1. malidan Marshmallow May 30, 2018

    malidan, May 30, 2018 :
    Isn't Huawei the same? I'm sure I heard someone claim 0.2.
    By the time you half of think wow the time you saved has gone.
    This is the real world not a paper exercise.:rolleyes:

  2. malidan Marshmallow May 30, 2018

    malidan, May 30, 2018 :
    Whoops my bad wrong person:oops:
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  3. malidan Marshmallow May 30, 2018

  4. malidan Marshmallow May 31, 2018

    malidan, May 31, 2018 :
    1 down already:rolleyes:

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  5. malidan Marshmallow Jun 3, 2018

    malidan, Jun 3, 2018 :
    Thought you might find this interesting
    4K 30fps AIS seems to be working now (straight up trash he said):rolleyes:

  6. admorris Froyo Jun 4, 2018

    admorris, Jun 4, 2018 :
    the more I use this camera and the more comparisons I see on it, the happier I am with it. it's more than holding its own against the top of the top and a majority of reviews have it handily beating them. the almighty s9+ and p20 pro are straight trash. maybe they get some updates to fix their overexposed, washed out software, but doubtful with their history. op6 got this one right.

  7. aenews KitKat Jun 5, 2018

    aenews, Jun 5, 2018 :
    OnePlus is definitely faster than any other FP Scanner. Minor differences are noticeable when you're actually using the FP Scanner.

    You were previously saying that 1s and 2s don't make a difference. That part is nonsense and what I disagree with most. Your comic exaggeration hurts the point you're trying to make that minor differences aren't perceptible.

    I'd assume the Huawei is similar though OnePlus should be marginally faster.
    Any more detailed comparison versus OnePlus or others? Sure it's interesting if they've really implemented some more effective stabilization.

  8. malidan Marshmallow Jun 5, 2018

    malidan, Jun 5, 2018 :
    What! Your back your back to talk more about software gimmicks, one that isn't even measurable and can only be seen in ultra slow motion:tearsofjoy:
    Even if it is faster you would not even save 5 seconds throughout the whole day, may be even a week. So what exaggeration are you talking about? If telling the fact hurts then so be it
    The only people who care about milliseconds are the people who buy midranged phones and talk it up, I'd be a little more concerned with the mounting issues, which I'm sure as usual you have NONE of.:rolleyes:

    The View 10 obliterate the 5 and 5t and when the 2018 SOC gets here that will obliterate the 6/T.
    I saw a I game app launch between the Mi8 and the OP6 and guess which in didn't win.;)

    I will say it again any speed you think you may have is negated by bugs, a tonne of bugs, there is no speed just no animations of transition. The only animation I see is going back to the homepage, everything else is gone, fluid no, snappy yes.

    I played with the OP6 and adjusted the 3 scales to 0 and there is virtually no difference compared to other devices, so they are already virtually set to zerro.

  9. admorris Froyo Jun 6, 2018

    admorris, Jun 6, 2018 :
    when you search out forums for problems, guess what? you'll find them. people on here can see you for exactly what you are...a OnePlus hater who is trying to justify whatever crap Samsung phone you have. that's fine, enjoy your phone...but I have 0 idea why you continue to hang around a forum centered on a phone you clearly hate. I have real world experience with a crap ton of top end phones and I can tell you from actual experience, the op6 is at the top of the heap in speed, fluidity and build quality. and if you're in to YouTube, there are many many YouTube blind camera comparisons that clearly show the op6 handles itself more than well against the so called top of the line cameras out there. of course there will be issues if you search them out, just as there are with any other phones in existence today. problems are what makes their way on to forums, not great experiences...it's been that way since forums began. obviously you validate your bias searching these issues out. enjoy your samung phone, whatever it may be.

  10. aenews KitKat Jun 6, 2018

    aenews, Jun 6, 2018 :
    Seems fluid and snappy. I don't know what you mean. Animations haven't been removed, and I don't see an issue with the default animations. I like the simple fading-in animations they use, but that's just preference and different companies choose different animations.

