Mirrors for official Oxygen OS ROMs and OTA updates

  1. Spannaa
    KitKat Dec 30, 2015

    Spannaa , Dec 30, 2015 :

    There are guides all over the forums though - why not search and read.

  2. grayfoxfox
    Froyo Jan 1, 2016

    grayfoxfox , Jan 1, 2016 :
    ...Its just simple, you re phone was rooted. here is the instruction.
    you need babysiter. becuase you dont like to read and its been discussed.

    now do this...
    Download this full:
    Oxygen OS 2.2.0: OnePlus2Oxygen_14_OTA_011_all_1512111634.zip
    or https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24340319927534199

    and after do this...
    • Boot into TWRP recovery
    • Flash the latest full signed flashable zip
    • Flash the SuperSU zip
    • Reboot

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  3. SeloTapeTM
    Donut Jan 2, 2016

    SeloTapeTM , Jan 2, 2016 :
    So... let me get that straight:
    If I have the 2.1.1 Oxygen OS without root/TWRP/SuperSU, all I need to do is:
    a)Download the "Oxygen OS 2.2.0 (Signed flashable zip version)
    b)Transfer it to my OP2
    c)Boot the OP2 in recovery mode
    d)Choose "Install update" and then choose the zip mentioned in step "a" on my phone
    And that's it?

    And I didn't really understood if all my phone data will be saved or erased..Does it?
    Oh, and will it end my OP2 warranty?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Spannaa
    KitKat Jan 2, 2016

    Spannaa , Jan 2, 2016 :
    Yep, that's it!

    You won't lose your data or apps (unless you wipe them yourself) and it won't void your warranty.

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  5. ippocampos
    Cupcake Jan 2, 2016

    ippocampos , Jan 2, 2016 :
    thanks for your support dear Spannaa im working on it now...one more question do i have to install the last one update 2.2.0 or i have to install all previous versions of update...THANKS IN ADVANCE HAPPY NEW YEAR

  6. SH96
    Froyo Jan 2, 2016

    SH96 , Jan 2, 2016 :
    Just 2.2.0 is enough (but the signed zip (~1.1GB) and not the patch)

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  7. ippocampos
    Cupcake Jan 2, 2016

    ippocampos , Jan 2, 2016 :
    Im little confused...untill now i have unlock bootloader and install /TWRP i also make a stock back up...the phone isnt rooted yet correct???what are the next steps (what i have to install next??? the update (Signed flashable zips or
    OTA incremental update zips)
    or the superuser????
    (sorry in a rookie to this procedure...)

  8. Spannaa
    KitKat Jan 2, 2016

    Spannaa , Jan 2, 2016 :
    Search and read - the answers are all in this thread.

  9. SeloTapeTM
    Donut Jan 3, 2016

    SeloTapeTM , Jan 3, 2016 :
    Thanks sooo much!!!
    Helped me alot :D

  10. don1
    Gingerbread Jan 5, 2016

  11. Colonelfury
    Cupcake Jan 5, 2016

    Colonelfury , Jan 5, 2016 :
    If I wanted to do a complete clean flash, I would use the signed flashable zips correct? My Home button randomly stopped working in any circumstance, already tried quite a few things to get it back working, but from what I've read the next step is doing a clean flash. Just wondering will these zips work or do I need some other version of the software, never actually done a clean flash before, just dirty which is why I'm asking. Thanks!

  12. Spannaa
    KitKat Jan 5, 2016

    Spannaa , Jan 5, 2016 :
    Clean flash = signed flashable zip + wipe data

  13. Colonelfury
    Cupcake Jan 5, 2016

    Colonelfury , Jan 5, 2016 :
    Ok thanks, that's what I thought but just wanted to make sure before I actually did anything! Thanks!!

  14. devon1976
    Eclair Jan 10, 2016

    devon1976 , Jan 10, 2016 :
    2.2.0: very bad update:
    1> OP2 is lagging and freeze frequently, only way to temporarily fix it is reboots.
    2> Battery life has decreased...


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  15. Spannaa
    KitKat Jan 10, 2016

    Spannaa , Jan 10, 2016 :
    Not for me...

    No lag or freezing g here and battery is about the same as on 2.1.2

  16. devon1976
    Eclair Jan 10, 2016

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  17. Spannaa
    KitKat Jan 10, 2016

  18. devon1976
    Eclair Jan 11, 2016

    devon1976 , Jan 11, 2016 :
    nope... unfortunately seems that reset/wipe/reinstall don't solve the issue, maybe the root causes of issues are the default launcher (??), i have install third-part launcher (nova) and seems (i hope.. ) I solved lags and freezes issues...
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  19. Spannaa
    KitKat Jan 11, 2016

    Spannaa , Jan 11, 2016 :
    Possibly - I always use Nova.

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  20. Gigafotras
    Cupcake Jan 14, 2016