My OnePlus SAP Journey: Episode 3

  1. MihirAdhav
    Donut Nov 29, 2020

    MihirAdhav , Nov 29, 2020 :
    Like every journey has its ups and downs, this one did. November is the month where not only do festivities come into play but also the end term submissions and the stress related to it. This month was a little off due to a few cons that weren't in our hands but as they say, life must go on. Taking this as a plus point we were able to focus on the future aspects on how we would see the whole program and the upcoming events that would make it even more of a success.
    Being a student isn't easy and especially when u r juggling with college and an internship. But if u look at it in the future perspective, its something that's gonna help u in future. And this is what keeps us going, something that all of us cherish as individuals. Needless to say, everything happens if u want it to and all I wanna say is trust the process. Signing of with this line, hope to see u next month.

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