My OnePlus 2 Experience {after 48 hrs of usage}

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    hushensavani , Aug 24, 2015 :
    As promised in My OnePlus 2 Journey thread, I had decided to write a full review / experience of using OP2 after 48 hours. So, here is the review or more of any experience sharing of the device I have received.

    I received my OnePlus 2 two days back. I ran away from my office to home as soon as I got the call from the Amazon guy. My mom had already collected the shipment from him. As I reached the home, I attacked the package just like a lion attacking a deer... lol :p

    Okay, so here we got the package. And here's I'm going to write down in following categories,
    • The Box
    • Accessories.
    • Phone Hardware.
    • Phone Software.
    • Overall User Experience.
    Let's start!

    [ The Box ]:
    It was plastic wrapped, compact and premium. The box contained the Phone (of course), USB Type-C Cable, Wall charger adapter and some documentations. Neat!

    [ USB Type-C Cable + Adapter ]:
    Cable is anti-tangle. Looks very premium, durable and promising. Type-C plug is reversible by its nature. Plug available at the other end of the cable is also reversible. The reversible side of USB Type-C end is very much useful, since you won't have to fumble the right side.

    Okay, moving forward, the build quality of the wall adapter is simply strong and sturdy. The output of this adapter is standard 5V ~ 2A. The adapter fits just perfect on the socket. Also, the Type-C end connects just perfect with the phone. Material of the cable is so premium which left me puzzled why @Carl has to delay the invite saying we have some issues with Type-C cable. Well, I can't see any problem with the cable at the moment, hope it won't in future. However, @Carl knows better. Okay, this is it for the accessory part. Let's get the phone in hand.

    [ The Phone ]:
    WOW! It was the first word literally when I hold the phone in hand. Yes. When you hold the phone, you feel it very premium in hand. And others feel very envy in your hand...lol. Yes, it has the killer look and feel. No doubt!!!

    The build quality of hardware is at its best. Metal rim feels superb. The speaker area near usb type-c looks very appealing. Though, I am still adoring the curvy look of OnePlus One, which is bit missing in OP2. Its square with some curves. A balanced version. My mom really loved the design of the phone. It feels slim due to the balanced curves. Comfortable in pocket as well.

    The sandstone style-swap looks great and unique. Easy to remove. However, feels a bit non-durable after removing it.

    The phone is well built, except the power button. In my unit, its bit shaky. Not remaining still. Its smaller than the holes in the rim, hence it shakes up and down a little bit when played with it. But its barely noticeable. No big deal at all!

    So, after playing around a bit with the phone. I turned on the phone and set it up with basic details. The wizard was nice and quick. And it starts in no time.

    The Battery:
    The phone was received with 75% battery charged. I had spent some 15 mins with the phone and decided to head back to office, since I ran from the office in the middle of the day. I reached in my office cabin in like 15 mins. Me and all my colleagues started playing with the phone and following activities we did,
    • I setup the Fingerprint Scanner.
    • Browsed through Oxygen OS settings.
    • Clicked Pics and Selfies with friends.
    • Connected to Wifi and downloaded Antutu and ran the test. It gave the score of 51k in 64-bit mode.
    Many of my friends just got shocked about hearing such nice Antutu score. And many wondered what this cool phone is. And what is OnePlus company!!

    Many friends already knew about OnePlus 2, so they came to my cabin to checkout the phone so eagerly. Hence, the phone remained busy for like 3 hours among all the colleagues. At the end of the 3 hours, the battery was around 55%.

    I put the phone on charging at 35% in the night when I got back to home. The battery was fully charged in 1 hr and 45 mins. Its not a quick charge, but its not the deal breaker either.

    The same night, I did the continuous intense use of the phone with Internet. Downloaded some 5 GB of Games, Apps and the OTA update total in 4.5 hrs. In this 4.5 hrs, the battery drained from 100% to 41%. Amazingly decent battery.

    Standby time of battery is also good. For 1.5 hr of standby with the Wifi and app sync on, the battery drained from 39% to 37% which is 2%. And for 1 hr of standby without the Wifi ,the battery drained from 36% to 36% which is 0%. Just amazing!

    Happy with battery stats so far. Its not that insanely great, but not below the decency standards either. Battery life didn't disappoint at all.

    The Thermals:
    What disappointed the most is the thermal stats. It has heating issues. I thought the heating issues of OP2 were exaggerated due to bad reputation of Snapdragon 810 in heating department. But, it turned out true be true in the unit I received. The phone picked up heat like crazy in no time. While the phone is connected to the internet, while browsing, while playing videos and while clicking pics, the phone did get real hot. And metal rim felt like the iron. And while you are holding the phone, it felt like you are holding a sun-heated rock in hand. Thanks to Sandstone for this sort of feelings. Every colleague at office complained about only one thing, heating issue!!!

