Moving from Apple to OnePlus - A review from an Apple loyalist

  1. MrAmazing360
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 12, 2014

  2. vicious696
    Eclair Aug 12, 2014

    vicious696 , Aug 12, 2014 :
    count me in as another long time apple user making the switch, my OPO is currently out for delivery and will be in my hands later today :)

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  3. Painas
    Gingerbread Aug 12, 2014

    Painas , Aug 12, 2014 :
    Well, I hope all iOS users change their mind as you :D

    ( in order to extinguish the Macfaggots, iFaggots and bitchin people of this world :D )

  4. aally1122
    Eclair Aug 12, 2014

    aally1122 , Aug 12, 2014 :
    A review that I can relate to. I did a lot of jumping between Apple and Android over the years. I'm currently using an iPhone 5 and can't wait for the switch to Android mainly because of the OnePlus.

    Thank you for your awesome review.

  5. Zerone01
    Honeycomb Aug 12, 2014

    Zerone01 , Aug 12, 2014 :
    Got an iPhone 5 but, want to buy an one plus one! I hate the battery and the memory (16gb) of my iPhone.

  6. Karthikeyan Arunachalam
    Cupcake Aug 12, 2014

  7. a.gumrah
    Honeycomb Aug 12, 2014

  8. Darrenk
    Gingerbread Aug 13, 2014

  9. JohnStinson
    Gingerbread Aug 13, 2014

  10. Jerre81
    Gingerbread Aug 14, 2014

  11. Kayote
    Gingerbread Aug 14, 2014

    Kayote , Aug 14, 2014 :
    I really enjoyed your review. I have been at the opposite end of the spectrum, never a fan of Apple devices, however, I too have always felt that Apple apps just look better, I dont know what it is either but presume its the default settings that Apple sets for presentation that make the apps look so effortlessly more attractive.

    My biggest grip has always been the trap of the ecosystem. While you could argue Google is similar but its much more open I feel with option of migrating if you desire relatively easier.

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  12. vjuricic
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 14, 2014

    vjuricic , Aug 14, 2014 :
    Thanks for so detailed description and opinion. Greately appreciate it. :)

  13. Funzbob
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 14, 2014

  14. manas.mr
    Honeycomb Aug 14, 2014

  15. WolfpackN64
    Jelly Bean Aug 14, 2014

    WolfpackN64 , Aug 14, 2014 :
    I have an OPO and an iPad 2, and Android phone and an iOS tablet, and that's how I'll keep it. Both ecosystems have their advantages and disadvantages.

  16. Reggie1026
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 14, 2014

  17. Darrenk
    Gingerbread Aug 14, 2014

    Darrenk , Aug 14, 2014 :
    Hi and thanks for the feedback. I think the ecosystem that Apple has set out isn't new in its strategy - I mean you can't run Window's apps on a mac (the fastidious will point at Bootcamp or VM - but this really isn't native) and you can't run an Android app on an iPhone. I think the real gripe is iMessage and iCloud. Google provides applications for Google hangouts for other operating systems but iMessage is closed to apple products. Lets face it, this is commercially beneficial to apple but I think there's more to it then that. Apple has prided itself on "it just works" and when you can set the rules and mandate the hardware, it's easier to produce software and protocols that do just that. When you open yourself to other platforms, not only are you losing your commercial advantage (in this case for apple, selling hardware) but you're also making it infinitely more complex for your software to "just work".

    Saying all that though, I've managed to move out of the ecosystem and it hasn't hurt (much)...

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  18. KuroKitsune
    Gingerbread Aug 14, 2014

  19. puligrousai
    Donut Aug 14, 2014

  20. gusuraman
    Community Veteran Aug 14, 2014