[NA version - OOS] Mobile Network Standby Battery Drain & Heating Issue

  1. imcrazyz
    Gingerbread Jan 20, 2021

    imcrazyz , Jan 20, 2021 :
    Dear OnePlus,

    Thanks for giving us a software update though it's almost 3 months late.

    After updating from OOS, the first thing I noticed was the poor mobile network signal that consequently worsen the standby battery drain.

    How I tested it: Optimize all apps where possible, only excludes Whatsapp and Messenger Lite. Close all apps via recent apps, turn off wifi, mobile data, nfc, bluetooth, location, google location history. Turn off my phone, let it rest for 6 hours, boot it up and unlock my phone. Do nothing with the phone and turn off the screen.

    Battery percentage at the beginning: 68% , after 6 hours, the battery percentage dropped to 58%. Total of 10% lost because of the poor network signal (2/4 bars).

    Before this update, I have solid 3/4 bars, occasionally I would have 4 bars full. I contacted my telco to check if it was their issue, but none reported it. My sister whom uses the same telco network gets 4 bars full.

    While charging battery with stock 65W Warp Charger and stock USB-C cable, the phone heated up like salsa valentina, it's just way too hot. This issue persists from last version till now. I'm not sure how the temperature sensors work, apparently software has to come into play to mitigate the heat being built up on the battery itself. Very anxious about this charging mechanism, scared of potential explosion.

    Appreciate if you could fix the network mobile signal and the heating issue while charging. I don't want a dumb phone like this where it can't last me a day of usage.


  2. asishgrwl
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 21, 2021