Mini Reviews: Flip Covers, Hard Cases, Tempered Glass

  1. Arnafein
    Gingerbread Oct 7, 2014

    Arnafein , Oct 7, 2014 :
    Some mini reviews of the accessories I've purchased so far:
    • PU Leather Flip Cover - I bought two of these, a black and an orange one, of which the orange has seen more use. Quality-wise these flip covers are excellent considering their price, although I haven't tested how they protect the phone from impacts. The texture gives the cover a good grip, and after about a month and a half of daily use, the faux leather doesn't show any wear or tear. OPO is set securely in a clear hard case inside the cover - bonus points for the hard case transparency, as it makes the whole ensemble look a lot more professional. There's no reason to worry about the glue job, because the glue is actually industrial grade and the bond won't break by accident. Even if you try to remove the hard case from the flip cover on purpose, it's pretty darn hard. The flip cover doesn't have a magnet lock or automatic screen off function. Stand function is included. Highly recommended. ★★★★★
    • Quality Leather Wallet Flip Cover - flip cover, faux leather. The first impression rang true: the first flip cover (above) is a lot smaller and higher quality than this one. This flip cover doesn't even look like it's designed for OPO, but some larger device instead. I recommend you to pass this one entirely. ★
    • Nillkin 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector - as others have said, this tempered glass screen protector has an excellent price-performance ratio. The same facts apply here as with other tempered glass screen protectors (dust free installation environment) and should be taken into consideration. Personally I only used the Nillkin for a short while, because the cutout for the speaker extends further on the other side on count of the LED - obviously this doesn't matter in practice, but it just happened to bother me. Recommended, especially if you haven't used a tempered glass screen protector before. ★★★★
    • 9H+ Ballistic Tempered Glass Screen Protector - purchased as a test. It didn't impress me, as a corner got tweaked already on the first reapply and ruined the glass. Otherwise the product description was accurate, and the glass did shatter like a windshield when I tested it prior to throwing the glass away. I would only consider this as an alternative if you're confident that you can apply the glass perfectly on the first try. ★★
    • IMAK Crystal II Transparent Hard Case - a transparent clear hard case designed by IMAK. The link here is to the model two case, which, according to reviews and product information, is scratch resistant (or at least more so than the model one case). I'm using this as the only protection on my OPO at the moment. The hard case is completely transparent, and its branding doesn't hide the Cyanogen logo on the back of the phone. So far I haven't noticed any scratches on the case. The case is fairly minimalistic as well, so the phone's physical size doesn't increase much. I would recommend this case to anyone who's interested in seeing the back of their phone without risking damage to it. ★★★★★
    • Slim Crystal Clear Hard Case - transparent hard case. Basic hard case without branding. Scratches easily and the cutouts are slightly too large. I would only recommed this case as a stopgap solution. ★★

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