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  1. H1593098008957 , via OnePlus Community App , Aug 25, 2020 :
    My first & last Nord experience with all respect to Pete Lau, Carl Pei, One Plus India & One Plus including Amazon India. NO MORE ONE PLUS and no one's willing to help. Reached out everyone over insta, twitter but no response from anyone. One of the worst experience. No one takes their customer seriously. It's been one week now. Neither am getting refund nor replacement for the product that came completely wet. A little hope still left for few more days as after this the Amazon return period will be over. Hope someone takes this up. If not you can definitely delete this post to hide the customer experience.





    Hope someones cares for the customer to put back the faith else this can be deleted as is done by most companies.

    Eclair Aug 25, 2020

    RJPRADEEP23 , Aug 25, 2020 :
    oneplus nord don't purchase this phone so much problem coming customer support not responsible

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    Candyman95 , Aug 25, 2020 :
    Hi all,

    Being an ios eco-system user for the last 5 years I was very much amazed the way Oneplus Nord was launched. It was an incredible ar experience. I actually needed a second phone and from last few years I was also planning to buy an Oneplus device. So I decided to experience the new device.

    OnePlus Nord - The true Nord what it signifies. And running towards the north brings success, what it says. If we see history explorers rushed towards north to explore the unexplored. I liked the brand name. Quite motivating

    Yesterday morning I got the Product delivery. For the past few days after watching so many negative review videos about the device, I was a bit worried. But after using since 23 hr, I can say it is a very smooth and good device to use as a daily driver. Don't know why people so much complain, when they expect too much. I believe it's all about simplicity.

    Anyway, this is an unbiased & honest quote. And I would like to thank OnePlus. Hope Oneplus will be there for support if any issue comes.

    I have attached my first Nord picture when I took delivery.

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    Shaiq07 , via OnePlus Nord , Aug 25, 2020 :
    OnePlus Nord is a great phone but sometimes my Nord shows some heating issue, I don't know weather it is because of the hot temperature outside or because of the protective case or anything else. Dear OnePlus what to do?

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    AbuSundas , via OnePlus Nord , Aug 25, 2020 :
    My Nord Story

    Hey guys!
    Hope you are hail and hearty.
    I guess you guys might not be intrested in my story with OnePlus but as it's my story I just can't stop myself. So here's it goes.
    I have been using a realme smartphone since a very long time. Literally saying i used it like anything , exploring every feature it offered, and with this realme device i enjoyed the realme community a lot. Indeed it was fun being associated with realme for a long time.
    With the changing times technology so changes and one can't resist oneself from exploring the fun new technology provides you with. I must say smartphone technology has evolved a lot and it has succeeded in its endeavours to make life easier to live. As smartphones were being launched with new and state of the art features, i was not really bothered to get a new phone as i was still enjoying the company of my realme device. But the quest for a change started once the leaks and teasers regarding OnePlus Nord hit the smartphone industry. And when i heard that this is gonna be a midrange smartphone from OnePlus, i was like vow.... Then came the specifications along with a Snapdragon 5G chipset and an amoled display. So much of advertising on social media further increased my interest in this device. Besides who doesn't want a OnePlus Phone with Oxygen OS and a 5G chipset at an affordable price tag.
    Here i started following every news regarding the launch of OnePlus Nord in India. Now getting a Nord at the earliest was what was running in my head.
    The excitement was so high that I even ordered the OnePlus Nord AR lauch invite and to my surprise I found that it was not compatible with my phone. When things became pretty much clearer after the launch event on 21 July 2020 my resolve to get associated with OnePlus further strengthened that day. Though i tried hard to preorder the device but unfortunately i was not lucky enough to do so because of restricted availablity due to covid pandemic.
    Then came the toughest time to decide whether i was making a good choice! Actually I had watched a lot of reviews by youtubers that were somewhat mixed opinions which lead to a huge tempest inside my head. Some reviews really glorified OnePlus Nord and others just made me feel low. At this point of time I ordered realme 6 but I still felt something was not going well. Even though i ordered Realme 6 after a lot of research but I was not content within myself. Looking at the specifications I felt this is not what i am looking for as i normally don't change my smartphones quickly. Again i said to myself " Sit back, relax and rethink"
    And this literally made my day. The first thing i did was, to cancel the order for realme 6. I made up my mind and placed the order for OnePlus Nord and yay i was damn happy. Though the device was delivered after 10 days from the order date, I was not really bothered, because i knew I am a proud owner of OnePlus Nord. My excitement was doubled the day i received my order from Amazon. Feeling happy to be a part of OnePlus community.






    Here is my Unboxing link

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