My OP7 Diary - Unboxing, setup, and my first issue

  1. alvwong
    Donut May 23, 2019

    alvwong , May 23, 2019 :
    previously on My OP7 Diary - Release day and my first phone support

    I have to give props, I bought this on the Friday it was released and DHL delivered it on the Monday. That's the kind of service you want! Excited, I opened the DHL bag to find a brown box, I was freaked out, Is my phone new that they don't even have a proper box yet? But to my surprised opening the brown box revealed the full OP7 product box. Looks top notch. I opened it up carefully and I had my first live glimpse of the OP7 Pro. I was very impressed, it looked spectacular, it reminded me of my old Samsung note that had a similar bending screen but this was balanced on both sides.Everything looked fine and I'm so glad that they included a clear cover case for the OP7 Pro 7, It would have been nice to have a screen protector since you are providing the case.

    The Install
    So I have to move all my 3T data over to my OP7 Pro, Thankfully, when you first turn on your OP7 Pro. for instructions it'll ask you if this is the phone you want to use as your main phone and it'll start to download all the apps after you run through the login process. *Question here, is whether to allow the phone to do this because then you miss out on the OP apps that are on the phone. What I did was get the camera app and the Gallery app and manually installed it. I actually still have to take a look at what apps i might be missing.
    Next step was to use OP Switch, but after both phones connected it would scan my old phone and nothing would happen. I tried two more times and the same result.
    The one other thing that I should warn you is Whatsapp. Make sure you create a backup of it before you move your SIM card! The other app I used was SMS backup and restore, great for moving your SMS messages and your call logs etc.

    The first Issue
    After all the apps were downloaded there was a "System Update" . This is usually a pretty important step because it means that the current version of OxygenOS was probably provided with some last minute bug fixes for the OP7 Pro. I run thru the steps, it downloads it and then installs it and reboots.
    As it is rebooting and says "Phone Starting" I hear a static sound from the speakers. In my mind, i was like, oh good.. the speakers work. Then as Oxygen quickly loads up, there are intermittent small sparks of static from the speakers. This is not good. I open Spotify and play some music, I can hear the music but the static sound is very present in the background, I adjust the volume up and down and it just stays there, its very unbearable. I stop Spotify and it becomes silent. I try again and its there. I close Spotify and browse but the sound keeps coming like crackles of electricity.
    I research the bug online and it says it could be the cache. That seems like a quick fix, I empty the cache and reboot. "Phone Starting" screen appears and I hear a bit of static at the end.

    Throughout the whole installation process, I didn't hear a thing but until I performed the "System Update", I'm assuming this is a software issue and hopefully not a hardware one but I'm not sure.

    I was so excited for this phone and now i'm going to have to figure out this issue.. SIGH!

    ...TBC... The support call, the lack of product support... and also running more tests on my OP7, Camera, battery, and other thoughts.... hope you enjoy and please comment below if you here the static sound that I'm getting...

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  2. Spelt
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 24, 2019

    Spelt , May 24, 2019 :
    I have found that if you have had issues with your older phone or sim, you probably really need to simply replace the sim for a new one when activating your new OP7P. It prevents a lot of problems when old O.S. settings get transferred to your new phone. This can also go for some app settings. I was nothing but problems with my new OP7P until I did this.