Missing OOS features that i had on the OnePlus One

  1. seanwlk
    Froyo Nov 26, 2017

    seanwlk , Nov 26, 2017 :
    So i just switched from the OPO to the 5T and there is some stuff that bothers me about Oxygen OS. Overall it's clean and everything, and im a huge stock android fan and i hate samsung like nonsense, i've been using CyanogenOS (the old original stock OS) on the OPO and then switched to LineageOS to get Nougat.

    There are plenty of missing features in OOS that made my life easier in LOS / Cyanogen like for example:
    • Ability to set different and custom rgb colors for each app notification. I knew all the colors i set so i knew if the notification is urgent or not and i can just leave it there, but now i just have a general color that doesnt tell me anything.
    • Ability to disable charghing led. Very annoying since i charge my phone near my PC while i play and do stuff and it distracts me since i think there is a notification but there isnt becase the LED is always on.
    • Ability to use volume buttons as cursor mover in text fields. Very useful for accurate editing and avoids waste of time to move that damn cursor with the finger.
    • Ability to replace the drawer vertical scroll with the horizontal one which is way more comfortable to use to fast search alphabetically rather than trying to reach the top of the HUGE display with the finger.
    • Missing the ability to add the screenshot button in the powermenu. Which can also be tap-hold to screenshot a selected area. Now im forced to use either volume+power combination (very annoying and risk to screenshot the volume bar) or the three finger that then opens an edit menu that i need to later cut and save ( 3 steps instead of one)
    • Double tap to sleep on the status bar is missing.
    • The battery percentage cannot be put inside the circle ( or the battery icon)

    That's it for now. Hopefully i can last some week without this stuff until Lineage releases a rom for the 5T.

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