Month 1+1

  1. jai_chhabra
    Eclair Oct 27, 2020

    jai_chhabra , Oct 27, 2020 :
    So month two it is !
    Still Can't believe the crazy plethora of feelings we had in this month !
    The month of October has been a great one , it started with out team working with various artists throughout the country and working on digital artworks and animations for building up the hype for the OnePlus 8T launch !
    I have personally been a great fan of the OnePlus launches and have been to the "offline" launches.It wasn't an easy job pulling off an Online Launch Event , the amount of hype that OnePlus creates for it's product launches is on another level! We worked on a Series called Guess the Specs to tease the Specs of the upcoming 8T and it went great !
    The whole month was super packed because of the Launch . The amount of effort which goes into the launches is commendable ,it's easy to sit in the auditorium with the crowd and enjoy ,but the feeling you get after the launch is over is so overwhelming pheww!
    It was a great learning experience for us ! (Also getting to test the OnePlus World before it was showcased to the world was great).
    We had plenty of amazing campaigns in this month through which we were able to find new talent !
    Another marquee event for us was interviewing Sam Twist (Senior Product manager at OnePlus )regarding Digital Cognizance ,it was one hell of an experience !
    We got to learn a lot from him regarding a lot of important things ! Also being a tech enthusiast and getting such opportunities was icing on the cake for me .It has been so far so goood! Although it would have been great if we had a chance to do an offline event ,hopefully this ends soon and we get to pull off an offline event !
    The second month has been great and has made me super hyped for the months to come!

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