My BIRTHDAY is coming up real soon!! I don't know what it get!!

  1. JeanLeFleurantin
    Donut May 13, 2015

  2. guijan12
    KitKat May 13, 2015

    guijan12 , May 13, 2015 :
    Buy tech shares and start playing with it.
    If your birthday present is 2K you must have had everything in previous years, and have nothing else to wish.

  3. Dr. Indest
    Lollipop May 13, 2015

    Dr. Indest , May 13, 2015 :
    You must come from a wealthy family.

    Anyhow, if you can't think of anything, you can always donate to the future of medicine by donating to a medical student with 120k of student loans (and growing).... I can even provide proof of any monetary donation going towards education and not toys :rolleyes:.

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  4. WorkersUnited
    Honeycomb May 13, 2015

    WorkersUnited , May 13, 2015 :
    You shouldn't buy stuff just to get it. You should only get it if you would normally get it. Otherwise, it's just going to lay around and be useless after the initial excitement goes away.

    You should use that money to go on a vacation somewhere.

  5. azp3
    Jelly Bean May 13, 2015

    azp3 , May 13, 2015 :
    2k... Gift for yourself?
    A drug fueled night of gambling and hookers in Vegas.

    Edit... Don't wakeup dead or in jail.

  6. bestlands
    KitKat May 13, 2015

    bestlands , May 13, 2015 :
    No i come from saving money and getting deals

  7. Hank89
    Cupcake Oct 20, 2015

  8. lh99
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 21, 2015

    lh99 , Oct 21, 2015 :
    Buy yourself a gaming rig
    I7 6700k
    Enermax xt 630w
    Be quiet dark rock 3
    Phanteks enthoo pro m
    2tb hdd
    250gb ssd
    16gb hyper x 2400 cl 15
    Asrock extrem 4+/ msi gaming m5
    2 noctua redux 140mm
    And a nice monitor sth like an dell u2515h/or a 120hz 1080p tn

  9. Alvie
    The Lab - OnePlus 5T Reviewer Oct 22, 2015

  10. veratoloz2005
    Lollipop Oct 22, 2015

  11. naveen424
    Gingerbread Oct 22, 2015

    naveen424 , Oct 22, 2015 :
    Upgrade to iPad pro or get iPhone 6s+ force touch +gaming gonna be cool

  12. bakal_daw
    Honeycomb Oct 22, 2015

  13. sfomin
    Nougat Oct 22, 2015

    sfomin , Oct 22, 2015 :
    Unless you are going for a doctor, that is an absurd amount for student loans:eek:

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  14. Dr. Indest
    Lollipop Oct 22, 2015

    Dr. Indest , Oct 22, 2015 :
    Yeah it cost around 250-350k to be a doc in the USA.

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  15. sfomin
    Nougat Oct 22, 2015

    sfomin , Oct 22, 2015 :
    Holy crap! At that point, is it worth it?
    I got my Mechanical Engineering degree for around 30k. But with some scholarships, i came out with 0 loans.

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  16. Dr. Indest
    Lollipop Oct 22, 2015

    Dr. Indest , Oct 22, 2015 :
    That does not include undergrad loans or the compound interest. By the time I graduate I will probably have $500k in loans that will keep growing. The interest rates on some loans I have are 9.5% compound. For those not good with economics, that is when you pay interest on interest :'(.

    Meanwhile my friends from HS are already making 60-70k a year and have kids. By the age of 27, I hope to be a resident making 30k/yr for a few yrs before I can become an attending.

  17. sfomin
    Nougat Oct 22, 2015

    sfomin , Oct 22, 2015 :
    30k/yr? As a doctor?

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  18. Dr. Indest
    Lollipop Oct 22, 2015

    Dr. Indest , Oct 22, 2015 :
    Yep for crap hours. Residents are treated like dogs and make shit pay. Attendings make all the money lol.

  19. sfomin
    Nougat Oct 22, 2015

    sfomin , Oct 22, 2015 :
    Where in USA doctors get paid 30k?

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  20. bestlands
    KitKat Oct 22, 2015

    bestlands , Oct 22, 2015 :
    Dont know maybe the field that he applied for

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