS)
    Gingerbread May 18, 2019

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