    Well, yet next I played some heavy games. Asphalt 8, Mortal Combat X, NOVA 3 etc. Again the same story. The average thermal stats were 47 ºC. It felt inconvenient placing the heated phone in the pocket too. I had to put the phone near the AC for a while.

    It didn't feel good at all. I had to do something about it. Following things I did to deal with heating issues,
    • Turned Off Location.
    • Turned Off "Ok Google" while screen on. (I had enabled it earlier).
    • Turned Off "Auto-Brightness".
    • Switched to Dark Theme.
    • Installed Cooler Master app.
    • Enabled Cooler Master to "On" in Accessibility settings.
    After these settings, luckily the phone was getting less heats than before. I played heavy games for 10 mins after these settings. The average thermal stats were around 37 ºC after these settings. And amazingly, the Antutu score after these settings was 54k. I am yet to find the bottleneck. These are the recent settings. I am still observing this. I will update more on this.

    The Fingerprint Scanner:
    Just Amazing! Its way too fast and accurate. It detected in 9 out of 10 use cases. I have seen many people on forums complaining about fingerprint scanner. But, the key to its accuracy is directly proportional to your ability to setup the fingerprint scanner wizard. While setting it up, you have to register all the possible combinations of your finger/thumb impressions in such a way which you are likely to use the most. Never register same type of impression in each iteration of the wizard, try different possible combinations, and the scanner will act exactly the way it should be!

    The Home Button:
    The Home button not only acts as fingerprint scanner, but also as a capatitive touch button which lets you navigate to the home screen. Well, its slow and annoying. May be its because, the internal algorithm tries to detect that the touch command was for home screen navigation or the fingerprint scanner. Just a guess. But, this generates an annoying delay. To get rid of this problem, you can turn on the On Screen Buttons. The software home button is as fast as it should be.

    The Alert Slider:
    Another coolest thing ever! You can switch to All Notifications, Priority Notification and No Notification with the alert slider. The button is very handy to use. And no, it accidentally does not slide itself while in the pocket. That's the good part!

    The Speakers:
    Look-wise, the speakers look very appealing. But the sound it throws is not so loud. Moreover, its mono speaker. Sound will not come from the speaker holes at the left side of USB port. Only the right side of the speaker will sound. If you accidentally block the right side of the speaker with your hand, the sound will go silent. I am assuming that the left side of the speaker is intentionally kept non-functional so that it would be easy to place your hand there without blocking sound. I hope its a feature not the defect.

    The Screen:
    The screen is pleasing with good brightness. Viewing angles are great. Performs well in sunlight.

    [To be continued in PART-2]
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    hushensavani , Aug 24, 2015 :

    The Camera
    Its Stunning! Photos taken with OP2 camera are superb. However, in low light conditions, it does not perform well and generates a lots of noise. But in rest of the cases, it takes great pictures. Clear Image mode takes nice sharp image. HDR mode performs balanced exposure.

    Following are some of the shots I have taken,

    HDR Mode:

    Clear Image Mode:

    Optical Image Stabilization and Laser Autofocus does the perfect job! And the selfie camera is also as good as it should be.

    Video recording is pleasant. 4K captures great sharpness. And the auto-focus capabilities are great. However, while moving camera over a scene, the lance tries to focus on multiple near-far objects very fast. And this fast focus movement of lance actually destroys the neutrality of the scene captured. It feels like lance is just busy focusing on multiple objects in a scene. Hope they take this into consideration to make the video recording more pleasant.

    Time-laps is as good as it should be. However, Slow-Motion is bit disappointing though. While taking slow-motion video, it zoom-ins the focus digitally and as a result it generates a lots of noise in the video. However, the slow-motion capturing capability is good. I captured the slow motion of my ceiling fan. In slow motion, this fast running vanes of the fan are clearly visible in video, which cannot be seen with naked eyes. Overall, camera does the great job.

    One weird thing I was used to feel was the placement of camera. It's bit lower than OnePlus One camera placement. However, the best thing about this placement is you wouldn't block the camera lance accidentally while taking the landscape shots. It gives a nice room to place your fingers comfortably while taking this type of shots.

    One more thing I still feel that the OnePlus logo should be placed above the camera instead of below the camera, because when you are holding your phone for normal usage, people looks at your phone, and they find your phone cool and stylish, but they can't find out which phone is it, because, the way we hold the phone for normal usage, the logo is blocked by our fingers because its too lower and its lower due to the lower placement of camera. If I would be the designer, I would place the logo above the camera the way its visible. And people comes to know that this is a OnePlus phone. :)

    Well, we have almost done with all the visible hardware part, now let's see how the hardware under the hood does the job!

