Need a bit of help with audio sensitivity on my OP3

  1. Nickexp
    Honeycomb Jan 7, 2018

    Nickexp , Jan 7, 2018 :
    So, basically- in about a month I'm going to a concert and based on past experiences I already know the audio quality of anything I record will end up resembling one of those ear rape memes.

    Here's a quick video just to demonstrate what I mean (the video is 720p to save on upload time but the audio is 320kbps):

    As you can see in the video, even on a light song it dies a little bit, and the second the drums come in it is gone and in the second clip in the last few seconds the audio quality is so terrible it isn't even recognisable as music and it sounds like the mic is actually about to just cut out.

    I remember seeing a post a while back that actually mentioned a way of turning down the mic sensitivity but after like half an hour of searching I can't find that post or anything resembling it. My phone is rooted so I can change settings if I have the software to do it.

    People with iPhones seem to be able to record audio and it turns out just fine at the exact same concerts I've been at, so it doesn't seem like it isn't possible. It seems to mic is just picking up too much of the bass since when the drums aren't going and it's just the guitar the audio is pretty decent. So, does anyone know how I could potentially fix this before next month?