My Complete OnePlus One Experience (High-Res Photo Inside)

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    w.cheng1226 , Jul 16, 2014 :

    First Impression / Unboxing

    Hello everyone, as what the title suggested, I have received my OnePlus One (64GB) today and I am writing some sort of a first impression review of it.

    Made the purchase on 29th of June and it arrived today. Took roughly half a month due to delay in shipping and some custom inspection coupled with public holiday in my country. They don't usually take that long.

    Less word more photo, here we go. :)

    This is the box that my OnePlus came in and it was dented slightly due to the lack of protective layer outside the box itself, but the phone itself is more than well protected, so no worry there. The thread-style of unboxing was really nice and I liked it very much.



    Cyanogen backcover, what we all have been waiting for.
    After booting the device for the first time, I then proceed with rooting and flashing my OnePlus One for root access.

    I followed guide in this link and followed every steps, took me roughly 1 hour but I finally succeeded.

    After flashing and rooting my OnePlus One, I enabled WiFi and got an OTA update for CyanogenMod that was released days before designed in rectifying problem and increasing accuracy of the gyrometer.

    After that, I launched Google Chome, set my phone on 100% brightness to inspect whether there are yellow band on the bottom of my screen, and what I got was this.


    I was happy seeing that my copy of OnePlus was free of yellow banding at the bottom of the screen although even if I was unlucky enough, it could be fixed pretty easily as what shown by several forumer before.

    After that, I decide to apply tempered glass protector (which I bought long before I got an invite from Taobao [roughly 6 USD]) to my OnePlus One. Details shot of tempered glass protector below.

    Accessories included
    Tempered Glass Protector
    Then final touch, I installed Themer from Google Play Store and applied some finishing touch on the phone before charging them. Screenshot below.

    My impression of the phone ?

    Well, the build quality was nice, DEFINITELY worth the price and wait, for those of you out there still waiting for an invite, stay strong and wait for it !

    Backcover though, it felt slightly weird to me, but it was nice to hold nonetheless, but it somehow "promote" sweating in my opinion for long term use.

    Screen / Display

    Screen of this phone looks normal to me initially (installing stuff, sending message), until I used an OTG line to watch a drama in my pendrive. It looks nicer than what I would expect and screenshot as follow (Photo doesn't really do OnePlus justice, it looks sharper in reality)

    Position of speaker was slightly weird for me and I don't really like it to be completely honest, but one of the benefits of having a bottom speaker is that I don't have to worry about missing notification when charging phone like my last few phones.

    That is all for now, I will continue update this thread as needed.

    EDIT: As promised, 100% brightness, White Background and Frontal View.


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    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 16, 2014

    w.cheng1226 , Jul 16, 2014 :

    Camera Focus Test

    Camera is no doubt one of the most important components in smartphones these day. With this in mind, after few weeks getting my hand on OnePlus One, one on fine evening, I have decided to conduct a simple Camera Focus Test to test the performance of the back shooter of OnePlus One.

    Before we proceed to the methodology and results, please allow me to say this,

    This is by no means a professional review, so please don't flame me for any steps in my testing that I have done wrongly.

    In my review, OnePlus One will be tested against my old EOS 1000D with Sigma DC 17-70mm f2.4-4 DC HSM Lens.

    Test Image was obtained from here and is printed out on a piece of A4 paper with maximum resolution and slowest possible speed.

    Test Method: Both of them will be placed (90 degree) on top of Tripod and set to lowest ISO possible. EOS 1000D is zoomed to roughly 30mm whereas OnePlus One is set to AUTO slow shutter mode and ISO 100 for a fair competition between them.

    Saving Method: Image of EOS 1000D was shot on RAW and converted to JPEG using Photoshop CS 5 without any sharpening. Since OnePlus One is unable to shoot in RAW, no alternation is needed and same as EOS 1000D, NO SHARPENING is involved in any steps of resizing and saving them.
    Results below. For the sake of easier viewing, I have resized them to 1200 pixels and if you would like to view them in their full resolution glory, please click here.


    Conclusion/Verdict: As what shown in image above, OnePlus One performed admirably in this test.

    In fact, in the Center Portion of the Test Image, the differences between OnePlus One and EOS 1000D is ALMOST not noticeable.

    However, OnePlus One starts to struggle in term of sharpness and distortion on all edges of their image but that is understandable since EOS 1000D was shot on 30mm instead of full wide angle of OnePlus One.

    Closing Note: OnePlus One optic is indeed very well built and performed admirably in this test, PROVIDING that they can get their focus right (which they [any phone or digital camera, really] suffer in low light) and provided that they can be held steadily for as long as the camera needed with ISO of 100, which isn't the case in normal life, how many times have you seen anyone shooting image with a phone attached to a full-sized tripod ?
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    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 16, 2014

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    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 16, 2014

    w.cheng1226 , Jul 16, 2014 :

    Miscellaneous Tweaks and Handy Apps

    Home Screen: Being a seasoned user of CyanogenMod, light customization and adjustment of interface is one of the integral part in my Android experience.

    After few days of using OnePlus One, although by nature their interface is clean and extensive, I find something missing (compared to my laptop) and thus I decided to look for other software/plugin that can tweak my interface more to my liking.

    Attached below is my latest screenshot of Themer, as mentioned above, with some tweaks, some self-created widget and other widgets from other Themes.

    Notification Bar: Being able to control and monitor my bandwidth usage on my laptop using Rainmeter, no doubt I would want that feature installed on my OnePlus One as well provided that if that is possible and is not too difficult to achieve.

    After some light Googling, I found a simple solution to my bandwidth monitoring problem.

    The Core Apps that is being used for this step is called Xposed, and if you are experienced with customizing your Android, this apps should be familiar to you.

    In order to achieve this, YOUR PHONE MUST BE ROOTED !

    Firstly, download Xposed Installer here and the module responsible for bandwidth monitoring here. (both files will be in .apk format so just transfer them directly to your OnePlus One and install them)

    Or, if you are afraid that my link might be malicious, visit here for the main app and here for the module. After downloading, transfer them to your OnePlus One and install them (using file manager like OI file manager and etc).

    To make this tutorial easier to be understood, I have compiled steps in installing and activating this module and compiled them into two photos. Please view from left to right, up then down.

    1 and 2: Installation confirmation for Xposed and Network Speed Indicator.

    3: Warning you will get first time launching Xposed (after clicking on install/update)

    4: Grant access for Xposed.

    5: When installation process is completed, reboot your phone.

    6. Tap on module and you should see screen on the left, then tick on Network Speed Indicator and reboot your phone again.

    7. Voila !

    Closing Note: It's been a wild ride with OnePlus One, from the whole process of acknowledging to owning to losing it. I am sad to announce that my very own OnePlus One that I spend over 1 week in tweaking and customizing its home screen has been robbed away from me and now I can no longer track its progress.
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    rayzard , Jul 16, 2014 :
    Thanks for the review.
    And Themer looks cool, I'd never heard of it before. I will check it out when I get the phone ^^

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