    The Performance:
    The beast!!!! The 4 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 810 Processor is a great combination. The performance is as good as it hyped. Even it met more than my expectations. Till this time time, I saw no such instance where the device might have lagged. Not a single instance. I had a glitch while playing Mortal Combat X game. The game screen went unresponsive. However, pressing home button led me to home screen immediately. The game app went crash internally, the OS did not hang rather.

    When I booted the phone for the first time, I had installed Antutu as the first app. And the first thing first was to get the Antutu score. The fresh device got the Antutu score of 51k. Later I had installed many apps and games. At that time, phone was heating a lot. I ran the Antutu again at the same time, and it gave the score of 44k. Later, I did some tweaks to cool down the temperature. And again ran the Antutu lately. It gave the score of 54k. Also, I ran Geekbench, it gave 991 for single-core and 3769 for multi-core.

    Following are the stats,

    Antutu Benchmark:


    Fell in love with performance part! :)

    Well, in the hardware part, OP2 has missed one significant thing. The FM Radio is not available in OP2. Most of the people use FM Radio at great extent in India. It can be a deal breaker for some people Indian market. However, it won't matter to people like me who does not listen to FM Radio (nor watch the TV :p).

    Okay, so we have covered all the hardware part, now its time to look for software department.

    Oxygen OS:
    Slick! The Oxygen OS is very simple and slick and gives a near to stock android experience. Its giving benefit of some of the Marshmallow features in Lollipop, for example, Individual App Permissions. I loved the Dark UI part. Every settings are placed with simplicity. However, a lots and lots of space is there for improvement.

    For me, I find it bit difficult to get used to with Oxygen OS, because I was a power user of MIUI. While using Stock OS, I was used to fumble the list of apps without opening the app drawers... lol. But, I got used to app drawer quickly then. And the shelf used to come very handy. That's a nice feature!

    In MIUI, some of the features gives you a great flexibility over a stock android experience. Such as capture screenshots from Notification panel instead of Power Button menu. Facility to disable all 3 capatitive touch buttons while playing games. Enable app sync from panel. It also gives additional tools such as nice Gallery, Recorder, Scanner, Compass, Themes etc. All such things I missed in Oxygen OS.
    However, I liked the simplicity of Oxygen OS. It does all the things right what it should be doing. Thumbs up for the Oxygen OS initiative.
    Overall, the phone is the beast. Let me summarize this.
    In Nutshell:
    • Well built.
    • Premium look and feel.
    • Great Camera.
    • Super useful fingerprint scanner.
    • Convenient Alert Slider.
    • The beast like Performance!!!
    • Heating Issues are there. :-(
    • Pleasing Screen.
    • Promising Battery Life.
    • Simple User Experience on Software side.
    Overall, its a "must-have" phone at the given price. I am really happy to have my OP2. I hope the heating issue would turn out to be just a software glitch.

    Anyways, I hope sharing my experience may help you. Let me know if I have missed anything. I'll be happy to answer your questions. :)

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    sarin.j , Aug 24, 2015 :
    Very well written. I was really hoping that OP guys managed the overheating issue through software. Apparently it has not. The corrective steps you took are no big deal breaker for me except auto brightness and OK Google. At least this confirms that the V2 iteration didnt really address the heating issue of 810.

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    tobes , Aug 24, 2015 :
    Nice review. Were the heating issues before or after the OTA or both?
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    dhaugru , Aug 24, 2015 :
    Bummed to hear you need to mod your device by disabling services to keep it cool.

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    juhor , Aug 24, 2015 :
    51k in Antunu is good for a 2014 phone. For scale S6 scores over 67k.

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    DoitJ1 , Aug 24, 2015 :
    Great job, thanks. Can't wait for your next update!!!

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    DoitJ1 , Aug 24, 2015 :
    An excellent novel, too!! Guy must be a writer.

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    Good question - would like to know this as well!

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    DoitJ1 , Aug 24, 2015 :
    Go back and read it, it's worth your time. The guys a great writer and does a comprehensive and excellent review.

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    Yea I started scrolling and was like :eek:

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    I know, me too, the guys crazy gifted!!:p

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    csemike15 , Aug 24, 2015 :
    I shall read his then, and maybe post my own since I'm on my OP2 ATM. But I feel as though there are so many review post.some favorable and some not because its opinion based and biased that way but I'll compare mine to my nexus 6 and Samsung s6, if I don't get to lazy.

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