My Recently bought Oneplus 5T has poor Picture Quality.

  1. Vijaya10
    Donut Dec 13, 2017

    Vijaya10 , Dec 13, 2017 :
    Please try helping me out here as it's my first post here.

    I bought the phone on 10th and got it yesterday (12th).

    The main reason for buying the phone was it's highly rated camera.Top reviewers rated it as the phone of the year plus the website where I got it from,there people were very happy and rated the phone excellently.
    This made me buy it.

    Now as soon as I opened the camera I was disappointed.
    The details are poor.
    You can't zoom in quite much and even the zoom causes the pictures look like paintings.
    Even sometimes the selfie camera looks better than the rear.

    I feel there's some issues with my unit as around every 9 out of 10 reviewers called the camera great.
    Maybe my expectations were quite high but still the pictures don't look quite as good as the pictures I've seen all over on the internet.

    Please help me out here.






  2. ut2000
    Honeycomb Dec 13, 2017

  3. Vijaya10
    Donut Dec 13, 2017

    Vijaya10 , Dec 13, 2017 :
    Can you please define "barely average"?

  4. kapil1094
    Cupcake Dec 13, 2017

    kapil1094 , Dec 13, 2017 :
    Oneplus has rolled out system update for op5 and op5t for camera please update and and then try taking a snap

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  5. A. Mack
    Gingerbread Dec 13, 2017

    A. Mack , Dec 13, 2017 :
    I sure as hell didn't buy this phone for the camera. I don't take many pics... I bought it for performance, battery life and rom support. Hopefully OnePlus will drop an update that can satisfy the photographers out there because the hardware is very capable, but the software processing screws it Everytime.

  6. nitramcek
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 13, 2017

    nitramcek , Dec 13, 2017 :
    You must have read some wrong reviews. Camera is not so good it not perfect light condition. Sad but that's the case. Otherwise the phone is great. But software of the camera is not to par with otherwise great software.

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  7. V1512570088679
    Froyo Dec 13, 2017

    V1512570088679 , Dec 13, 2017 :

  8. mithun.u
    Eclair Dec 13, 2017

  9. ut2000
    Honeycomb Dec 13, 2017

    ut2000 , Dec 13, 2017 :
    sure. look at your pictures.

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  10. Vijaya10
    Donut Dec 13, 2017

    Vijaya10 , Dec 13, 2017 :
    I guess I'll have to live with it.
    I'll ask them for a replacement though.

    But if I end up getting the same quality then I'll just forget the fact that this was supposed to have a good camera.

    Other than the camera everything is wonderful.
    Let's enjoy the good things and try to overcome the disappointment.

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  11. MGreyWolf
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 13, 2017

  12. Jithin993
    Eclair Dec 13, 2017

  13. F_Ovidio_Ferreira_jjlJ
    Cupcake Dec 13, 2017

  14. dec1153
    Honeycomb Dec 13, 2017

  15. N1512663705738
    Donut Dec 13, 2017

    N1512663705738 , Dec 13, 2017 :
    Turn off the beauty mode as that will cause the picture look somewhat different than expected. I did click few pics in the dark n the finish looks like an oil painting(when zoomed in). I didn't try to take pictures in low light after the update, will try soon n see how it goes.
    if ur trying to use pro mode then pls understand what are the different features n how to use it, as i have tried pro mode n it's not easy to take pictures using pro mode without prior experience of using an DSLR

  16. Aevangelist
    Eclair Dec 13, 2017

  17. sachinkraj
    Froyo Dec 13, 2017

    sachinkraj , Dec 13, 2017 :
    I think you still falls under 10days return policy. So return it before you start regretting :)

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  18. gurdeepmack
    Cupcake Dec 13, 2017

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  19. G_ag_5t
    Gingerbread Dec 13, 2017

    G_ag_5t , Dec 13, 2017 :
    Turn off beauty mode and HDR mode...You will get sharper photos..I too had blurry photos at the time of purchase but I turned these features off and restarted the camera after clearing camera cache,.Then it worked like a charm.Got clearer and sharper shots.And also don't forget to wipe your camera before taking pics.Fingerprints or dust can be present on the camera.So clean it and u r good to go.

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  20. Cheetosdust
    Moderator Moderator Dec 13, 2017

    Cheetosdust , Dec 13, 2017 :
    If you just got the phone are you aren't satisfied with, can't you return it?

    Also, what the hell was inside that jar on the third picture?

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