Month #3 of OnePlus Student Ambassador Program! via OnePlus Nord

  1. Suparna_Mukherjee , via OnePlus Nord , Nov 30, 2020 :
    There are times when you hit the rough patch and the road seems a little too rocky ahead of you. This month of November turned out to be a slightly bitter boom for the team of OnePlus Student Ambassadors.
    As we were nearly closing on the month of October, waiting for this month to roll in, we faced some major setback when all of a sudden, the SAP page on Instagram was gone!
    The time of two weeks and a half when we had nothing really substantial to do felt like a herculean task to deal with.
    Despite that, we kept up our spirits, deciding on the potential events over frequent zoom call sessions. However, it did not feel like work when the whole reason behind it was gone.
    Only by the third week of November, we got our instagram page back, all thanks to our favorite man, Saswat and his team, for constantly keeping up with the Facebook officials :")
    Collaborations and events have started to roll back since then. Very recently, infact very instantaneously, our community team came up with "Exam-o-Graphy," a #ShotOnOnePlus Exam version, wherein the participants are supposed to put up pictures of their #examhustle moments and win a shoutout on our SAP page.
    Completing it all within a span of week seemed a little too difficult, which indeed was but we managed to bag as many collaborations as we could, thereby finishing off the month on a decent note.
    This month was not like the other times when it's all rosy and everything works in our favour, but this definitely has taught us the importance of keeping up the team spirit in all of us, despite the fact that we did not engage in much activities.
    Looking forward to the month ahead of us. I hope the December winter brings the excitement and enthusiasm back.
    Till then, take care and