    Animations when you return home depend on your launcher and can be customized on any device.

    Even on those "speedtests" you always reference, OnePlus 6 wins every time versus the S9+. Are you just trying to say that it loses the marginal lead if animation times are reduced to zero on all devices? I do see many problems with the type of "testing" I normally see though it is interesting that one of the more major testers has shifted to a mechanical set-up and removed the bias from using hands.

    I doubt your claims on game loading times as the S9+ and Pixel XL 2 aren't any faster than the OP6. Unless you are saying the Mi8 launches games faster than the S9+.

    I personally haven't seen bugs on the latest update. What bugs have you seen? All you do is quote bug threads like they are some sort of proof. In reality, you will always see countless threads about bugs on support forums. That's normal. You'll always disproportionately see complaints on forums.

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  11. admorris Froyo Jun 6, 2018

    admorris, Jun 6, 2018 :
    the reason Samsung/lg can't do away with transition animations like OnePlus does is because they are akinned so heavily, they would stutter even more than they do now...simple as that. you can test this by going in to developer settings and then them off yourself...after a while, the phone becomes a mess. OnePlus is very good at optimizing their phones where they still have customizations that people want, but they keep the phone fluid and ridiculously fast.

  12. malidan Marshmallow Jun 6, 2018

    malidan, Jun 6, 2018 :
    Lol fan stop crying, it would seem anyone who mention flaws or commercial bias is a hater.
    I'm a grown up and have no need for peer recognition don't need to.be part of any commercial community in short I am not a fan of any one.
    As for Samsung being crappy that just shows your an ignorant hater, you don't run the business by making crappy phones do you.
    You speak of build quality when yet again OP's have dust in their camera's.
    Yet again have reception issues.
    No dust and water certification.
    No thermal protection
    And the list goes on
    Yep thats quality for you.
    Top of the line camera ? From day one OP camera's always compare well against the Opposition on YouTube, the reality in hand is different.
    Funny how with each coming device reviewers slays say OP's camera's are week but thus one will change that.:tearsofjoy:
    Hate nothing,hate nobody, I just laugh at crybaby comments like this.
    No facts only a fans opinion.:p

  13. malidan Marshmallow Jun 6, 2018

    malidan, Jun 6, 2018 :
    Your talking rubbish now, the animations have been turned off on my V20 for well over a year and the device is smooth no stutter.
    The animations have been turn off on my Note 8 for 8 months and it too is smooth no stutter no lag.
    I don't know where you guys get thus rubbish from.

    Your closing statement doesn't quite ring true when you see the OP6 crashing games on loading and not multi tasking, the disease has even sot and to the OP5T.

    Yep great optimisaton.:D
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  14. WhoAreU Froyo Jun 6, 2018

    WhoAreU, Jun 6, 2018 :

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  15. malidan Marshmallow Jun 6, 2018

    malidan, Jun 6, 2018 :
    As I said you never see anything , I tested it against 3 other devices and what the OP is set to is not the default, it might say it is but the actual physical setting is far less the the S9, G7, P20 PRO.
    Look up the meaning of fluid and it will not apply to OP, snappy a term that is been created since OP's conception is what applies.
    You look at an iPhone that is fluid, Samsung set to 1X that is fluid, if I set it 0 then it becomes snappy.

    I don't remember saying anything about game loading times on the S9 or the Pixel, Where and that come from? Are you making stuff up again?
    I can't be bothered to look back through the tread.
    Look another oem smashes anither of your myths. I would say this charges faster than a OP, bigger battery too.
    This makes 4 oems with faster solutions. Yet on Yuotube you hear the fastest.
    No bests left for a OP anywhere now, what will you boys try to invent now.

