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  1. Donna L.
    Gear Product Manager Staff Member Dec 17, 2020

    Donna L. , Dec 17, 2020 :

    Hi everyone,

    I’m Donna, a product manager of OnePlus Gear. Today, I am going to tell you guys a bit more about the brand-new OnePlus Urban Traveler Backpack.

    This backpack was designed with the Italian designer Eduardo Alessi. We had a lot of discussions in the early stage of product design, including the silhouette, the choice between various functional designs, materials, and color sets.

    When discussing fabrics and colors with Eduardo, he took out a colorimeter, which can accurately recognize the colors on different materials, an amazing gadget I had no idea existed until then. After I used his device, I placed an order to bought one immediately.

    The design style is still inherited OnePlus style, minimalist but not simple. After we had several prototypes in the early stage, we conducted an appearance survey in one of our Open Ears Forums, and the final choice was also determined based on your voting results. In terms of the daily life scenario, whether it is commuting or school, this backpack is a perfect fit for you.


    The OnePlus Urban Traveler Backpack has a similar size to our previous backpacks. With a capacity of 20 L, it still manages to be lighter. It has a total of 9 pockets, and the front diagonal zipper is designed with a square storage space, which can contain some small notebooks and loose items.

    The main compartment has a built-in thin partition, a zipper bag, and two elastic bands on both sides, that can be used to house a water bottle and an umbrella. The backpack's rear panel keeps the separate computer compartment design seen in previous models, with room for laptops up to 16-inch (see the official website for detailed dimensions).


    The backpack's backside looks simple while offering plenty of useful features. In addition to the computer compartment, there are hidden pockets to place important personal items such as mobile phones, passports, etc. In the middle, you'll find a luggage pole belt that can be used to safely secure your backpack when traveling.


    A small inspiration
    I enjoy cycling as a hobby. When I was riding with a backpack, I found that the strap lacked a place to hang my Bluetooth headset. This episode inspired me to add this small hook buckle, to hang small items such as headphones, glasses, or keys.

    Material-wise, we chose a lighter fabric that has a leather touch while retaining scratch resistance and water repellency.
    • The white material is treated to avoid discoloring.
    • The zippers are all waterproof.
    • The front logo adopts the Box Logo to increase fashion and recognition.

    We still have a lot of bold color sets in the draft stage, hoping to have the opportunity to make them available in the future. I hope the OnePlus Urban Traveler Backpack can bring you hassle-less experiences and better usability. I also look forward to discussing more products with you. If you experience issues in your daily use of a backpack, I would love to hear it from you.

    The OnePlus Traveler Backpack will be available from January 8, 2021 in India, Europe & North America, but you can get one before anyone else through our User Festival giveaway.
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    This black design is just awesome!

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    Thanks @Donna L. i see that one of the improvement area of last bag is taken care here. That is the ability to stand upright.

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    Really realy nice. A lot of brainpower and design skills put into this!

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