Mind blowing midpoint via OnePlus Nord

  1. Sarthak.Soral
    Cupcake Dec 1, 2020

    Sarthak.Soral , via OnePlus Nord , Dec 1, 2020 :
    November came and went by like a swoosh. This month was full of festive joy and happiness while at the same time the student community was busy confronting examinations and a temporary hold of our official page. While juggling between the late night studies, exams, festivals and a tiny social media obstacle, the skill set we, the community team gained that is of managing all prioritised tasks along with academics along side developing attractive campaigns for the joy of student community became the most crucial takeaway.
    I felt the thrills throughout the month as we had late night catch up sessions for campaign work and post that we had that mutual feeling of exam burden over us. The team smashed any sort of pressure and worked on the feeling that every student goes through. Hence we launched a campaign #EXAMShotOnOnePlus.
    This campaign required students to showcase their work space where they dedicatedly studied and we got brilliant engagement for the same with calendars, calculators, books, small plants, sticky notes, water bottles and a lot of colorful stationery sitting beside a cutely lit lamp in the scope.
    This campaign enabled the student community to resonate with the theme of exams and not settling at the same time as the festivals had hit the doors.

    The pandemic situation is annoying yet the student community and the SAP team is as consistent and dynamic as always. Because we all #NeverSettle.