Mined Arrived!

  1. aramosjr
    Gingerbread Jul 8, 2014

    aramosjr , Jul 8, 2014 :
    Came home and UPS left me a package, ripped open the packaged and low and behold the OnePlus One arrived!

    First impressions - awesome packaging, a lot lighter than I thought, really like the feel of the phone especially the back and very nice screen. No yellowish issues for me! I have to say this looks to be a great phone.

    The only issue I have is that I am only getting 4G on AT&T, but I saw posts in the last few days about this issue, so hopefully I will get this resolved.

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  2. sarat
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 8, 2014

  3. wary_overlord
    Gingerbread Jul 8, 2014

    wary_overlord , Jul 8, 2014 :
    Just got mine too! No yellow issues for me either! :) I still have yet to try it out on T-mobile yet, but just unlocked the bootloader, rooted it, and installed a screen protector.

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  4. sarat
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 8, 2014

    sarat , Jul 8, 2014 :
    BTW i thought default wall paper was never settle wall paper na?

  5. AltoidsArtic
    Honeycomb Jul 8, 2014

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  6. TeamValor91
    Community Veteran Jul 8, 2014

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  7. Warr10r7
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 8, 2014

    Warr10r7 , Jul 8, 2014 :
    Congrats on getting the phone !

    Just so you know, 4G on the OnePlus One means the same as LTE so you have full LTE service.

    Enjoy your new toy. :)

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  8. oNe+Luke
    Froyo Jul 8, 2014

  9. drmartin
    Moderator Moderator Jul 8, 2014

    drmartin , Jul 8, 2014 :
    Great to hear, congratulations! And good that there is yet another without the yellow issue!!

  10. p51d007
    KitKat Jul 8, 2014

    p51d007 , Jul 8, 2014 :
    That's about the size of it ;)o_O:rolleyes::eek:

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  11. doremon88
    Cupcake Jul 8, 2014

  12. mahar
    Gingerbread Jul 8, 2014

  13. arsalan
    Eclair Jul 8, 2014

    arsalan , Jul 8, 2014 :
    Hi, i am a new user to this community. When i saw the phone, i felt it would be great to my community here as me and my father sincerely work on a project raising funds for others in great need. I would sincerely and with all my heart request you to give me an invite as this would be a perfect opportunity to support my community back home. we all are part of one big family and all we do is work for charity as we cannot see others in that shape in many countries in africa and countries such as Pakistan/india or Bangladesh. they are humans and we are bound to be responsible for them. At last, i would leave it to you to decide as there are many people here that want the phones here so i can raise that money for solely charity purposes, i do have a phone of my own but i don't need a oneplusone, but as i said, its entirely upon you to decide as not only will god bless you with the blessings of indirectly helping the ultra-poor people in need in my home country and else where. Take your time but please do let me know your decision!

  14. Friday
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 8, 2014

  15. ognat
    Honeycomb Jul 8, 2014

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  16. Matt7262
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 8, 2014

  17. misaq520
    Eclair Jul 8, 2014

  18. harharmahadev
    Honeycomb Jul 8, 2014

    harharmahadev , Jul 8, 2014 :
    Congrats!! LOL!! some people were crying that they are not getting 4G on AT&T, seems issue have been solved.

  19. slimtom
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 8, 2014

    slimtom , Jul 8, 2014 :
    Another member saying No Yellow Screen. Hope this a sign the problem is going away.

  20. ronela97
    Gingerbread Jul 8, 2014