MWC19™ Live Report thread

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    dsmonteiro , Feb 22, 2019 :
    UPDATE #4: Shared some information on the Spanish Community event and about the gaming streaming service we used at MWC. Check it here.
    UPDATE #3: Don't miss my experience inside Qualcomm's, EE's and OnePlus press briefing.
    UPDATE #2: The first stand pictures are live! Check them here.
    UPDATE #1: @Carl will be answering your brand and 5G related questions in an offline event. Read here how you can submit your questions.

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    Hi Friends!

    For the mobile tech enthusiast, MWC is the equivalent to a kid's trip to Disneyland. It's one of the most awaited awaited tech events of the year, where people get a glimpse of what's to come that year. Unfortunately, this event is not directed towards consumers, with the cheapest ticket going for a whooping 799€ ($906 / ₹64445). But that doesn't mean you can't be a part of it!

    For the next few days, this thread will be updated with everything OnePlus related from the MWC. I will be in Barcelona, actually attending the congress from Feb 25 to Feb 28, so I will make sure to give you my personal insight on the event (Don't want to sound overly excited about attending the MWC, but I totally am!). Be sure to keep an eye on this thread and feel free to leave here any questions you might have! I will do my best to answer as many as I can.

    This thread also marks the launch of the brand new 5G forum category, the new home for all 5G related discussions! And if you haven't already, don't miss the chance to say Hello to 5G by sending your very own message to OnePlus' MWC booth.

    Also, if you're attending, feel free to let me know! I would love to meet you at the OnePlus booth. We're showcasing our 5G prototype at Qualcomm's booth (Hall 3 Stand 3E10).
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    dsmonteiro , Feb 22, 2019 :
    USA Today gives us a little glimpse of what's to be expected at the MWC:


    As mentioned in the article, OnePlus will have a prototype wrapped in a protective casing, so we'll have to wait a bit more to know more about the phone's looks, but the model that will be on display in Barcelona will sport Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855, coupled with the X50 modem.

    The model in display will allow people to have a taste of cloud gaming, one of the many use scenarios that will be possible thanks to 5G. Ace Combat 7, a PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One title, will be the game that the congress visitors (myself included) will be able to try. I'll be sure to tell you all about the experience once the MWC doors open.

    The USA Today article goes on talking about availability, so be sure to give it a read if you want to know more.

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    dsmonteiro , Feb 23, 2019 :
    As @One_Will9 announced in the Spanish regional forum, there will be a local live event for the community happening next Wednesday, Feb 27 at the FNAC Store in Plaza Cataluña.

    For those of you that are in Barcelona feel free to join the event at 7PM, just bear in mind that there's limited seating. @Carl and @David S. will also join! But for those of you that cannot be present, I'll be there to share everything with you.

    And, to make things more interesting, you can leave here your questions for Carl's Q&A on 5G and brand philosophy. A few questions will be picked, asked at the event and then the answers will be shared on this thread. Just be sure to add "#questionforCarl" to your post to be easier to keep track of your question suggestions.

    Here's the link for the event on Facebook.

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    dsmonteiro , Feb 25, 2019 :
    MWC19™ is officially live!

    For the next 4 days, everyone at the congress will be able to have a taste of 5G cloud gaming at the OnePlus booth. Here you can see a fighter jet in Ace Combat 7, already fine tuned by our engineers:


    Your messages are also starting to flood our Hello to 5G feed:

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    dsmonteiro , Feb 25, 2019 :
    While stands and booths are the most visible side of MWC, many other things happen in meeting and conference rooms.

    Just now, I'm sitting in a conference room, where Enrico Salvatori, Qualcomm's SVP & President of EMEA, Marc Allera, CEO of BT Consumer & EE and @Carl are participating in Qualcomm's press briefing, named "5G is here".

    Enrico opened the briefing with a timeline for the development of 5G that started all the way back in 2006, with the initial R&D, when YouTube was still in its infancy and the 3G use percentage was still a single digit. Fast-forward to today, Enrico mentions "Victory calls", the name Qualcomm gives to the first 5G call accomplished by a carrier, which signals the shift from R&D to commercialization.


    Marc shared EE's vision to be the first carrier to bring 5G to the UK, in partnership with Qualcomm and OnePlus, while telling story behind the steps taken so far, in order to give response to consumers demand for more and faster connections. Marc led on saying that EE doesn't see 5G by itself, but a connected network of 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi and mentioning the importance of 5G in Augmented Reality, namely to catch Pikachus (his words). Marc finished saying that EE will be the first carrier in the world to bring a 5G OnePlus to the market and inviting Carl to the stage.


    Carl aimed to share his insight on why OnePlus is uniquely positioned to lead the 5G market, mainly due to three important factors.
    First and foremost, the users, which are according to him probably the most tech enthusiast and early adopter users on the market. Quoting Carl, "That's why we're so excited about 5G, we're doing it for our users." The second factor, the partnership with EE, a 5G leader with demanding users and the fastest UK network. Lastly, the partnership with Qualcomm.


    Enrico finished the press briefing by mentioning the upcoming X55 modem and a yet unnamed SoC with built-in connectivity, which mirror how fast the 5G development is going, while also mentioning the importance of 5G on multiple areas like automated driving, the industry and the smart home.

