Month 1+2

  1. jai_chhabra
    Eclair Nov 29, 2020

    jai_chhabra , Nov 29, 2020 :
    This month had something very different for all of us . In the first few days of the month to our horror we found out that our page has been taken down by Instagram and will be back only after a review .
    Although it was a terrible blow as our source to communicate with our Audience was gone but that didn't stop us from working and we ideated on new ideas and strategies for the upcoming months and started to pushout content from the OnePlus India Page for the time being .

    It took us more than 2-3 weeks of reviews and emails to finally get it back.
    We are halfway through the program , it's already been 3 months damn !
    The journey till here has given us lot of different experiences from working with different talented individuals from all over the nation to working hand in hand with the OnePlus India Marketing team .
    November although has been a tough one but we utilised it to make the best out of the situation ,which you'll get to know about In the upcoming months .
    Stay connected !