[Submitted] New Back Gesture Upgrade - First of its kind on Android.

  1. DeeJaaWoo
    Gingerbread Apr 10, 2020

    DeeJaaWoo , Apr 10, 2020 :
    Title New Back Gesture Upgrade - First of its kind on Android.
    Device OnePlus7Pro Software Version O2 Stable 200202
    Topic Suggestion
    Feature Needed Background Description I have to deal with 100s of text messages daily. And as OnePlus target audience is a power user who usually is texting multiple people. This small tweak can make the process faster and easier for everyone.
    Any other comments
    Can we please have a Single Swipe gesture to go Back.


    When on an app like Instagram or Whatsapp.
    While typing the keyboard is open.
    We need to swipe back "twice" to go back.

    1st to close the keyboard
    2nd to go back to the previous screen.

    Swipe back "Once" it closes the keyboard and goes to the previous screen. Without the need of pressing Back twice to go back.

    But how do we close the Keyboard?
    To close KB we can add a button or swipe down. We already have a small black bar on Op7Pro that closes the keyboard.

    This could be added as an option button toggle like
    "Enable Quick Back"
    so people who like can use this NEW feature or keep the traditional style.

    Currently 2 Gestures >>>
    Back = KBclose &
    Back = BackPage

    New 1 Gesture >>>
    Back = KBclose+BackPage


    Video Explanation:

    Note: I'm not talking about the Back Animation of iOS .. Just the function of going back in one gesture.

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  2. DeeJaaWoo
    Gingerbread Apr 11, 2020

    DeeJaaWoo , Apr 11, 2020 :
    Just wanted to mention:
    Even the back gestures on Android was hated at first ... now everyone uses it .... everyone thought touch screen keyboard will be a fail while using Nokia devices ... but now people can't even think of using a physical button keyboard for smartphones... we need to adapt and keep innovating

  3. DeeJaaWoo
    Gingerbread Apr 12, 2020

    DeeJaaWoo , Apr 12, 2020 :
    There are animation changes in keyboard in android 11.

    That means even this can be implemented someday.

  4. DeeJaaWoo
    Gingerbread Apr 13, 2020

    DeeJaaWoo , Apr 13, 2020 :
    A single swipe to go back would be perfect .... can anyone from oneplus team please reply ... would be great .. thanks

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  5. DeeJaaWoo
    Gingerbread Apr 14, 2020

  6. Chiranjit Das
    Gingerbread Apr 17, 2020

  7. DeeJaaWoo
    Gingerbread Apr 17, 2020

    DeeJaaWoo , Apr 17, 2020 :
    Thanks, bro i hope someone notices this .... It's great for people who need to text a lot ... especially browsing through Whatsapp and Instagram chats ...

    It can cut swiping back to HALF !!!

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  8. manuel19
    KitKat Apr 17, 2020

    manuel19 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Apr 17, 2020 :
    this relys on app devs, the swipe on apple devices is to go back to a different screen, the back gesture on Android does the same as pressing the back button so the behavior is absolutely fine. App devs could implement this behavior, if they choose to. For example in telegram, this works already.

    Don't forget there's also times where you just want to close the keyboard and still look at the chat, to send something else like a file, forward a message, etc. This behaviour could also interrupt users behavior by a lot.

    Also think of where the keyboard is used, for example in a search. If I search for something on Instagram and then want to close the keyboard to see more results, I'd go back to the previous screen what wouldn't help at all.

  9. DeeJaaWoo
    Gingerbread Apr 17, 2020

    DeeJaaWoo , Apr 17, 2020 :
    Hey, buddy, Thanks for your reply...

    I did think of those that's why I said it can be as a "toggle" option in the gestures menu .... So only people who want to use it can. "Quick Back Feature"

    Also, I'm not talking about the animation here .... just the Function. I just wanna go to the previous screen always when I do a "Back" gesture even if the Keyboard is open... In simple code language

    If Back Gesture pressed

    Currently 2 Gestures >>>
    Back = KBclose &
    Back = BackPage

    New 1 Gesture >>>
    Back = KBclose+BackPage

    Thus cutting the gestures to HALF!

    To close the keyboard on OnePlus we have a small bar on bottom to do so .... Even Samsung has it...

    Thus this can only be achieved with the OS implementing it ... not the App Dev. Please feel free to ask if any doubts ... I appreciate your reply...
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  10. DeeJaaWoo
    Gingerbread Apr 21, 2020