My OnePlus 6T update, one month later

  1. Y1541689183869
    Cupcake Dec 13, 2018

    Y1541689183869 , Dec 13, 2018 :
    They just need to enable always on display.

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  2. R1541542228446
    Cupcake Dec 13, 2018

    R1541542228446 , Dec 13, 2018 :
    I love the 6t, great update from my honor 7 which was on its last legs. The fingerprint sensor can be a bit hit and miss but coupled with the face unlock, which unlocks faster than I can get my finger to the fingerprint sensor, makes for really quick unlocking.

    I get what you say re the notification light but I'm quite happy without it, I quite like not having it and just checking the phone from time to time.

    I don't miss the headphone jack, I've got the bullets but I'm struggling to get on with them as they keep slipping out of my ears so I might have to try other headphones - or makes my ears less slippery

    The only annoyance I have is with the OS, my voice unlock pauses at inconvenient times - usually when I'm driving and I can't seem to get round it.

    Wasn't too pleased to see another version of the 6t released so close to buying mine on release day (McClaren version) but oherwise I'm very happy with the phone.

  3. Santanukol
    Eclair Dec 13, 2018

    Santanukol , Dec 13, 2018 :
    So why you upgraded from 6 to 6t? Only for battery or you have a lot of excess money to spend. There is no single technological hardware upgrade here. Regardless of 6 the 6t has only better software updates. Although the same beta is available for 6 but not stable. OP will definitely provide the same stable version to sell the current version more rapidly. Even you will miss the upgrades of McLaren edition on your normal 6t. Your upgradation from 3T to 6 was justified but not from 6 to 6t. OP 6 is till now a better option than 6T and you will find it better. And for extra power a powerbank is sufficient to continue a same phone.
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  4. Y1517266366853
    Donut Dec 13, 2018

    Y1517266366853 , Dec 13, 2018 :
    oneplus should make some pixels form a circle on the top of the screen flash when you've got an notification. just something that would look like notification light but in screen.

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  5. Abhiera
    Gingerbread Dec 13, 2018

  6. Y1517266366853
    Donut Dec 13, 2018

  7. maarten_lisboa
    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Dec 13, 2018

    maarten_lisboa , Dec 13, 2018 :
    I wouldn't have upgraded if I wasn't selected to review the 6T. No need to change from the 6 to the 6T.
    Only if you like to have the latest phone and bfkirvr me, many people like to change when a new toy is available.
    Let's say everyone is free to do with their money what they want, even if you or me don't agree.

  8. Santanukol
    Eclair Dec 13, 2018

    Santanukol , Dec 13, 2018 :
    OK, definitely you can review if someone send you a brand new phone free of cost. Actually I thought among other OP6 users perspective who bought their mobile with their hard earned money. Don't take it otherwise. If OP select me someday for a review I will do the same. I appreciate your review as well.

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  9. Penedene
    Cupcake Dec 13, 2018

  10. Shijo12
    Eclair Dec 13, 2018

    Shijo12 , Dec 13, 2018 :
    Actually it is a great experience to have touch with new technology and new innovations. The finger print sensor is better in this range and battery performance also appreciatable.

    But there is no need to change from 6 to 6t. Since updates are almost same . The finger print sensor is fast even though it is in the back . Moreover it is having headphone jack.

    I changed from note sreies to 6t . In speed and performance I feel comfortable . I like use new technologies. and feel okkkk with the phone

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  11. Vijay Yogimath
    Donut Dec 14, 2018

    Vijay Yogimath , Dec 14, 2018 :
    Hang on to that 3T mate. I recently dropped by Op3 in water and fingerprint scanner doesn't work anymore :(. I still love this phone. Fast AF. Lack of Notification light and in display fingerprint are the biggest things stopping me from buying the 6T.

  12. H1544904659637
    Cupcake Dec 15, 2018

    H1544904659637 , Dec 15, 2018 :
    can u help me plz? i'm facing problem when i try to capture slow motion videos.. when i open the slow motion option, my screen starts buffering.. and i cant record video.what can i do now?? its my 2nd day i'm using oneplus 6T.

  13. adikant1
    Eclair Dec 16, 2018

    adikant1 , Dec 16, 2018 :
    My update after one month of owning an 1+6T.
    I can put up with all minor issues (viz. no Notification LED, etc.). But not with very poor contrast ratio performance while under the direct sunlight conditions. Outside in full daylight, this phone's brightness/contrast performs extremely poorly. The screen is abysmally low-lit even after making the brightness level to 100%. i hadn't expected this from OP. Unfortunately, i had pre-ordered this handset, before its launch. Otherwise, if i had bought it after testing/experiencing it myself, then i definitely wouldn't have bought it.
    i understand that for many others, this poor brighness under outside/ daylight conditions may not be as important as to make them regret buying this phone. But for me, this lacunae would have crucially affected my buying decision. Alas, i am stuck with this!!!!!!
    Btw guys, is there any way to Jack up the brightness/contrast level beyond its current 100% level (in the outdoor daylight/Sun context only)? And Without Root, please note.
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  14. zelos156
    Donut Dec 16, 2018

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  15. maarten_lisboa
    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Dec 16, 2018

    maarten_lisboa , Dec 16, 2018 :
    In sunlight I do indeed need to turn the screen brightness to full, doesn't really annoy me that much to be honest, battery life is great so I can live with it.

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  16. maarten_lisboa
    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Dec 16, 2018

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  17. hotwire277
    Cupcake Dec 16, 2018

  18. zymphad
    Donut Dec 16, 2018

    zymphad , Dec 16, 2018 :
    The grey background for the navigation bar looks really stupid. Even a blacked out background would be preferable. But for many of my apps its a grey horrific look.

    Transparent would be best. On the homescreen and app dock it looks fantastic. Why cant we have that all the time?

  19. R1543364461970
    Donut Dec 16, 2018

  20. U1545021403023
    Cupcake Dec 17, 2018

    U1545021403023 , Dec 17, 2018 :
    Seems silly to be suggesting this, but why does the ringer volume affect ALL app volumes on this phone? I like my ringer to be a max volume, but then my Facebook Messenger notification sounds are REALLY loud and annoying because of this. If we could have a seperate trackbar for app notification volume, that would be REALLY nice.

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