My OP7 Diary - Release Day and my first phone support

  1. alvwong
    Donut May 22, 2019

    alvwong , May 22, 2019 :
    previously ... My OP7 Diary

    I was ready at 10am when OP7 Pro finally went online, I had to be the first in case there was a shortage of it. Everything went smooth, wanted to review the protection plans more and skipped the accessories just to make sure I locked in the phone. I figured it was something I could always go back to. Plus the plan was to also trade in my OP3T for cashback to save a little on the OP7 Pro. Rather than do trade in right away, I waited until later that day in case the website was bogged down with traffic.
    Later that day I filled out the trade in forms and when I got to the end, It wouldn't process because there wasn't an Order ID to attach. There wasn't a blank space for OrderID, I went back to my orders and looked to see if there was a button I might have missed. Nope. So I called in to support.
    I was told it was 3min wait,but it turned out to be 15... I spoke to the rep and explained what I was trying to do. He explained that I had to wait 15 days for my return warranty to expire for my OP7 pro before I could make a trade in? This can't be right? This isn't how its explained in "How it works?" This is such an odd process, for something that is running for a limited period of time, and most people want at least a quote, so u can see how much you save on the Pro7's price. I hang up, and I do the one thing that can confirm this, I message their twitter support team. Their answer was the same.
    Advice to OP7 if you're going to make a decision that affects process, you should print it on your website and that way it is clear to everyone. Even put it in the fine print? I assume that you did this so someone can't buy an op7 and try to scam the system within the trade in program. Either way, please update your website so people won't be so confused.

    Coming next... Unboxing, the transfer, the first big issue, testing the battery life, Support encounter #2

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  2. A1558112920424
    Cupcake May 23, 2019

    A1558112920424 , May 23, 2019 :
    This was my experience exactly, now I am watching the price offered for my trade-in decline as I wait for the 15 days to go by. It seems strange that Oneplus would offer more money for a trade-in for a voucher on a phone than forms phone that has been purchased but that is how it is working out in my case.