Mobile Filmmaking Masterclass - The Final Reveal

  1. Malindi S. Copywriter Staff Member Jun 6, 2019

    Malindi S., Jun 6, 2019 :

    Hi friends,

    During March of this year, we launched the Mobile Filmmaking Masterclass with Giacomo Mantovani. It’s been an incredible journey where we’ve been able to see first-hand just how creative our community is.

    From the very first round, when hundreds of film enthusiasts submitted their stories, our OnePlus staff members were blown away by the enthusiasm everyone exhibited. During round two, our contestants were able to focus more on their story-telling skills, by creating storyboards that outlined their short films.

    Now, after weeks of hard work and immersing themselves in their projects, our top contestants submitted their final films, all shot on the OnePlus 6T.

    For most, this was their first time creating a short film. We were thoroughly impressed by the effort everyone put into each movie.

    So now, without further delay, here are the winners of the Mobile Filmmaking Masterclass:

    In first place is Aleix Forcada with “We will call you”. This quirky short film will make you re-evaluate the worst job interview you’ve had.

    Giacomo provided feedback saying: "What I really liked about this film is the "suspense” that slowly builds and hooks you to the screen. I also found the board game sequence to be interesting and well made. It was very creative and expressive. Keep an eye on color-grading between scenes, but overall this film works well and deserves to be watched."

    In second place Birchita Bir Biswas lights up the screen with vivid colors and stunning scenes in his short documentary “The yellow taxis of Kolkata”.
    Giving feedback, Giacomo said that the documentary was beautifully made. "I really enjoyed each part of the film, from the photography and colors to the narrative and music. My only suggestion is to consider using a gimbal for more cinematic shots" he said.

    And in third place, Roman Nechay takes us on a personal journey with a beautiful portrayal of how Nelly, an 18-year-old girl, gets lost during a hike in the woods in "One of the most powerful stories you will ever witness."

    "I loved the fact that is inspired by a real story," said Giacomo. "The shots are really nice and the location is amazing. It was a brilliant idea to include the footage from the local newscaster at the end." The judges' agreed that it would have been better to underexpose the film a bit since many shots are overexposed and that the music was slightly too loud in some scenes.

    The contestants who entered touched on a great variety of themes, from mystery and adventure to sacrifice and hope. They were able to illustrate the beauty of art, the value of being kind and the rewards of dedication.

    Thank you to everyone who participated! We hope the Mobile Filmmaking Masterclasses ignited a passion for this creative medium and that you’ll have loads of fun making the next one. As thanks, Giacomo created a feedback video on the final entries which you can view here:

    To watch all the short films from our contestants, click here.
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    Great finale , congratulations to those that worked so hard to share their passion.

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    [e]1f44c[/e]Excellent job mobile Film makers , Congrats to finalists

    Never Settle

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    I cannot locate the Master Class of Mobile Filmmaking?
    Can you please [e]1f64f[/e] guide me to locate it and send me a link if possible.
    Many Thanks [e]1f64f[/e]

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    Hey, here is the whole series:


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    excellent slow motion camera, can't we have inbuilt reverse motion camera and movie making tools. those will be completely crowd puller.

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