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    Eclair Sep 30, 2020

    jai_chhabra , Sep 30, 2020 :
    This all started in June ,when a friend of mine told me about this program . I did a little bit of research around it just to know what exactly the program is and what all does it offer , to my surprise I saw a figure on the internet that only around 0.1 percent people get selected for this programme . To be honest I never thought that I'll be able to get into such a program .
    Here I am writing this review after 2 rounds of shortlisting and then 2 rounds of interviews phewww. It's been a month already and damn this experience is crazy ! It's not your average Ambassador Program after all . After clearing the first 2 rounds I found out kirat's telegram group to get some clarity for the further rounds . He helped us a lot by telling us what kind of expectations do they have and what separates you from the rest .
    After Clearing round 3 something Amazing happened and a few of us were put under a separate category the DESIGN team . It was a bit scary too as a new category was there for us , final round was the HR interview round and it went pretty well .Then one fine day I was just randomly scrolling through the forums and I found Saswat's message saying that the results have been announced and as you might have guessed by name my name was there :p and hence I am writing my review on it .
    It has been a month since I joined and damn .. it has been a crazy journey with the team (1+24) .
    It has just been a month of crazy late night meetings , random spotify sessions and serious ideation sessions .The amount of exposure this program gives you is on another level all together ,it gives you a real insight of the corporate world and the culture at OnePlus . One of the best part about this program is the NDA (Try next year for getting this reference :p).
    It has just been a month and we have already worked on product launches and we are also working closely with the OnePlus India ,OnePlus Global team (and many others :p )
    It has been one hell of a month ! The work has been crazy and the brand guidelines makes sure we keep on checking the smallest of details which as a normal person one won't notice or ignore .
    Hoping to have a crazy journey ahead with the team !
    Special thanks to Saswat and Jai for giving us this opportunity .

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