  16. admorris Froyo Jun 6, 2018

    admorris, Jun 6, 2018 :
    my opinion is fact, as I have owned these phones and compared in my hand. keep seeking negative to validate your purchase though. whatever works for you. as I have said, you will find whatever you're looking to find on the net.

  17. malidan Marshmallow Jun 6, 2018

    malidan, Jun 6, 2018 :
    What phones?
    What facts?
    Which flagship device has dust in it camera lens again!
    Flagships have moved on since you owned one bud:tearsofjoy:
    The fact you haven't even called 1 name brings youf validity into question.
    From the moment you call the OP6 a flagship it means you don't know what your talking about.
    Do you think frying the cpu to launch a few apps means flagship?
    Anybody can make a phone fast but not everyone can make it stable, OP push for speed leave the device very volitile.
    I say you are the one trying to validate their purchase, the Note 8 needs no validating.
    The only people who call a OP a flagship is the people who buy then and the who are paid to say so.
    I don't here anyone calling OPPP or VIVO flagships and they give OP their designs and parts, there's a fact you can chew on.
    If you want better buy better, don't try to lower the benchmark for flagship status.:p

  18. admorris Froyo Jun 6, 2018

    admorris, Jun 6, 2018 :
    currently own v30 and op6, have owned pixel 2xl, s9 plus, mate 10, mi mix 2, op 5t, iPhone 7 plus, Essential phone mate 9 to name a few over the last 18 months. I have 0 allegiance to any manufacturer, but I also know a great phone when I'm using it. all my statements come from first hand experience, not trolling forums of phones that I don't own looking fir infir5to validate what I want to be true. I did a 10 sec search on note 8 and found a thread dedicated to dust under the screen and stuttering software. like I said, you can find whatever you want to find on the net...they all have their issues, it's just a matter if those issues effect you and how you use a phone. the only phone I've found close to the op6 to this point when it comes to speed and fluidity I'd the pixel 2xl...but even that with it's animations turned off is not as touch sensitive as the op6. some like that slight lag, some want immediate response. I'm done with this back and forth
    ..best of luck whatever you choose.

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  19. vwite Honeycomb Jun 6, 2018

    vwite, Jun 6, 2018 :
    I have owned all those phones you mentioned as well except the last three (instead of iPhone 7, OP 5T and Essential I had iPhone X and Note 8). The note 8 was probably the laggiest on the list and S9+ in second place lol. The dude is a samsung fanboi that is used to the lagginess of the Note 8 and just focuses on youtube videos "opening apps" to define overall speed of a phone so don't think you're going to get anywhere with the discussion. S9+ is probably the one with the best hardware but as you mentioned in another post, if turn the animations off or even to 0.5x and the phone becomes a mess and really frustrating to use. A lot of people coming from older samsungs are okay with that though as they have not used anything faster.

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  20. malidan Marshmallow Jun 6, 2018

    malidan, Jun 6, 2018 :
    Trolling phones i don't own? No trolling needed, OP always troll themselves with symbolic hardware and software issues.
    You might want to look at every device history and the comments everytime OP move on to the next.
    Owners all of a sudden start talkikng about their woes.

    Dust? I said dust again, all over the forum again, as usual you guys find isolated instances and try to make it into a epidemic.
    This is not the first or the second occurrence.

    I too have experience of the OP6, that could not focus when I used it, I didn't see any blazing speed just no animations on another sub par screen.
    It had the worse screen out of the S9, P20 PRO and the LG G7
    Thats an impressive list of devices, I keep coming across people who seem to only keep devices for a couple of months. It does make me wonder.
    Now back to experience I can tell you that in all the years of using mobile phones, the OP's i've had have been the only faulty devices I have ever had 4 in total and I've had at least 1 device from every major oem.
    You may want to say otherwise but the device history's will tell a very different story.
    And no opinion you may wish to offer will change that.:p
    No flagship here just a high midrange speedster, even leading reviewers with an ounce of self respect say the same.:D