My Hands-on Experience: 25R vs 33R

  1. godzakka
    Froyo Oct 1, 2014

    godzakka , Oct 1, 2014 :
    I'm sure many threads have already been created, but I wanted to provide my hands-on experience using the OnePlus with both CM11S -25R and -33R ROMs.

    I used 25R for a few weeks to a month before updating to 33R. I then used 33R for several months. This is my story.


    Battery Life

    My OnePlus arrived with -25R out of the box. I was amazed with the long battery life, up to 2 1/2 days with light usage, well over 1 1/2 days with heavy, and typically around 2 days with normal usage.


    The signal in my office, often known for it's lack of signal, was excellent. Though the signal never read "LTE," I viewed the "4G" as being equivalent.


    I actually experienced none of the supposed issues with the flashlight turning on in a pocket, or anything else. I considered myself lucky, and happy.


    After hearing so much about the -30O update being terrible, I decided to wait until the next OTA was delivered. Once several brave souls updated to 33R and confirmed it was much better, I took the leap.

    I wish I hadn't.

    Battery Life

    My OnePlus now, at best, using almost zero screen time, got at best 2 days of battery life, but usually more like 1 1/2. I attribute this to two things: the proximity sensor, which as I understand it is more active to prevent accidental flashlight activation, and secondly to bad signal.


    Besides draining the battery faster, I also noticed that when I moved from a period with no signal (mostly at my office desk area) back to the "real world," my phone would report it could see the signal, but until I put it into airplane mode and/or rebooted, I could not connect to anything.

    The OnePlus now reported "LTE" instead of "4G," but everything else was disappointing.


    Amazingly I now encountered more issues. I had phantom touches, where slight movements on keyboards such as SwiftKey caused one or two additional words to type out, and then caused me extra key-strokes to remove them and start over. I had constant issues with Pandora not connecting, often separate from the signal issues mentioned above; I would be listening, but the next song wouldn't start even though I could do anything else that needed a connection.


    Overall, I was just very unhappy, unsatisfied, and yearned to go back to 25R.

    I unlocked the bootloader and reloaded 25R, which was a pain waiting for the half-dozen downloads (ROM, TWRP, SDK software, ADB drivers, Java Development Kit, and maybe one or two other things I'm missing).

    25R, again

    Now that I'm back on 25R, my battery is already back to the long-life I was accustomed to. My signal is back even at work. I haven't experienced any issues.

    The lesson is: it's a pain in the butt to go back to a previous ROM - especially if you're a busy person and don't have much personal computer time - but in this case it's worth it. If you've been suffering with -33R, I and miss 25R, I highly suggest going backwards.

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  2. deuse
    Jelly Bean Oct 1, 2014

    deuse , Oct 1, 2014 :
    We already know this. That's why we are waiting for a update to fix it all. Oh and welcome to last month.

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  3. Rishi_M
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 1, 2014

  4. sevillaleman
    Gingerbread Oct 1, 2014

  5. amartens181
    KitKat Oct 1, 2014

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  6. xf4d3
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 1, 2014

    xf4d3 , Oct 1, 2014 :
    Never settle for going back, Allways go forward.

    Hopefully CM learnd some thing with the two updates that messed up the phone.

  7. amorosa
    Honeycomb Oct 1, 2014

    amorosa , Oct 1, 2014 :
    I installed the 33R 10 Minutes after the release if it. One day later i was back on 25R and i will keept it. Its more stable. I agree with you @godzakka

  8. amorosa
    Honeycomb Oct 1, 2014

    amorosa , Oct 1, 2014 :
    But i had to install the Modem of the 30o ROM :-D. It offers a better signal for me

  9. sciidave
    Honeycomb Oct 1, 2014

    sciidave , Oct 1, 2014 :
    Does anyone know if the newer OPOs ship with the latest ROM? I literally just ordered mine and I would like 25 from the sounds of it lol.

  10. risky1301
    Lollipop Oct 1, 2014

    risky1301 , Oct 1, 2014 :
    Yup I did the same, I went to 30O and hated it. Now I'm back on 25r, I will wait to get positive feedback from the members of the forum before updating again!

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  11. GallantJR
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 1, 2014

    GallantJR , Oct 1, 2014 :
    Still waitng 36 or 38R before upgrading from 25R ;)

    Thanks !

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  12. amorosa
    Honeycomb Oct 1, 2014

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  13. Statos
    Froyo Oct 1, 2014

    Statos , Oct 1, 2014 :
    Man this is what I wanted to hear. I never tried out 25r I just updated to 33R when I got the phone so I will try to go back to 25R and see if my signal gets better.

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  14. sterval
    Eclair Oct 1, 2014

    sterval , Oct 1, 2014 :
    I would like to know that too!

  15. GallantJR
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 1, 2014

    GallantJR , Oct 1, 2014 :
    DOnt think so ... got one last week did come with 22R

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  16. amorosa
    Honeycomb Oct 1, 2014

    amorosa , Oct 1, 2014 :
    22R ? Its very good ! So when you become it make instantly the update to the 25R, then make a factory reset and be happy :)

  17. Michael156
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 1, 2014

    Michael156 , Oct 1, 2014 :
    It'll likely ship with the original version and then ask you to update. However another update is expected within a week so hopefully this will be an improvement upon what we've seen so far

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  18. msbusybee
    Eclair Oct 1, 2014

    msbusybee , Oct 1, 2014 :
    Thanks for this thread. It's very useful information once I receive my OPO.

  19. dbamaro
    Froyo Oct 1, 2014

  20. sciidave
    Honeycomb Oct 1, 2014

    sciidave , Oct 1, 2014 :
    Thanks! I still would like a definite answer but hey #firstworldproblems

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