Mods - The Superheroes of our community

  1. BobbyV8_
    The Showcase Reviewer Jun 5, 2018

    BobbyV8_ , Jun 5, 2018 :
    OnePlus community would've been a destroyed world without our beloved Mods. Let's shout out for them. I felt like naming them with our fictional Superhero characters and here it goes -

    @gusuraman - Captain America. Well he’s the captain after all.

    @SoniaB - Wonder Woman. Name suits her and she's a wonderful woman. (BTW she’s not bro :tearsofjoy:)

    @keithnyc - Mr. Fantastic. Keith is too nice to be a mod just like Mr. F to be a superhero, but unfortunately he is.

    @camohan - Wolverine. Wolverine is my favourite so I’ll give it to Mohan bhayya (bro).

    @Funk Wizard - Prof. Dumbledore. Okay, I understand your question, why not Harry Potter! I’m planning to be Harry so let him be my Prof.

    @Maximus Decimus Meridius - Shazam. If you know who Shazam is, just relate. You see man / woman based on what you think. Just call out Shazam and he’s a hero.

    @pablofg1978 - Colossus. Only SuperHero I can relate to seeing his pic. He also has a soft heart. Proof? Here.

    @script - The Flash. He’s flashy TBH and uses lot of it for his photography threads :p

    @youbi - Green Lantern. He is green IRL, NO!?

    @drmartin - Dr. Doom. Well the Dr matches and he really sounds like a bad guy for those threads he close.

    @Gaston NP - Spider Man. Doesn’t this guy hide and attack? He's calm and nice like Peter ofc.

    @superplus - Catwoman. Can call her Iron Man but wew the gender thingy.

    @PVS Kharoud - Iron Man. I actually reserved it for him.

    @OALEXANDER - Thor. He leads something mystical anyways. Indian POC.

    @gaster - Ant Man. Because, Gaster means
    Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 11.17.10.png

    @An.I.Am - Number Four (John Smith). Just continuing his name LOL.

    @noquarter - Batman. Coz, Why not!

    @DRCH - Prof. X. That Facepalm gif in the Spam Threads.

    @mojoyoyo77 - Hawkeye. Should I have a reason? It’s MY stupid thread

    @Horsault - Hulk. I just thought he’s strong and nuclear. Reacts quick.

    @rarog - Falcon. Again, that’s what I see in his pic.

    @pablomoreno - AquaMan. FIrst thing that came to my mind is the Battleship ARA Moreno.

    @Reivon Choccoli - Martian Manhunter. Aren’t you green and brown and not human?

    @pigmeej - Lockheed. Pygmy reminds me of height and what’s shorter than Lockheed? Let me not call you a bug.

    @puma95 - Black Panther. Name says it.

    I’m sorry guys, I haven’t encountered you yet, so giving out names randomly.

    @Fabio.Mar - Magneto

    @inffy - Mario (that dp of yours reminds me of)

    @Plenkske - Genesis

    @xaser240 - Cyclops (I just felt seeing your name)

    @K3MN1K - Iron Fist

    @maccamania - Deadpool (Now @varma246 is going to pound on me for his identity)

    @nirgale - Nightcrawler

    @Cervantes - Ultron

    @Mark Falsing - Sebastian Shaw

    @pikota - Loki

    Disclaimer: Names are just for fun, they all are awesome and deserve a place in our hearts. Respect them if you can or just keep calm.

    Also, don't give me the DC Vs Marvel shit.
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  2. Shivang Joshi
    Starting Point Expert Jun 5, 2018

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  3. RJBoss
    The Showcase Reviewer Jun 5, 2018

  4. maccamania
    KitKat Senior Moderator Jun 5, 2018

  5. Dresa91
    Android Q Jun 5, 2018

  6. GopalB.
    Nougat Jun 5, 2018

    GopalB. , Jun 5, 2018 :
    So is it like Marvel X DC type of Team??? [​IMG] Secretly trying to start the Marvel Vs DC fight!!!
    Edit: Harry Potter and Nintendo too... Coz why not!!!

  7. izzykasha
    Lollipop Jun 5, 2018

  8. BobbyV8_
    The Showcase Reviewer Jun 5, 2018

    BobbyV8_ , Jun 5, 2018 :
    Sorry on that, but Deadpool is real fun. I thought i'd make you my friend as I can't get the real one.

    I have a disclaimer already, Superheroes are superheroes no matter from Marvel or DC.

    I don't want the mods to fight though.

    haha thanks.

    She's my fav too.
    Jus imagine, how lovely it'd be to replace Gal Gadot with @SoniaB :hearteyes::hearteyes::hearteyes:

  9. Akhshay Srinivasan
    Nougat Jun 5, 2018

    Akhshay Srinivasan , Jun 5, 2018 :
    They are more than Avengers :p
    Tbh, each and every mods are great with their own given task and powers :)

    P.S. - Instead of being a hardrocker (solid with rules) being soft will be beneficial on both the sides :)

    Thank you @BobbyVK for your initiative :)

  10. Cervantes
    Lollipop Moderator Jun 5, 2018

    Cervantes , Jun 5, 2018 :
    good thread is very fun
    I'm sorry but I'm in another story

  11. GopalB.
    Nougat Jun 5, 2018

    GopalB. , Jun 5, 2018 :
    But Hulk is the green one!!! [​IMG]

    @noquarter Now you have to say...

    Its Marvel Vs DC time... [​IMG]

  12. Akhshay Srinivasan
    Nougat Jun 5, 2018

  13. puma95
    Jelly Bean Moderator Jun 5, 2018

  14. BobbyV8_
    The Showcase Reviewer Jun 5, 2018

    BobbyV8_ , Jun 5, 2018 :
    Thank you,
    Our mods are not that tough, they're really good at heart. Just that few people find them harsh but truth is different.

    You can't drop out of the gang though, can allot you some other character if you want, (i can bribe on that though :p)

    Hulk is green when angry.
    My mods are here with the ban hammer if you do that LOL.

    Thanks, good that you like the allotment.

  15. Plenkske
    Dutch POC Assistant Head Moderator Jun 5, 2018

  16. Maximus Decimus Meridius
    Marshmallow Senior Moderator Jun 5, 2018

  17. iNtEnSePL
    KitKat Jun 5, 2018

    iNtEnSePL , Jun 5, 2018 :
    She's a sis (don't make a mistake and call her sissy!)

  18. Mark Falsing
    Jelly Bean Senior Moderator Jun 5, 2018

  19. GopalB.
    Nougat Jun 5, 2018

    GopalB. , Jun 5, 2018 :
    But Green lantern is not green... most of the times!!! [​IMG]

  20. gaster
    Lollipop Moderator Jun 5, 2018

    gaster , Jun 5, 2018 :
    Haha. Thanks for your thread and your kind words buddy. Seems I am not far to be the Ant King with special powers :p Well my nickname in various games is KRATΩΣ and as Greek I am, you can name me a Spartan Egg warrior. About the eggs, the fellow mods know what I mean :D