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  1. T1581858949732
    Cupcake Mar 3, 2020

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  2. SubilSubairudeen , via OnePlus 7T Pro , Mar 3, 2020 :
    The same PUBG is having no heating problem in other phones, even phones with low specs.. So, the problem has to be when PUBG and One Plus becomes the combo..

  3. T1568473710648
    Cupcake Mar 3, 2020

  4. domestoboto
    Gingerbread Mar 4, 2020

    domestoboto , via OnePlus 7T , Mar 4, 2020 :
    I have a friend playing on the S10e (SEA Exynos variant) and different Oppos and even a Huawei Mate 20, they all get COOKED on PUBG after an hour or so of playing; the only time that a phone doesn't get cooked on That game is either in a very cold air-conditioned room or with the ROG 2 with its proprietary cooling fan.

    It is NOT a OnePlus problem as you insist, I call 🤡 on that one. Maybe play Fortnite or the PC version instead, or bring in your seemingly defective device...

  5. SubilSubairudeen , via OnePlus 7T Pro , Mar 4, 2020 :
    I am not here for an argument my dear friend. I don't want to downgrade any phone. I am perfectly OK with the One Plus 7T Pro device that I am currently using. Recently, I was using Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Note 8 before that.. I used to play PUBG for long time and there used to be no issue.. Here in this device, my device gets heated up on PUBG gaming for around 10 to 15 minutes itself.. This is not a problem raised by a single person!!! If One Plus could change something, it would be better, that's it.. Nothing much.. Don't understand why a few are taking others' suggestions personally. I am fully happy with this phone.. Good day

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  6. YogeshSinghSammal , via OnePlus 7T , Mar 5, 2020 :
    Please optimize the Camera of ONEPLUS 7T and add the feature of getting alert sound when battery is fully charged.
    On the other hand OP7T is one of the best smartphone I ever used with great UI, performance and gaming. But please optimize the camera, images Colors are not accurate.

  7. TheGame98
    Eclair Mar 5, 2020

  8. U1583475843775
    Cupcake Mar 6, 2020

    U1583475843775 , Mar 6, 2020 :
    After update pubg version 0.17.0 on my device OnePlus 6t the frame drop is very high and fps is like a 30fps.pls fix it fast

  9. LalaUmar
    Donut Mar 6, 2020

    LalaUmar , Mar 6, 2020 :
    it didn't work

  10. N1543267098402
    Froyo Mar 7, 2020

    N1543267098402 , Mar 7, 2020 :
    Yeah, that's what I'm complaining about. My gaming experience was better on 9. It was more stable overall for me actually.

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  11. T1581858949732
    Cupcake Mar 7, 2020

  12. Eldwshl Uaran , via OnePlus 6T T-Mobile , Mar 7, 2020 :

    Yeah, that's what I'm complaining about. My gaming experience was better on 9. It was more stable overall for me actually.

    I have also noticed too many downgrades after upgrading to Android 10 from 9.
    Such as audio volume decreased (device and bluetooth), brightness decreased, mobile data speed decreased (taking longer to load an audio file, a video, or to just download an installation program), and bluetooth not always staying connected.

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  13. N1543267098402
    Froyo Mar 8, 2020

    N1543267098402 , Mar 8, 2020 :
    Sounds like your automatic update went bad and resulted in some bugs. My brightness and and audio both increased to even more desirable levels. My data speeds are about the same. I don't use Bluetooth anymore but I tested it on my new laptop. It paired without a problem. I'll do some deeper testing and see if I have the same Bluetooth issue under use.

    After such a long wait to receive this after the announcement, I find it strange that it's so inconsistent between users and has so many problems. This is abnormal for OnePlus, to the best of my knowledge.

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  14. Eldwshl Uaran , via OnePlus 6T T-Mobile , Mar 8, 2020 :
    I've already factory reset, rebooted, and restarted the device (the typical "do this to get it back"); all of which didn't work.

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  15. N1543267098402
    Froyo Mar 9, 2020

    N1543267098402 , Mar 9, 2020 :
    I'm honestly not surprised. When a ROM install goes bad, it's not easy to troubleshoot without a new update.

  16. V1563782187982
    Cupcake Mar 10, 2020

  17. adomm
    Donut Mar 12, 2020

  18. N1543267098402
    Froyo Mar 16, 2020

    N1543267098402 , Mar 16, 2020 :
    I'm learning that the battery drain isn't caused by the new Game Space app, as it's occurring outside of gaming and at random. It's an issue with the update in general. They contacted me, so I'll be submitting logs to them now.

  19. T1568473710648
    Cupcake Mar 23, 2020

  20. Eldwshl Uaran , via OnePlus 6T T-Mobile , Mar 27, 2020 :
    If you want more wallpapers for your device, make your own!
    There are a plethora of apps that can assist you in making more than enough wallpaper; I challenge you to find 10 and use at least 4 of them to make one wallpaper--not one will have all features of all combined.
    One+ should never be compared below/under Apple; One+ is, and always will be, better than Apple!!

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