My ******** OInePlus One Case and Wireless Charging Review (Explicit)

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    colts5609 , Aug 11, 2014 :
    UPDATE: I have my own tech review site! Check out this review and many others at epictechreview.com!

    Back again with another review. This time we are taking a look at two OnePlus One cases and a cheap ***, piece of shit wireless receiver. Okay, its not that bad, but it sucks balls compared to other phones with wireless charging built in. Remember, I don't care if you find grammar or spelling issues, I am not a professional writer, I do this for my own amusement, so keep that shit to yourself, or just stop ******* reading.

    UPDATE: Pictures added

    VSTN (Nillkin) PC Case (Black) 8/10

    First off the VSTN Ultra Thin PC Case. This was one of the first cases to hit the market, one of the first you could actually purchase and ship directly from the US (Amazon). About a month ago, it seemed like China was the only place you could purchase from. If you did that, you had to wait like 3 ******* weeks. OPO cases finally seem like they are readily available locally in the US.

    I am unsure if VSTN is Nillkin and vise versa, the case is marked with a Nillkin logo, but what the **** ever.

    If you are a fan of hard, snap on cases, that provide very minimal protection and very little bulk. This is probably the case for you. The case has a soft (kinda slick) rubber finish, with a grippy textured back. The case get get kind of slick with dry hands, so make sure you lube up. The case should provide ample protection for the phones back and camera housing. The four corners are also tucked away under the case. But the top and bottom of the OPO are left uncovered and are vulnerable to just about everything. I imagine the case would be sufficient for drops of around 6 inches onto a pillow or a soft fibrous carpet. Even with the case on, I would not want to drop this ***** onto anything hard. There is virtually no shock protection and very little screen/face protection. They do include a free screen protector which is nice, but it just a piece of ******* plastic.

    Overall the VSTN case is good very minimal protection such as scratch protection. But if you are the clumsy type, and drop your phone often, this is probably the worst case you could possibly buy. You people need an Otterbox or something. The cases I am reviewing today, are not for clumsy morons, but rather for people who want to provide some extra protection to their beloved OPO. At $11.80, it is not expensive, but you should keep reading before you buy anything.



    Diztronic TPU Case (Matte Black) 10/10

    I have had a Diztronic TPU Case on every single smartphone I have ever owned. That is how much I love their cases. The build quality is always superb and their customer service is ******* fantastic!

    Although this case is hard to purchase right now, I am sure they will have more available shortly. You can probably pre-order on Amazon once they know when more inventory is on the way. Plus you can sign up to be notified once they have stock on the Diztronic website.

    The Diztronic TPU case provides adequate protection for all four corners and all sides of the OPO. It is still not moron proof, but it is better equipped to accidents and morons than the VSTN case above. There is also a lip on the case that encloses the entire face of the phone. This allows you to lay your phone flat on its face and not have to worry about the screen contacting the surface. But this does not mean you can lay your phone face down on a god damn rock pile or at the beach, flat surfaces only.

    The design of the Diztronic case is very simple and elegant. It is a no frills case, it has a matte finish all around with just a small logo placement on the side of the case, very hard to notice. The lines and cutout are all really ******* clean, sharp, and precise. There are nice raised areas for both the power button and volume buttons. They are both totally covered by the TPU material. Normally, I would perfer these to be cut out, because sometimes it makes the buttons harder to find and press. But in this particular case, I am just fine with the buttons being covered by the case. The tactile (clicky) feel of the buttons still comes through the case.

    The case is very light weight, but will make your phone feel slightly thicker. This is mainly due to the face protection that allows you to lay your phone on its face. I like the feel of the case despite the slight extra bulk. So, if you can get a Diztronic TPU case, pick one up ASAP. At $10 plus around $3 for shipping, I highly recommend this case.



    Universal QI Wireless Charging Receiver (Dogshit) 3/10

    I really, really wanted this Universal QI Wireless Charging receiver to work (it kinda does, but more on that later). Coming from a Nexus 5, I used wireless charging everyday, and it was almost perfect. It charged at a decent rate and always just worked. This POS, not so much. I guess it was wishful thinking that a $9 accessory would give me what I was missing from my Nexus 5. That being said, at only $9, it is a cheap experiment that most anyone can perform. Your results may vary.

    Make sure you order the right design for your OPO, the link I provided should be the one you need. But you should make sure yourself before buying. You simply plug in the receiver to your OPO, stick it on the back, put you case on and you are done. Simple as that. Place it on a wireless charger and you are good to go right? Wong!

    Charging with this thing, is soooooo god dammed slow. Painfully slow. Compared to wired charging of the OPO, this thing is a snail vs a cruise missile. It is also extremely inconsistent. I have two wireless chargers that I used. One is a very cheap Chinese charger that I have at home. The other is a very expensive Tylt Vu charger that I use at work. When used with the cheap charger, I would often lose contact when charging overnight. I didn't move the phone, it just some how lost contact with the charging surface. So I would wake up to an uncharged phone. It would also make a very high pitched noise on occasion. I am not sure of the reason, engineers and scientists feel free to chime in as to why this would be making a high pitched noise. But regardless, these are two issues I never once encountered with my Nexus 5. When I placed the OPO on my expensive Vu charger, half of the time the damn thing would barely even charge. Or it would charge so slowly that it didn't even seem like it was charging.

    One you get the receiver into your phone, the micro USB connection is very hard to pull out. You basically need to rip off your ******* fingernails in order to get it out. You will need to do this daily considering how slow this thing charges. So ultimately, what is the ******* point?

    My advise, don't waste your money. Wireless charging the OPO may never happen with out voiding your warranty (hacking the internal components). But if we make enough fuss about it, maybe they include it on the OnePlus Two.

    Hope you enjoyed my ******* accessories review! See ya next time.
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    Good review on wireless charging, i like the cases, but i have flip which i like it.

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    I like your reviews:p
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    Whahaha you're AWESOME!!!
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    As soon as I saw the 500ma output rate, I shuddered.
    The phone charges in about 100 minutes with a 2000ma adapter, using 500 or more of it at a time if the phone is in use. If you tried to watch a video while charging like this, the phone would probably still lose power while charging.

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    It does, if you keep the screen on and do literally anything while on the charging pad, the battery will drain and not charge.

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    well that answered my wireless charging question i had. and unfortunate the answer is no :-(

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    Thanks for the reviews.
    I've always used TPU cases since they became available and am happy to see a good one out there.

    And even more so, thanks for the heads up on the wireless charger! Something to stay far away from...