Moving on after tomorrow?


Are you going to move on, if you don't have an invite by tomorrow?

  1. I'm moving on if I don't get an invite

    66 vote(s)
  2. I can wait a little bit longer for a phone like this

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  1. jlg1234
    Honeycomb Jun 5, 2014

    jlg1234 , Jun 5, 2014 :
    I think I'll wait until July and see what my options are, the LG G3 is looking pretty good. I may also consider the OPPO Find 7.

  2. hsart
    Gingerbread Jun 5, 2014

    hsart , Jun 5, 2014 :
    I don't understand the logic of "If I don't get the phone on day one, I don't want one"

    That's just weird.

  3. fastred1
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 5, 2014

    fastred1 , Jun 5, 2014 :
    When do you even have time for the forum lol

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  4. johnvsd
    Jelly Bean Jun 5, 2014

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  5. vonis22
    Honeycomb Jun 6, 2014

    vonis22 , Jun 6, 2014 :
    It's not like that. Some people on these forums are waiting months for this phone to buy it. You basically have to beg to pay someone money, that seems weird. So I think, if others are allowed to have an OPO, so am I. So when I don't get an invite in the first round, I will consider buying another phone. Sure I'll wait a weekend, but after that, I think it's over for me.

  6. wizard
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 6, 2014

  7. rs98
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 6, 2014

  8. JuhoJ
    Cupcake Jun 6, 2014

    JuhoJ , Jun 6, 2014 :
    Not really...

    My phone is not working well anymore... I can't be waiting forever for a phone that I have no Idea when will I get it. I will have to buy some other one and that also means my budget for phone is used for the next 2-3 years.