[NA Photography Ambassador Program] My Journey with the 9 Pro

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    cdnfarmer , Jul 26, 2021 :

    HI Friends,

    Recently @Adam Krisko announced The North American OnePlus Photography Ambassador Program. I was one of the lucky 10 people who was choosen to participate. This thread will describe my photography journey with the OnePlus 9 Pro.

    Just as a bit of background:
    I have been doing photography ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I learned when there was film... digital photography was not available yet (yes, some may say I'm old. :D:p). I enjoy capturing my surroundings especially nature, landscape, animals, and plants. In the past few years, I've been increasingly interested in mobile photography, pushing the limits, and trying to get the most out of the devices. It was to my great excitement when I heard that OnePlus was partnering with Hasselblad. And now I have the opportunity to try this wonderful device.

    This introduction will be updated with a table of content when more information is available over the next 6 months or so.

    In the meantime, I'd encourage you to also visit fellow Ambassadors' info
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    cdnfarmer , Aug 29, 2021 :

    HI Everyone,

    It's been quite here for some time... but not behind the scenes. ;) I continue exploring the OnePlus 9 Pro and its capacities in everyday life. Often times, I can easily take couple of hundreds of pictures in a day. Good thing that there is 256GB of ROM on the device. :D In these adventures, my best pal usually comes with me. She knows, once I have the device out.. she lays down almost as though she is saying "it's going to be awhile. I might as well get comfortable."


    In tribute to the living creatures around, this post is about animals.

    Horses, dogs, cats - humans best friends.

    IMG_20210711_213210 - Copy - Copy.jpg

    wanna play ball?
    IMG_20210730_213318__01 - Copy.jpg

    IMG_20210730_213220__01 - Copy.jpg




    Swallowtail Butterfly


    IMG_20210531_191057 (2).jpg IMG_20210603_155112__01.jpg

    Praying Mantus.
    First time I've ever seen one in my life. He camouflaged very well in the tree. Found out that Pro Mode worked best. The trick is adjusting the settings especially exposure, focal point (lock it), and ISO to help distinguish the differences among the very similar greens.





    Birds - Seagulls
    These animals seem to appear regardless of location... as long as there is food.


    can't see me...?


    IMG_20210806_154249__01__01.jpg IMG_20210806_154802__01.jpg IMG_20210806_154304__02.jpg IMG_20210806_154717__02.jpg

    Chickens in a community chicken coop
    Another Bokeh effect -
    regular auto mode.

    Bokeh or portrait mode. Interesting how the subject is "pulled out of the image" and wire looks faint. Note that this chicken was further away from the front and zooming reduced the quality. Cropping picture taken with regular mode no zoom could work but instead tried Portrait. The items (the wire) closest to the lens is "blurred out".
    IMG_20210818_113326_Bokeh (2).jpg

    Aquatic species...Frogs
    regular auto mode. Bokeh effect was not used here as the ripple effect around the frog was key in the capture.

    Bokeh effect - portrait mode. In this case it worked out better because I wanted to highlight its face and especially its eyes. The distance between the frog and I worked great for portrait.

    • The auto mode works well.
      • Often less adjustments are needed and with animals, time is of essence to capture that spontanity.
      • In some cases with fast moving animals, the burst mode is very useful.
    • Portrait is actually a very useful tool that can be used with animals too. It may help capture the insects that are a bit far and you don't want to get too close. It also helps pull the subject out from the rest of the pictures. Hint, I've used portrait with a dragonfly on my arm which facilitated getting the right distance to capture it (see review on the Nord);
    • With subjects that blend into their background, I found pro mode to work best. Adjusting the exposure, fixing the focus, and adjusting the ISO to help distinguish the green bug from the green leaf very useful. This is the time that telling the focus and not allowing the AI to do it was the most effective way to capture the camouflaged insect.
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    cdnfarmer , Jul 26, 2021 :
    The Journy Begins.

    The journey began when I received the invitation to be part of the program. My excitement grew. I then found out Luigimario also got selected. I am happy to share this experience with my fellow Canadian. The phone arrived late one evening. I found out how out of shape I am running after the delivery vehicle. :D

    For this journey, the OnePlus 9 Pro Pine Green will be my companion. I must admit, the Pine Green is absolutely gorgeous. It is subtle but elegant and beautiful. The device itself feels nice in the hands. But for this phone, I have a clear case on it as I want to see its beautiful colour.

    The Unboxing.
    One thing that has always impressed me was how OnePlus paid attention to details. This remained the case for the 9 Pro. The cover is red and the the box containing the content is a green grey colour. On a side, they have the OnePlus logo on the red and when the cover is lifted, you can see Hasselblad. On the other side, it is reversed. There is the H icon from Hasselblad on the red cover and OnePlus on the box.
    IMG_20210725_150653__01.jpg IMG_20210725_150703__01.jpg
    To highlight the collaboration between OnePlus and Hasselblad.


    Here are some pictures of the unboxing.


    IMG_20210723_175419.jpg IMG_20210723_124116__01.jpg




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    cdnfarmer , Jul 26, 2021 :
    It's been nearly a week exploring the cameras on the 9 Pro. I must admit that this is the first OnePlus device I have that I really enjoy the auto mode. Previously, I'd take the majority of the pictures with pro mode. With the 9 Pro, I really enjoy the colour representation of the main camera. I've found it accurate in most situations.

    The supermacro mode and its automatic switch has actually been helpful






    Pro mode then cropped

    Supermacro and cropped a bit.




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    cdnfarmer , Jul 27, 2021 :
    Thank you. 🙏

    It's a good idea.

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    Bittoo06 , Jul 27, 2021 :
    wow wow wow!! super macro shots are crazy! you are properly exploiting the camera I can see! :p

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    Thank you for this great review:) good work 🤗🤗🤗🤗❣️😊

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    cdnfarmer , Jul 27, 2021 :
    it definitely a nice camera. Auto mode is actually pretty good and intuitive. I do like the collaboration with Hasselblad and the natural colour calibration. It's neat.

    thank you. 🎉


    thank you.

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    :) 🤗

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    Love the introduction @cdnfarmer ❣️ Your shots are superb as always. My expectations are sky high from this thread, will try to learn something from you. 🤗👍✌️

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    Those are nice macro shots Mr , they do look crispy 🤑
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    Bittoo06 , Jul 28, 2021 :
    lovely! great to see you are enjoying the camera. have fun.

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    cdnfarmer , Aug 29, 2021 :
    :D user error... I accidently hit Post Reply too early... You noticed the post immediately after... You're quick. I'll probably continue editing it over the next little while. I have a few more animal pictures and some aquatic species.
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    Dresa91 , Aug 29, 2021 :
    Good to know for taking pics of Enya:) thank you ❣️🤗❣️😊

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    cdnfarmer , Aug 29, 2021 :
    Look forward to seeing more pictures of Enya. Please tag me when you add some in woho or RNC.

    Portrait does help having to keep moving lots to get at the desired distance. It can be helpful especially when the dog gets excited as you move closer to her or him... For the insects, it allows finding the focus quicker and with one hand with minimal moments. It can be helpful when the creature is a bit nervous.

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