My Answer to: "Was there anything about the most recent OnePlus device that surprised you?"

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    larseisberg , Mar 27, 2018 :
    This is my answer to @Ruby G. thread "[Let's Talk] Was there anything about the most recent OnePlus device that surprised you?" It is about my experience with sound recording and why the OnePlus 5T surprised me.

    Because it is over 500 words I decided to start a new threat. I am also interested to hear how some of you are using the microphones on the OnePlus 5T and how you like them.


    I bought the OnePlus 5T after having a go at a cheaper Android device. Before that I had used an iPhone 6s which I was quite happy with at the time. At first, I was amazed at how much Android offered at such a cheap price. The Android phone I bought looked very similar to the OnePlus 5t and the iPhone 7 Plus, it had stock Android with favorably fast updates and it had a camera that wasn't great, but was at least good enough to not completely stop me from taking a photo here and there. I am not a specs guy, so I was fine with the Snapdragon 625 doing it's work not very fast but reliable.
    During that time I took part in a university course that focused on sound and audio recording. It’s goal was to show us the importance of sound, and how often we seem to overlook it. I make music myself, write songs and sing, and I remembered that when I still used the iPhone 6s I would record ideas whenever they hit me, and because the recording was good enough, I could use these recordings to work further on those ideas. Now, with our assignment to record our favorite sounds during the day, the phone was obviously the tool to go to, even though we did have other recording devices available. Equipped with my cheaper Android phone at that time, I had a go at recording some sounds. And I did get a sound: The sound of distortion and noise of the microphone. I knew it was pointless to use the phone for recordings.
    A few weeks later I came across an incredible street musician in Berlin, the sun was setting and I wanted to capture the atmosphere, which was, for the most part, defined by the sounds of the street, the conversations of people passing by and the melancholic sound of the violin the musician was playing. Naturally, my first instinct was to pull my phone out and record the moment. So I recorded a video, gave the musician some coins for his music, and went on. Later that day, I returned to my student apartment, where I was chatting with my friends, and I told them about the great music I heard that day. I pulled out my phone, excited to let them hear the musician and the whole atmosphere. What they heard instead was the muffled sound of people talking, the wind that distorted the sound every few seconds, and a hint of a violin that played too expressive for the microphone to pick up completely. I was disappointed, but moved on.
    At the end of the last semester, a big exam was coming up, that required memorizing a lot of legal jargon. In school, when ever I had to memorize long passages, I used to record myself reading them and then listen to it on repeat, when I was in the bus, in the kitchen or in bed. So I picked up my phone and began recording. While I could hear my voice, the noise and weird electronic beeps made it impossible to focus on the task at hand.
    Instead, I began a quest for a new phone.
    I knew I wanted an aluminium design so I liked the look of the OnePlus 5T. 18:9 displays had started to appear on a lot of phones and the slimmer bezels were great in that they allowed for more screen space, which is important to me. With previous phones, I had always used them for pretty basic tasks most of them time, but this time I wanted a phone that I could use on vacation and in school without bringing a tablet or a laptop. The camera system seemed great, so my eyes were set on the OnePlus 5T. However there was one thing I wasn't so sure about: the microphone. With my earlier experiences with Android devices in mind, and reading online how the iPhone was the only phone with a decent recording setup, I was unsure if I should give it a go, or not. So I looked at the iPhone 7 Plus instead. I had planned to buy it at a local shop, but just on that day, OnePlus announced their partnership with Amazon in Germany, which meant Prime delivery and easier return. So I took the leap and bought the OnePlus 5T.
    I was not disappointed. I was surprised.
    Now all the other stuff, the camera, the performance, OxygenOS, battery life, I had read about that online so I knew what to expect, and it delivered. Then came the test: With one of my student friends I went for a walk near our dorm and I started recording. The best one was probably of my friend speaking in her dialect. When I was in my room again, I couldn’t wait to listen on headphones. I was blown away. The recording was crisp, hardly compressed and without any distortion or electronic glitches whatsoever. Noise was low, and the voices and sounds were recorded in their full expression. Now, a few weeks later, the recording app on my OnePlus 5T has been filled with a lot of recordings of nature, street music, song ideas and voices.

    It is true, that a tool does not and can not define our creativity.
    But it sure can open new creative worlds for us. And the OnePlus 5T certainly is such a tool.

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