My experience with a custom ROM (and kernel)

  1. m.lohse
    Froyo Aug 20, 2016

    m.lohse , Aug 20, 2016 :
    I just want to share my experience concerning the change to Sultans CM13 custom ROM with bluespark kernel.

    I always wanted to do it, but didn't had the time or mood to do it. Now finally I unlocked my bootloader, changed to TWRP and flashed Sultans CM13 custom ROM, bluespark kernel and rooted everything with SuperSU.
    The whole process with restoring app data backups, logging in again and configuring apps/the system took around 3h.

    The unlocking/flashing/rooting was very fast and easy and it's a complete new experience:

    • no QuadRooter vulnerability anymore
    • Antutu benchmark from around 50k with OOS to 58k with the mentioned CM13
    • completely smooth handling
    • no Youtube lag
    • actual security updates
    • no flightmode lag
    • great battery lifetime (no SOTs under 4h anymore. It's more about >5h)
    • great customization possibilities
    I'm so happy I made this step. Now the potential of the phone is used much better and I really like it this way.
    I just wanted to share this to motivate people to try custom ROMs because it's not that difficult. If you already have some experience with rooting/flashing like me it is absolutely no problem - but also otherwise it shouldn't be a big deal. Go for it and enjoy the OPX in another way.
    Thank all the great developers who make this experience possible: CM13 devs, Sultan, eng.stk and OP (allowing the users to flash/root without canceling the warrenty).

  2. motherninja
    Gingerbread Aug 20, 2016

    motherninja , Aug 20, 2016 :
    Why replaced the kernel with BluSpark when you already have Sultan's CM13? The kernel packed with his ROM is already tweaked to the max. If you are on CM13 nightly releases that would be okay to flash other kernel.

  3. m.lohse
    Froyo Aug 21, 2016

    m.lohse , Aug 21, 2016 :
    Well, at the moment I'm comparing the two kernels. Atm I'm on bluespark (I read about few ones who are very satisfied with this combination) but with the next Sultan ROM update I will test this kernel for a few days.

  4. Tiongkia
    Froyo Aug 21, 2016

    Tiongkia , Aug 21, 2016 :
    Great combo Sultan cm13 plus blu_spark.

    I used that for awhile. Stable and smooth.

    Try Swell if u want. More features. I am on it now. Just dirty flash rom, supersu, xposed (if u have) and others then Swell Kernel. Remember to wipe cache and dalvik cache.

    Use Kernel Audiutor provided there.

  5. Dchrono
    Honeycomb Aug 22, 2016

    Dchrono , Aug 22, 2016 :
    Installing a custom kernel on Sultans rom is blasphemous! ;)

    Seriously though, this is right on his OP

    Custom kernels are not compatible with this ROM. I will NOT provide support if you install a custom kernel.

    You should run his kernel for a few cycles, you may be pleasantly surprised.

  6. m.lohse
    Froyo Aug 22, 2016

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