Moving from Apple to OnePlus - A review from an Apple loyalist

  1. Darrenk
    Gingerbread Aug 12, 2014

    Darrenk , Aug 12, 2014 :
    I was lucky enough to recently receive my OPO and after watching countless reviews, unboxings and forum posts, I thought it would be pointless to write another review. Instead, I thought it would be useful to write an insight into what it was like for me to transition from iOS to Android and iPhone 5 to Oneplus One.

    Firstly, let me answer the immediate qualms that many have and I’m sure I’ll be asked – yes, I do have a slight yellowing at the bottom of my screen. I cannot reiterate the word “slight” any more though – if I had not read the complaints about this issue, I probably would’ve never noticed it or simply fobbed it off as my eyes playing tricks on me. I’m sure there are others afflicted with far worse examples but I can certainly live with mine. The other major complaint I’ve seen is low speaker volume when on the phone – again, I was not afflicted by this problem.

    So, onto the transition discussion – what was it like for me to go from Apple to Oneplus? Please bear in mind whilst reading this that I’ve been using and iPhone since the first iteration (apart from a short stint with a Galaxy Nexus). I also own an iPad Air and a Macbook Pro as my daily machines. To say I was truly indoctrinated into the Apple way would probably be an understatement. In saying that though, I’m also a business user and a pragmatist – thus looking outside the Apple ecosystem isn’t completely absurd.


    I think few will argue that the iPhone(s) has always been beautifully built and generally ahead of the curve when it comes to design. The full metal and glass chassis is still something I appreciate model after model. My short experience with the Galaxy Nexus and playing with the Galaxy range in general made me wary of Android hardware – however the constant talk of “amazing” build quality throughout reviews and forum posts of the OnePlus One made me take the leap. In short, they weren’t wrong. The build of the One far exceeds that of the equivalent Samsung flagship devices and felt premium in the hand. I think I still prefer the iPhone build quality but the One still deserves a merit award for a first effort.

    The screen

    In terms of quality of display, both screens display (no pun intended) similar qualities. I’m not one to care too much about DPI ratings when both displays hide their pixels so well. The One is definitely a warmer screen, and I think, the more accurate screen. After using the One for a few days, looking at my iPhone screen seems to be dominated by its blue cast. I’m going to call this a dead heat though.

    Size – now here is where the One can poke its chest out with pride. How have I lived with a 4 inch screen for so long??? The extra real estate the OPO screen provides is incredible. Viewing (and maybe even some editing work) on a spreadsheet is actually possible. Entire webpages render beautifully without having tiny script. I LOVE this display. In terms of handling, I consider myself to have average sized hands and this phone is relatively easy to handle – it is a learning curve from the iPhone’s size but the additional grip from the Sandstone back helps ever so slightly.

    Battery life

    Again, walk with pride Oneplus. Coming from and iPhone where I’m constantly tethering myself to my laptop at work, or to the charger in my car – the stamina of the One is outstanding. If you are a business user – THIS is how a phone battery SHOULD be.

    Android vs iOS

    This is a tough one and quite frankly, was my biggest concern in the switch. The Apple ecosystem and interoperability between devices is extensive, all encompassing and habit forming. From being able to iMessage from any machine, to icloud syncing of everything seamlessly. With iOS 8 and Yosmite coming soon, it will only get better. I was comfortable with my suite of apps that got me through my work and my play. It’s a warm and comfortable place that was hard to leave.

    My first foray back into the Google playstore has highlighted to me how much things has improved since my days with the Nexus. There’s a better breadth of applications and there’s far less iOS envy (where there’s an app available only for iOS). I will say though that for some reason – and I know this is a personal thing – that iOS apps on the whole look better. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but its there. In terms of ecosystem and cross platform interaction, apple still takes the cake in my opinion.

    Where Android claws back the advantage in a significant manner is customization. Android can be made to do almost anything the user would want if he/she is willing to explore, unlock and root. The OnePlus One takes it one step further, even if you are not willing to root the device, the inclusion of Cyangenmod 11s is a god send. You can tweak to your hearts content and it’s all been built in. You CANNOT do this with apple devices, jailbroken or not.

    Final thoughts

    I was a little apprehensive when I first looked into switching to a OnePlus – my previous experience with Android was a little underwhelming and the hardware I used at the time was very much the same. Fast forward and the platform has certainly matured and the OnePlus One is a phenomenal handset. Some may have noticed that at no stage have I mentioned price. There’s been a lot written about how “cheap” the OnePlus is and I believe this is doing the hardware an injustice. If you are reading this and you pondering a change, forget the price. This handset has a premium build and is a wonderful performer. The price is merely the cherry on top. With the release of the 4.4.4 update today, the value proposition for this handset has for me outweighed the loss of the Apple ecosystem and integration.

    Obviously these are merely my opinions and your mileage may vary but I’m certainly not handing my One back unless the iPhone 6 is VERY special.

    IMG_2803.jpg IMG_2804.jpg IMG_2803.jpg IMG_2804.jpg IMG_2805.jpg IMG_2806.jpg IMG_2807.jpg IMG_2808.jpg

    There is one point that I failed to mention in my initial post which I think is very important in my review - and that is of warranty and service backup. If you are using the phone as a business tool, you really cannot afford down time and this is where Apple excels. You can go down to your local apple store and if its a warranty issue, they will replace it on the spot. Oneplus has no such option and currently are working at improving their service levels. I'm fortunate in having company issue phones I can fall back on if I need to but this should be part of your evaluation process if you're looking at a OnePlus one
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  7. milsau19
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    milsau19 , Aug 12, 2014 :
    That was a very detailed review..Most people don't appreciate change, but you are different...Thank you for sharing this information...

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    argos285 , Aug 12, 2014 :
    I am doing the same, leaving apple for good now.

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    BillMurrayz , Aug 12, 2014 :
    Nice read, thank you for your thoughts! I would not worry about the IPhone 6, it will be the same phone they release every year. Many blessings...

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    armmani2001 , Aug 12, 2014 :
    Very Nice, agree with all points but there are a few more things. Apple is better at Backup and Restoring the device with all the setting and layout. On the other hand having to use iTunes really let you down as an apple user compared to Android.

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  13. slimtom
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    slimtom , Aug 12, 2014 :
    Thank you for the review, very well done. Welcome to the opo club. I just left the Moto G and glad I did.

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    caspere , Aug 12, 2014 :
    Nice. When my contract expires I will again sign up the iphone 6, and sell it to the jokers paying premium for it. I love fanboys.

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    FelixR8 , Aug 12, 2014 :
    It would be interesting to get your perspective after a couple of weeks/a months use. When i left Apple it took me a little while to get use to the Android world. 4+ plus years and counting :)

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  17. Darrenk
    Gingerbread Aug 12, 2014

    Darrenk , Aug 12, 2014 :
    Note: I've edited my initial post at it's conclusion to add my thoughts on service level and warranty

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  18. Darrenk
    Gingerbread Aug 12, 2014

    Darrenk , Aug 12, 2014 :
    I'd be happy to post my thoughts if people are interested. I'm one of those people who often think of writing these reviews then have a realisation of "why would people care??"

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    Zen1988 , Aug 12, 2014 :
    Good to know that! :) Thanks!

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    Iseek1 , Aug 12, 2014 :
    Very insightful and thoughtful post, congrats, welcome to the Land o' OPO!!

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