    The Q&A was focused on how 5G can change how the industry will change and the importance of finding the next killer app, how smartphones will be able to move much of the processing to the cloud. And that wrapped it up! Quite interesting to see some of the things that happen in the background!


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    Ard , Feb 26, 2019 :

    While @dsmonteiro's away for a bit, let me update you all on what's happening in Barcelona!

    Pete joins Qualcomm's Cristiano Amon & EE's Marc Allera in an MWC panel to talk 5G.

    "We remain endlessly optimistic about 5G. I believe that we'll be able to look back and see that the possibilities of 5G are far beyond what we can imagine today."

    "2019 - 2021 can be seen as the first age of 5G. The first part of 5G. The evident increase in speed will enable new cloud functionality, new applications, new possibilities.

    Looking at stage 2, from about 2021 to 2025, a combination of 5G & AI & cloud functionality will enable a whole new host of possibilities and a new level of smart functionality.

    From 2025 to 2030, I see this as the age of the unleashing of the internet of things."

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    dsmonteiro , Feb 26, 2019 :
    The MWC doesn't happen only inside Barcelona's Gran Fira (the expo venue). It happens all over Barcelona, even after hours! Companies rent bars or restaurants to have informal gatherings with media and partners, where people can recharge batteries from the crazy rollercoaster that is MWC.

    Tonight, it was OnePlus' turn to invite its own partners to a great looking restaurant in Las Ramblas so that everyone could have fun over a few drinks and some finger food. This is yet another look of what happens behind the scenes, where you see people like YouTubers, Qualcomm's president, and Pete in the same room, just chatting with friends. Here are a few pictures to have a glimpse of what went on.



    After having pop rocks-covered pannacotta for dessert (which sounds wrong and, for some weird reason, it works) it was time to head back home, write this post and get some rest for one more day of MWC. Tomorrow, it'll be the Community's time to have an event, in Fnac El Triangle at Plaça de Catalunya. Hope to see you there!
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    dsmonteiro , Feb 28, 2019 :
    After the media and industry's party, it was time for the Community to also get some love!

    Yesterday, at FNAC Triangle in Plaça de Catalunya, @Carl and @David S. participated in a small gathering of users to answer the fans' questions and give their insight on 5G and the Spanish market.

    FNAC event.jpeg
    Photo courtesy of @Dunnow, will share more pictures once they are made available.

    Carl also made sure he would answer the questions posted here with the #questionforCarl hashtag, so you can check the replies below:

    This is a very interesting topic across the whole tech industry. We've always been transparent and honest with you - we use what is technically AI in things like our camera's scene detection. But that technology has existed in the camera industry for well over a decade if not longer. We think of AI as having to be something truly advanced or clever, like a super assistant. 5G will make that a reality and we'll look back at this era of AI and see how basic things were. At OnePlus we also focus on what we do well - we're not trying to create everything from thin air - there are companies who make services better than we do, so we partner with them rather than trying to make our own version for the sake of it.

    Also, Did you see our Apps of Tomorrow program? I'd encourage anyone with an idea about how 5G can change the world to submit your idea and see what people think? Check out OnePlus.com/5G for more

    We're always open to exploring new partnerships but they have to be the right match. Offline partnerships are important for us because they give people a chance to try out OnePlus devices in real life before they buy. We're launching our 5G device with ee in the UK and elisa in Finland, and it's great to hear you're eager to try it out.

    5G is going to become the new standard across the world in time, and we've been working on it since 2016, so we feel we're well placed to support user demand for it. That said, we won't make a 5G for the sake of it, we always look to give you the best possible experience and there's no point in having a 5G device if your country doesn't have 5G. A handful of countries will see 5G arrive in 2019 with many more arriving in 2020.

    It was also great to see @Dunnow and @AOJ again, and also meeting @Shuller in real life. For me, that's the beauty of it: to be able to meet the people on the other side of the screen while discussing the things we're passionate about, tech or otherwise.

    This event also marks the end of this journey. Today is MWC19™'s last day and finally my chance to explore the show in full tech nerd mode.

    I would also like to give a big shout-out to the good people at Shadow, the company behind the streaming service that we used on our 5G demo! I had a really nice talk with their UK Community Manager about how focused they are on Community and how both company share that very same core value. If you want to know more about the technology behind our MWC demo, feel free to visit their site at https://shadow.tech/.

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    Have a safe flight to Barcelona and don't forget to eat some patatas bravas - they are delicious.

    Also, nice to have a new section for the 5G stuff, even if that's something years away from the reality where I'm a consumer.

    Have fun and report back, curious to know what will be shown there.

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    Moin2200 , Feb 22, 2019 :
    Have a safe trip! I’m curious to see just what 5G got in store for us and what oneplus has plans for.

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    Tobikage , Feb 22, 2019 :
    Could be the price of the next OP Phone too !

    Also....cue the "Update my phone to 5G" threads :rolleyes:

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    Have a safe trip! Never seen such entry ticket prices in my life, guess I'll just save these for the new oneplus:D

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    It will definitely increase the price :p

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    Finally ! We can replace these puny human moderators with AI and Bots !

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    why did they mentioned One Plus will be the first with 5G? One Plus will be the first with the new Snapdragon 855?

    Samsung already has the new chip in it's S10 lineup.
    Samsung also announced a 5G Phone. LG aswell.

    whats wrong?

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    Excited to see 5G thread... Not much really cares about 5G now. Life is boaring

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