My short review of the One

  1. Gyromax
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 15, 2014

    Gyromax , Nov 15, 2014 :
    As promised, i'll give you Onepluser's a short review of my thoughts about the One.
    So I pre-ordered the phone on the 8th of nov and got it the 13th of nov. Pretty fast, also due to the fact they have a warehouse in London.

    So I unboxed the phone and I was really amazed;
    - I didn't/don't have any problems with the size of it because i have quite some big hands and it fits nicely in my pockets. Even when i sit down, it's easy to get it out.
    - The back does feel pretty good as most of the people say, that's why I ordered the Pelosi Black Sandstone Snap-on case, which feels the same (maybe a little softer) than the actual back of the phone. (you can buy this from Ebay or Amazon)
    - At the startup I noticed how good the quality of the screen is, didn't have any yellow tint (this counts aswell for my brother's phone)
    - It came with the 33r version so i updated it to 38r and immediately updated it to 44s, i spend about 2,5 hours with the 33r version without any bug/error. Same counts for the 38r. I currently have the 44s version and since the startup of this version, i haven't had a single error. I noticed after a couple of hours that i didn't have any signal but i managed to solve it by calling to my provider.
    - The gestures are also nice and easy to use. It hasn't "popped" anything in my pocket so far so i'm still using them. The double tap is very easy to use!

    - For the battery i'm going to drain my phone 2 or 3 times till he goes black and plug it till 100%. After doing this i'm just going to plug it as soon as I can.
    - I'm currently at 75% after 5u 43m. I occasionally used wifi, facebook etc.

    - I end up with 48k doing the antutu benchmark test, which is pretty good.
    - Using google is even faster than spending time on my computer :p
    - Apps are downloaded really fast and can be used really fast.
    - Youtube video's also load very fast. You also don't have the problem when tapping the screen you'll pause it. You have to tap again in the middle to pause it which makes it easy and not to unintentionally pause your video.

    As already mentioned i watched some youtube video's and the audio quality was pretty good. It feels like you don't know where the sound is comming from, it really spreads into the room you are.
    - Earphones: As some mentioned, the audio was not that good with earphones. I used them and i can assure you that the quality is amazing when using them.

    - I love how this camera is such high-detailed. (+ panorama view)
    - Easy to scroll between different types of pictures you want to take.
    - You don't have to switch between camera/pictures, which makes it easy and fast.
    - Uploading a picture to dropbox/facebook etc goes instantly

    So this was kinda a short review for what i already figured out on the phone. I'll update this by posting some pictures i'll take during day/night. I'll also post if problems could pop up with the software etc. In the end, i'll def. recommend this phone because it has such a good price/quality ratio. $350 or €300 is really worth the wait for an invite or a pre-order.

    Ok guys, so it's been a week since I received my OPO.
    - I still don't notice any issues on whatsoever so everything is still working fine as it should be.
    - My battery life is pretty good, i'm frequently using Facebook, Linkedin, checking mails etc and still come around with 2 days. It only took me about 55 minutes to charge my phone from 24% to 100%
    - I received the case and screenprotector and they both are doing a good job. The case really feels the same as the back of the phone.

    - I will post pictures next time!

    Picture time!





    Pictures of the Pelosi Black Sandstone Snap-on case



    Back camera, auto:

    Front camera, auto:

    If you have any questions directly to the phone, shoot them!


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  2. Kenneth Lopez
    Gingerbread Nov 15, 2014

  3. Col8eral
    Honeycomb Nov 15, 2014

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  4. mcsj007
    Froyo Nov 15, 2014

  5. Gyromax
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 15, 2014

    Gyromax , Nov 15, 2014 :
    It really does feel good! ;p

  6. Fullhowzen
    Gingerbread Nov 15, 2014

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  7. diana.bierova
    Honeycomb Nov 15, 2014

    diana.bierova , Nov 15, 2014 :
    OMG>>>>> fantastic review... love the summary and will update all of you once i will receive mine..... :)
    good luck and enjoy....

    ps. do you think the battery drain 2-3 times first is good and needed>? i thought once should be enough??


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  8. Babodre
    Eclair Nov 15, 2014

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  9. Gyromax
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 15, 2014

    Gyromax , Nov 15, 2014 :
    The battery is kinda sensitive when we are going to drain it till 0% and reload it till 100. By doing this a few times (let's say 2 or 3 times) we'll get a fully capacity of the battery. In the end, you'll still have to do this at the first time to give the battery a good 'life', even if you're doing this only once, it will improve your battery.

  10. Simon.Lavers
    Donut Nov 15, 2014

    Simon.Lavers , Nov 15, 2014 :
    Can't wait till Monday for the pre orders to open got mine in the cart ready, and hope delivery is good if they have a wearhouse in London as I am in the UK

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  11. jlukasik
    Froyo Nov 15, 2014

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  12. Gyromax
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 15, 2014

    Gyromax , Nov 15, 2014 :
    I hope you'll be lucky! If you succeed in pre-ordering the phone, it should only take you a day or 2 to transport it.

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  13. Gyromax
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 15, 2014

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  14. diana.bierova
    Honeycomb Nov 15, 2014

    diana.bierova , Nov 15, 2014 :
    THANK YOU, good to know, i will do it more time also


    have fun

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  15. diana.bierova
    Honeycomb Nov 15, 2014

    diana.bierova , Nov 15, 2014 :
    lucky you, .... you will be playing with one shortly...l that's awesome.. ENJOY

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  16. Simon.Lavers
    Donut Nov 15, 2014

    Simon.Lavers , Nov 15, 2014 :
    I hope so too, I have read some horror stories, last few days about delivery and I am seeking my Sony Xperia Z2 on Tuesday so don't wanna wait too long. And basket is all ready. My friends took two weeks to come but I heard that they have sorted the next lot of pre orders to be a lot quicker, she hasn't got her invites yet otherwise I could have one of those lol.

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  17. oneplusdoc
    Jelly Bean Nov 15, 2014

    oneplusdoc , Nov 15, 2014 :
    I wonder why it is still shipped with 33R in November 2014. Does the warehouse have a lot of OPO with old OS..
    It is the normal industry's accepted practice to ship with the latest ROM.. If OPO do that it would be a nice touch to the customer care in my humble opinion..


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  18. gajenn108
    Gingerbread Nov 15, 2014

    gajenn108 , Nov 15, 2014 :
    don't drain the battery down all the way, 15-30% is plenty...i get over 2 full days and usually recharge at about 30%....

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  19. Simon.Lavers
    Donut Nov 15, 2014

  20. Jeffy
    Gingerbread Nov 15, 2014

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