My Post Traumatic #MusicalReview

  1. Manav Bhagia
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 16, 2018

    Manav Bhagia , Jul 16, 2018 :
    I had recently made a thread about who actually got the bullets wireless with me expressing a bit of frustration and I got a lot of response on the thread ,with a most of the people expressing their frustration !

    I did finally succeed in getting the bullets wireless though, as my friend let me borrow them for using and reviewing them !
    (Don't expect a refined review with no grammatical errors though I did have a lot of fun while writing this review)

    (Lyrics are in bold)

    You can call till your voice is running out
    But I can't hear you now
    I can't hear you now
    The price is good enough you don't need bring it down
    So I can't hear you now
    I can't hear you now

    Above , I have described the sound isolation
    Of the bullets wireless.
    As you can see above, the bullets wireless are great at cancelling out outside voices even without noise cancellation !
    I don't think you can lower the price of the earphones as I feel that the wireless earphones are extremely great for the price , and they easily defeat my previous wireless earphones and my wired bullets v2 (which are lower in price , but those were my favorites)

    Yeah, yeah
    Run, running back
    Tell 'em where I'm coming at
    I was on those bullets
    Yeah now I'm done with that
    Scared of what they would cost
    Scared of what I would get them at
    Thought that I was finished
    But I hardly had begun in fact

    I have taken my bullets wireless for a run, (and already got them wet due to the rains)
    and I can conclude that the sound is great . It has just a bit more bass when compared with my bullets v2, and I don't think it needs any more of it .
    The sound is well balanced slightly more bass , which is exactly how I like it. Yeah , I was using my bullets v2 on most of my journeys and trips , but now I don't feel like going back to them !
    I was constantly worried about the cost in India though , as I thought it would be over priced as most of the earphones here are.
    But when the price was revealed at the launch event , I was impressed.
    I also considered using my bullets v2 for this year, but even after hardly using the bullets wireless (2 weeks) , I think I am gonna stick with them for a very long time !

    And I got a caption for anybody asking
    That is they feel freaking fantastic !

    I don't think that I need to explain this one , but I'm gonna.
    The bullets wireless are really comfortable. And though I knew this since I tried them on at the OnePlus 6 launch event , but it makes a big difference when you're travelling for a long period of time.
    They fit nicely, and are quite light.
    The magnetized pause and play feature is a good one and the aluminium looks and feels great.

    And I waited too long
    I tried too much
    You said what can't be unheard

    I constantly waited for them, till I got a launch date.
    When it was the launch day, I tried getting them, and as soon as I visited the site , they went out of stock. It left me traumatized (not really, but it goes with the theme of the thread) , but I really wanted them.
    Luckily , one of my friends got them and he let me borrow them for reviewing .
    I used them for two weeks and now I'm gonna return them and wait for the next launch.....

    I'm drawing a line
    Enough is enough
    I let you have your last words

    Here I finish my musical review and I'm keeping it short and simple.
    You can share your thoughts on this review.....

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