My journey with oneplus 3 (Best smartphone in 2016 )

  1. ajmms1999
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    ajmms1999 , Aug 20, 2021 :

    Hi all 🤗
    Looks like I'm late (as usual 🤣)
    These paragraphs stem from sincere feelings of love, free from compliment and pretension.

    When smartphones started to become widespread (around 2012) I wasn't very interested in owning a smartphone.
    But when I tried the first smartphone in a shopping center (Samsung Galaxy S3), I became interested in it, and I started in the world of technology and following technical news and everything new in it.
    I didn't have enough money to buy a smartphone at the time.

    When OnePlus launched its first smartphone, I strongly disapproved of its design.
    It was never beautiful in my opinion. And I thought to myself: “There are a lot of competing smartphones in the market and they have great popularity and attractive design, do we need a new company like OnePlus in the world of smartphones?!”

    Then, when the OnePlus 2 was launched, I completely gave up and was convinced that OnePlus didn't have proper design flair!
    In this entire period my favorite and most beautiful smartphone (and one that I have never been able to own) was the iPhone 5S.

    Until the OnePlus X came along, it was very similar to my favorite phone, the iPhone 5s.
    However, this phone was not carrying the strongest specifications at the time.
    I thought to myself: "I should give OnePlus a chance, wait a bit, maybe it will release a phone that suits my taste relatively!"

    When OnePlus 3 was launched, I couldn't believe!
    From the moment I first saw it I said: "I have to get this phone right away, I can't find a nicer phone than the OnePlus 3 in 2016!"
    I search daily on Google for availability of this phone in my country. frankly; Too late availability in my country.

    Finally, I got OnePlus 3 and I unboxing for the first time on November 25, 2016, moments of happiness that I can't forget!

    Since then I can't think of owning a phone other than OnePlus 😎

    Previously: I can't think of the possibility of owning a OnePlus phone.
    Now: If I get a Google Pixel as a gift, I can't do without OnePlus as my primary phone.

    Thank you for enjoying my story 🌹
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  2. Mr. BG
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    Mr. BG , Aug 23, 2021 :
    Thank you for sharing your story :)

    I actually liked it because it was conceptual a bit like the iPhone 4, but far better looking even, with it's 5" screen and beautiful aluminium frame and the Oneplus Slider..