Mt OnePlus 3T Oreo issues and how I solved them (sort of)

  1. mrkalns
    Eclair Jun 13, 2018

    mrkalns , Jun 13, 2018 :
    Ever since I got the Oreo update about two months ago, I started finding different issues with my OnePlus 3T. The first one was a speaker issue (the sound that was supposed to come from the main speaker used to jump to the earpiece for no apparent reason). It was most frustrating while watching YouTube clips, because whenever I got a notification the sound jumped to the earpiece and I would have to lock the screen and unlock it again to get the sound back. Sometimes even my morning alarm sound came from the earpiece making it so silent I slept in and almost missed my work a couple of times, so I had to put alarms on different devices.
    Another issue that was annoying for me and for the people I called was that sometimes while making a call, the person on the other line didn't hear me the first time the call connected so I had to redial. Sometimes the call didn't connect at all on the first few tries.
    Other issues I faced were apps closing in the background or while the screen was locked (it's not like that didn't happen before, but waaaay less often and after waaay longer periods of time). Not to mention battery draining quicker and the phone excessively heating.

    So I leapt in the depths of the internet to find a solution. I first did the simplest solution that has proven itself to work mist of the time and whiped everything from my phone and did a proper factory reset- that didn't solve anything. I then contacted OnePlus support and I take my hat off to them, because I was treated really well and a technician even connected to my computer and tried to unbrick my phone which went unsuccessfully so I was advised to send it in for repairs. Since I don't have a spare phone to use while my would be getting serviced I found an unbrick tool online and tried it myself. I unbricked it but the issues were gone only for two days.
    So I went online again, because I knew that it was the oreo update that started all my problems, so I had to find a way to roll back my android version to Nougat. So I found this tutorial https://www.google.lv/amp/s/www.the...lus-3-and-oneplus-3t-from-oreo-to-nougat/amp/ and did all the steps and now my phone is working perfectly well and only after rolling back my Android version I realised that the phone also works faster than with the Oreo version.

    To recap - I didn't really solve the Oreo issues, I had to get rid of Oreo all together in order to get my phone working again. So, if you are facing some or all of same issues I was, consider the option to roll back the software if you can live without face unlock and a few other options that Oreo brings with it. I know that for most people there are no issues and I haven't lost my love towards OnePlus because of this, even though I did lose a hell of a lot of time and nerves because of this. Their support team is excellent and the devices are fantastic. I only hope that future updates bring more good and less frustration :)

    P. S. Don't forget to back up the date you need saved. I though I backed up everything but I lost all my sms messages because I didn't think about needing separate software for that- shame on me for thinking google has my back with everything.

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  2. NeVeR_SeTTLe
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Jun 13, 2018

    NeVeR_SeTTLe , Jun 13, 2018 :
    Thanks for this nice and helpful thread. Other people who are having problems, can look into this and it might help them :) Thank you and and thanks for sharing :)

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