my speaker is not working

  1. W1530956697784
    Cupcake Aug 29, 2021

    W1530956697784 , Aug 29, 2021 :
    Dear OP team
    I am facing an issue with my mobile phone speaker.i can't hear the audio through my speaker.unfortunately my power button stopped working last week
    so I can't reboot the device.is there any way to resolve this issue?
    also when I connected to OnePlus buds
    it's connecting to the bud.but not giving audio output .when I increase the volume
    only phone speaker is increasing.

  2. drl431
    Junior Moderator, Community Hero 2020 Junior Moderator Aug 29, 2021

    drl431 , via OnePlus 6 , Aug 29, 2021 :
    Hi, no team here as you are posting in the user community forum, but you can restart the phone using the scheduled power on/off function.

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  3. sumitMZ007
    Jelly Bean Aug 29, 2021

    sumitMZ007 , via OnePlus Community App , Aug 29, 2021 :
    When connected to bluetooth device do the following:
    1. Remove the bluetooth device and add it again.
    2. Now when connected to bluetooth device and if sound is not coming from bluetooth device then go into settings->sounds->play media output to -> choose bluetooth device.
    Now your sound will play from the bluetooth device or headphones.