Other My brand new phone prompted for update and then croaked

  1. tgold
    Gingerbread Feb 27, 2017

    tgold , Feb 27, 2017 :
    I received a brand new 3T 128GB phone earlier today. I charged it, received apps from the Google backup of another OnePlus phone and then received a prompt from Updater to upgrade from factory OxygenOS 3.5.4 Android 6.0.1 Build number A3000_28_161213 to OnePlus3TOxygen_28_170208. I accepted the offer but after downloading and starting to install I receive the message that the install had failed. The phone will now only boot into FASTBOOT but not START or boot into RECOVERY. This phone was never bootloader unlocked, rooted or otherwise played with. What a waste of time! The phone will be returned for refund.

  2. dinjesk
    KitKat Feb 27, 2017

    dinjesk , Feb 27, 2017 :
    isn't sharing this info the same?

    oh well, thx for sharing and goodbye

  3. toastytoast1234
    Marshmallow Feb 27, 2017

    toastytoast1234 , Feb 27, 2017 :
    Well to be fair it was a cool story, but I was a bit disappointed when I realised that it wasn't actually croaking at him like a demented frog.

  4. Minoharu
    Feb 27, 2017

    Minoharu , Feb 27, 2017 :
    As for me - solve the issue myself is the best of the pleasure
    If you like the company, you'll be pleased to help it solve issues
    I know it's a little weird but every thing in tech has issues and bugs, so you need to face them anyway, not only with 1+ products
    Also the community is friendly and pleased to help :3

  5. Wahoux
    Lollipop Feb 27, 2017

    Wahoux , Feb 27, 2017 :
    Just need to flash recovery and the rom... does not take too much time...

  6. Walter.White
    Eclair Feb 27, 2017

  7. Kirakichi
    Jelly Bean Feb 27, 2017

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  8. bamasteve65
    Cupcake Feb 28, 2017

    bamasteve65 , Feb 28, 2017 :
    Just got my 3T today too and same exact problem. Tech support no help. I am supposed to be home at 10:00am Wednesday to standby for some tech to guide me....well gee I gotta work. So Saturday at 4:00 is the next best time. So I paid for a warranty, got a bum phone, I have to wait 5 days to get a real tech support person. Oh I could send the phone back - but I would have to pay for it to be shipped on my own, wait for them to verify it is indeed bricked and then wait yet again for another phone. This is the third OnePlus in my family - thank Goodness the women in my family didn't get this treatment - it would not have been very pretty.

  9. The1Lion
    Marshmallow Feb 28, 2017

    The1Lion , Feb 28, 2017 :
    But then you'd be jealous and demanding OnePlus make your phone croak as well... :rolleyes::D

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  10. The1Lion
    Marshmallow Feb 28, 2017

    The1Lion , Feb 28, 2017 :
    Why did you pay for a warranty? I thought the phones come with a warranty? :confused:

  11. malidan
    Marshmallow Feb 28, 2017

    malidan , Feb 28, 2017 :
    Lol did you read the post after yours:tearsofjoy:
    Ridiculous statement, especially after watching many no issues reviews and then reading through real owner experiences.
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  12. Kirakichi
    Jelly Bean Feb 28, 2017

    Kirakichi , Feb 28, 2017 :
    Just because it stuck at update doesnt mean it's faulty.

    I saw people who used their phone nice and when trying to update, they stuck on update,but after clean flashing OS, it got back and updates fine.

    Oh, doesn't that mean then those people also got faulty unit? but how do you explain to those who fixed it by clean flashing OS and never facing it ever?

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    Cupcake Feb 28, 2017

  14. malidan
    Marshmallow Feb 28, 2017

    malidan , Feb 28, 2017 :
    Who said it did? Do tell. I seem to remember you saying op was being paid for his issue post, when there are several posts with the same issue.

    What it does mean is crap software and a sign of things to come.
    As for just flashing a clean os, it is not as easy as you try to make out if you have not done it before or not that way inclined. It pretty piss poor to have to do thus on a brand new device and once again demonstrates the continual lack of QC.

    Lastly " never facing it again" this must be your first OP device or you would know better than to say that, there are always issues to face with an OP device;)
    Some of which remain for the whole life of the device.

  15. Kirakichi
    Jelly Bean Feb 28, 2017

    Kirakichi , Feb 28, 2017 :
    My first OP device? yeah it is, but just because OP2 received tons of issues doesnt mean the OP got a permanent marker on it saying "Im unoptimized crap OS".

    As of the tip, it was a sense of humour, you should try socialize more with people, i suggest you start with 9GAG.

    And lastly, if it means "crap os" do you say that only oneplus software is 'crap' or do you include other phone companies too as well? (Exploding Samsung, overheating HTC, bending iPhone, shall i continue?)

    Don't look from the negative side, and get a sense of humour.

  16. Praveen#pk78884
    Cupcake Feb 28, 2017

    Praveen#pk78884 , Feb 28, 2017 :
    he jus wants people to know [e]1f61d[/e]

  17. malidan
    Marshmallow Feb 28, 2017

    malidan , Feb 28, 2017 :
    Yeah yeah I was joking too couldn't you tell:rolleyes:
    Like Chameleon you fanboys you change direction with every post.
    I wonder which OEM I paying you for yoir blind faith to mention other OEM's odd flaw, when OP devices are laced with them from conception til death:rolleyes:

  18. Kirakichi
    Jelly Bean Feb 28, 2017

    Kirakichi , Feb 28, 2017 :
    Have no idea what you are talking now.